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What we offer

We provide the fastest and the most reliable elo boosting service with customer friendly prices in the LOL & VALORANT elo boosting sector.


VPN Protection

Our top priority is our customers account security. Since we use VPN as a standard in our all boosting processes, we hide the IP address of our boosters and keep our clients’ transaction completely hidden.


Order Tracking

Boost transactions purchased through OdinBoost can be followed live at any time and one-to-one communication can be established with the booster interested in the process.


24/7 Support

As OdinBoost, we are ready to provide 24/7 support for our customers, we can be reached at any time via ticket, social media or live support about the boosting process or anything.

Your Privacy is Our Priority.

Safeguarding your account is the most important part of our service. In addition to 256 bit ssl encryption protection, account information is never shared with your booster. This helps us ensure that you get the assistance you need while remaining confidential. Through carefully prepared login software, we are able to start the boost to win service promptly while the information entered is transferred in encrypted form.


We Make Our Deadlines.

Whether you require Valorant duo boosting or the best elo boosting service, we know speed is a necessity. At OdinBoost we want you on top of your game, so we pledge to complete all orders as swiftly as possible.

Depend On Us.

Building customer relationships is an essential part of the ODIN philosophy. We want to be a part of your growth as a player and provide a support system you can rely on. Anytime you need guidance or enhancement, from League of Legends coaching to victory in Valorant, we’re here for you.


What is OdinBoost?

We are the most professional boosting resource on both League of Legends and Valorant gaming sites. Our executive team is constructed of experts with years of experience as players and assistants - bringing you a safe and reliable boosting solution. We offer dependable services at the most customer-friendly prices in the League of Legends & VALORANT elo boosting sector.

Got Questions?

  • I’ve placed my order, what happens now?

    All orders start within 2 hours at the very latest. The booster and gamer usually communicate immediately to find a common time for the process to commence.

  • How can I communicate with my booster?

    A tracking page is created as soon as an order is placed with details displayed on the profile screen. Speak to your booster here for any service or support required.

  • Why should I choose OdinBoost?

    From League of Legends duo boosting to improving your Valorant rank, we give you the tools needed to succeed, at a price you can afford.

  • Couldn't find an answer?

    For further questions do not hesitate to contact us 24/7 via live support, social media, or through our ticket system.

  • Improve Your League

    Although League of Legends is the most competitive and enjoyable MOBA game, climbing the leagues can be slow going as you receive low LPs with weak teammates. Through LoL elo boost services we are able to accelerate this process by having one of our assistants briefly log into your account and advance your profile to the next level.

  • Get a Better Rank

    Valorant is one of the fastest-rising FPS games with many special abilities and play styles. However, improving your rank can be a frustrating journey - until now. By using our standard boosters, or through duo operations with a radiant booster, you can rise to the level you require faster than ever before!