5 Hidden Features in League of Legends
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5 Hidden Features in League of Legends

Discord less known facts about League of Legends, unveiling secret emotes, champion interactions, hidden hotkeys, and camera features of League of Legends.

Hidden Features of League of Legends

In-Game Secret Emotes

Did you know that some champions have secret emotes that can be triggered under specific conditions? For instance, when playing as Lux, type "/t" in the chat while standing next to an enemy Garen. Lux will perform a special emote, laughing and taunting Garen. There are many other secret emotes and interactions between champions that you can discover, adding a fun and quirky aspect to the game. Try experimenting with different champions to see if you can uncover any unique emotes!

Target Champions Only Hotkey

Accidentally attacking a minion instead of a champion during a heated battle can be incredibly frustrating. Thankfully, there's a hidden feature to help with that! The "Target Champions Only" hotkey allows you to focus your attacks solely on enemy champions. By default, this hotkey is bound to the "~" (tilde) key. Hold it down during combat, and your clicks will only register on champions, preventing those accidental minion attacks.

The Mysterious Blue Trinket

The blue trinket, or Farsight Alteration, is an often-underestimated tool in LoL. However, it has a hidden feature that can be a game-changer. When you place a blue trinket ward, it's visible to the enemy team, making it vulnerable to being destroyed. But, if you place the ward directly on top of an enemy ward, the blue trinket becomes invisible, providing valuable vision without the enemy knowing it's there. Use this trick to keep an eye on crucial objectives like Baron Nashor or the Dragon pit.

Hidden Champion Interactions

Few champions in the game has exclusive interactions with particular items or other champions. For example, when playing as Thresh and collecting souls, equipping the Dark Seal will grant you additional ability power for each soul you collect. This interaction isn't explicitly mentioned in the item's tooltip, making it a hidden feature that can provide a significant power boost. Look for similar interactions with other champions to gain an advantage in your matches.

Unlocking Hidden Camera Features

By default, the camera in-game will follow your champion and can be controlled using the arrow keys. Although the game provides a basic view of the gameplay, advanced hidden camera features are available to enhance your experience. To unlock this feature, press "Y" and move the camera freely around the map to get a better perspective. Moreover, holding down the "Spacebar" will center the camera on your champion during chaotic team fights, allowing you to maintain better control of your positioning. Lastly, the mouse wheel can be utilized to zoom in and out, providing an improved perspective of the battlefield. Mastering these hidden camera features can significantly improve your map awareness and overall gameplay.