7 Tips for Jungle Players in League of Legends
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7 Tips for Jungle Players in League of Legends

Get expert 7 tips for jungle players in League of Legends & strategies to dominate the game. Improve your gameplay and win more matches.

Are you tired of being a mediocre jungle player in League of Legends? Do you want to dominate the jungle and carry your team to victory? Look no further! We have compiled seven essential tips and strategies to help you improve your jungle gameplay.

Tip #1: Prioritize Objectives As a jungle player, it is crucial to prioritize objectives such as dragon, rift herald, and baron. These objectives provide significant benefits that can help secure a win for your team. Make sure to communicate with your team and plan accordingly.

Tip #2: Keep Track of Timers Timing is everything in League of Legends. Keep track of buff timers, objective timers, and enemy summoner spell cooldowns. This information can give you an advantage over the enemy team and allow you to make informed decisions.

Tip #3: Understand Your Champion's Strengths Every champion has unique strengths and weaknesses. As a jungle player, it is essential to understand your champion's kit fully. Play around their strengths and use them to your advantage.

Tip #4: Communicate with Your Team Communication is key in any team-based game. As a jungle player, make sure to communicate with your teammates about gank opportunities, objective priorities, and enemy movements.

Tip #5: Be Efficient with Your Time Time management is critical when playing as a jungle player. Plan out your route efficiently while also keeping an eye on potential gank opportunities.

Tip #6: Adapt Your Playstyle Adaptability is crucial when playing League of Legends. If something isn't working out for you or your team, be willing to change up your playstyle or strategy.

Tip #7: Practice Makes Perfect Last but not least, practice makes perfect! The more time you spend playing as a jungle player, the better you will become at making quick decisions and adapting to different situations.

By incorporating these tips and strategies into your gameplay, you'll be well on your way to dominating the jungle and carrying your team to victory. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and show off your skills!

7 Tips for Jungle Players in League of Legends & Strategies

Optimal Jungle Route for Blue and Red Teams

As a jungle player, knowing the optimal route for your team can make all the difference in securing early game advantages. Here are some tips on the best jungle routes for both blue and red teams.

Optimal Jungle Route for Blue Team:

  1. Start with Blue Buff: Begin by taking out the blue buff to gain mana regeneration and cooldown reduction.
  2. Gromp: After finishing with blue buff, head over to Gromp. It's an easy target that will give you gold and experience points.
  3. Wolves: Next up are wolves; they're not too hard to defeat, and they'll give you a decent amount of gold and experience points.
  4. Raptors: Raptors can be challenging, but if you've got enough health left, take them out next for even more gold and experience points.
  5. Red Buff: Once you've cleared raptors, move on to red buff. This will give you extra attack damage and slow effects on your attacks.
  6. Krugs: Finally, finish off with krugs that will provide additional gold and experience points.

Optimal Jungle Route for Red Team:

  1. Start with Red Buff: As a red team player, start by taking out your own red buff to gain extra attack damage and slow effects on your attacks.
  2. Krugs: After clearing the red buff, move onto krugs which will provide additional gold and experience points.
  3. Raptors: Next up are raptors; it's important to clear them quickly as they have high health pools but yield significant rewards in terms of gold and experience points.
  4. Wolves: Head towards wolves after clearing raptors; they're easy targets that will give you a decent amount of gold and experience points
  5. Blue Buff: Once wolves are defeated, move onto blue buff which provides mana regeneration as well as cooldown reduction
  6. Gromp: Finally, finish off with gromp for additional gold and experience points.

Other Tips:

  • Use red trinket to clear enemy team's vision on your route. This will make it harder for them to track your movements and potentially set up ambushes.
  • Always keep an eye on the map and be ready to assist mid lane if needed. As a jungle player, you have the ability to roam around the map, so use this advantage to help out your teammates when possible.
  • When playing against an aggressive enemy team, consider starting with a defensive item like Cloth Armor instead of Hunter's Machete. This will provide extra armor and help you survive early game skirmishes.
  • Don't be afraid to mix up your jungle route occasionally; unpredictability can be a valuable asset in catching enemies off guard.

Understanding Pressure: Put Pressure Where the Enemy Jungler Isn't

Avoid Gank Pressure by Putting Pressure on Lanes Where the Enemy Jungler Isn't

As a jungle player, one of your primary objectives is to avoid gank pressure from the enemy jungler. To achieve this, you need to put pressure on lanes where the enemy jungler isn't. By doing so, you force the enemy team to split their attention and resources, making it harder for them to coordinate ganks.

Here are some ways you can put pressure on lanes:

  • Invade the enemy jungle: By invading the enemy jungle, you not only deny their jungler resources but also create pressure on that side of the map. This forces the laners to play more cautiously and keeps them from roaming.
  • Counter-gank: If you know where the enemy jungler is going to gank, counter-ganking can turn a potential disaster into a successful fight for your team. This not only relieves pressure from your laner but also creates pressure on the other side of the map.
  • Take objectives: Taking objectives like towers or dragons creates map pressure and forces enemies to respond. This opens up opportunities for ganks or allows your team to take other objectives while they're distracted.

Use Crowd Control to Create Pressure and Set Up Ganks for Your Laners

Another way to create pressure as a jungle player is by using crowd control (CC) abilities. CC abilities can help set up kills for your laners or even secure kills yourself.

Here are some examples of CC abilities:

  • Stuns: A stun immobilizes an enemy champion and prevents them from moving or using abilities.
  • Roots: A root immobilizes an enemy champion but still allows them to use abilities.
  • Slows: A slow reduces an enemy champion's movement speed.

Using these abilities in combination with your laner's damage can result in easy kills and can help snowball the game in your team's favor.

Push Lanes to Create Map Pressure and Force Enemies to Respond, Allowing for Objective Control

Pushing lanes is another way to create pressure on the map. By pushing a lane, you force the enemy laner to respond, either by defending their tower or roaming to another lane. This opens up opportunities for your team to take objectives like towers or dragons.

Here are some tips for pushing lanes:

  • Use AOE abilities: Abilities that hit multiple minions at once can quickly clear waves and push the lane.
  • Time your pushes: Timing your pushes with objectives like dragon or baron spawns can create more pressure on the map and give your team an advantage during fights.
  • Ward: Warding around the lane you're pushing can keep you safe from ganks and allow you to continue applying pressure.

Understanding Successful Ganks: When to Engage and When to Back Off

Ganking is a crucial aspect of playing jungle in League of Legends. A successful gank can turn the tide of a game, while a failed one can set you and your team back. To ensure that your ganks are successful, it's essential to understand when to engage and when to back off.

Proper Timing and Coordination with Your Laners

Timing is everything. You need to make sure that your laners are in a position to help you secure the kill. Before attempting a gank, communicate with your laner about their current situation. Are they low on health or mana? Do they have any summoner spells available? Knowing this information will help you determine if it's the right time for a gank.

When you do decide to engage, make sure that your laner is ready as well. Coordinate with them on who will initiate the fight and who will follow up. This way, you'll be able to maximize your damage output and secure the kill.

Consider Enemy Vision and Potential Counter-Attacks

Before attempting a gank, always consider the enemy's vision. If they have wards placed in key areas, they'll be able to see you coming from miles away. This means that you'll need to find alternative routes or wait until their wards expire before making your move.

Be mindful of potential counter-attacks from the enemy team. If their laners are missing or unaccounted for, there's a high chance that they could collapse on you during the gank attempt. Make sure that you have an escape plan in case things go south.jungle wards

Enemy Jungler Location and Potential Presence

One of the biggest mistakes new junglers make is not paying attention to where the enemy jungler is located. If they're nearby, there's a good chance that they'll try to counter-gank you. This is why it's essential to keep an eye on the minimap and track their movements.

If you know where the enemy jungler is, you can use this information to your advantage. For example, if they're on the other side of the map, you'll have a window of opportunity to gank without fear of being counter-ganked.

Don't Force a Gank

It's important to remember that not every gank attempt will be successful. If the odds are against you, it's better to farm and wait for a better opportunity. Forcing a gank can lead to wasted time and resources, which could put you behind in terms of gold and experience.

Instead, focus on farming and taking objectives like dragons or Rift Herald. This will help you stay relevant in the game while waiting for an opportunity to present itself.

Communication is Key

Communication is crucial. Make sure that you communicate with your team before attempting a gank. Let them know where you're going and what your plan is. During the gank itself, make sure that everyone knows who's initiating and who's following up.

Playing Around Your Ultimate Ability

As a jungle player in League of Legends, your ultimate ability is your most powerful tool in the game. Properly playing around it can help you secure kills and gain crucial XP for power spikes.

Understanding Your Ultimate Ability

Your ultimate ability is unique to your champion and role, but it always has high damage potential and can often turn the tide of a fight. As a jungle player, your ultimate ability should be used strategically to secure kills or objectives such as Dragon or Baron Nashor.

One way to maximize the effectiveness of your ultimate ability is by understanding when it is most impactful. For example, if you are playing a champion with an AOE (Area of Effect) ultimate such as Amumu's "Curse of the Sad Mummy," you should wait until enemies are grouped together before using it. This will ensure that you hit multiple targets at once, increasing your chances of securing kills.

Playing Around Your Ultimate Ability

Playing around your ultimate ability means using it strategically to gain advantages over the enemy team. One way to do this is by timing your ultimates with other abilities or crowd control effects from teammates. For example, if you are playing Jarvan IV and have just landed his E-Q combo on an enemy carry, following up with Cataclysm will trap them inside and make them an easy target for your team.

Another strategy is to use ultimates defensively when necessary. If an enemy team engages on yours, using an AOE ultimate such as Hecarim's "Onslaught of Shadows" can quickly turn the tables in favor of your team.

Enhancing Your Ultimate Ability

Using smite and summoner spells can enhance the effectiveness of your ultimate ability in various ways. For example, using smite on a jungle monster before engaging in a fight can provide you with an XP advantage, allowing you to hit power spikes faster and deal more damage.

Summoner spells such as Flash or Ghost can also be used to enhance your ultimate ability's impact. If playing champions such as Lee Sin or Gragas, using Flash to position yourself for a perfect ultimate can often secure kills that would have otherwise been missed.

Understanding Your Champion's Win Conditions

One of the most critical aspects of playing League of Legends is understanding your champion's win conditions. Every champion has different strengths and weaknesses, and knowing how to play to their strengths can make all the difference in winning or losing a game.

Different champions have different win conditions, so play to their strengths.

The first step in understanding your champion's win condition is identifying what they do best. For example, some champions excel at split-pushing and taking down towers, while others are better suited for team fights and crowd control. Knowing what your champion is good at will help you play to their strengths and increase your chances of success.

Here are some examples of champions with different win conditions:

  • Split-pushers: Tryndamere, Fiora, Jax
  • Team fighters: Malphite, Orianna, Amumu
  • Assassins: Zed, Talon, Katarina

Knowing when your champion is in favor can help you make better decisions.

In addition to understanding your champion's strengths and weaknesses, it's also essential to know when they are in favor. This means knowing when they have an advantage over the enemy team or specific champions on the opposing team.

For example, if you're playing as a mage like Lux or Syndra and you've just hit level six before the enemy mid-laner has done so; this would be an excellent time for you to engage in a fight because you have access to your ultimate ability before they do.

Similarly, if you're playing a tank like Maokai or Sion against an enemy team with mostly physical damage dealers like Yasuo or Master Yi; building armor items early on will give you an advantage over them during team fights.

Adjust your playstyle based on your champion's win condition.

Once you've identified your champion's win condition and when they're in favor; it’s time to adjust your playstyle accordingly. For example, if you're playing a split-pusher like Tryndamere; your goal should be to push lanes and take down towers as quickly as possible while avoiding team fights whenever possible.

On the other hand, if you're playing a team fighter like Malphite or Amumu; your goal should be to engage in team fights and use your crowd control abilities to disrupt the enemy team's movements and protect your allies.

Understanding Your Team's Win Conditions (Early On)

Importance of Understanding Your Team's Win Conditions

As a jungle player in League of Legends, understanding your team's win conditions is crucial in the early game. It helps you make informed decisions and prioritize objectives to secure a victory. However, it is not just about your own win conditions but also about your teammates' win conditions.

The Role of Your Teammates

Your teammates play a significant role in determining your team's win conditions. Each champion has different strengths and weaknesses that can be leveraged to gain an advantage over the enemy team. For instance, if you have an ADC who scales well into late game, you may want to focus on protecting them and getting them fed early on.

The Importance of Team Advantage

Team advantage is essential for securing objectives and winning the game. It can come in many forms, such as gold leads or map control. As a jungle player, it is your responsibility to help your team gain an advantage by ganking lanes or taking objectives like dragons or Rift Herald.

Vision Is Key

Vision is key to understanding your team's win conditions and securing objectives. Warding key areas like river bushes or enemy buffs can give you valuable information about the enemy jungler's movements and allow you to make informed decisions about where to go next.

Communication Is Key

You need to communicate with your team to ensure you are all on the same page regarding win conditions and objectives. Use pings or chat messages to let your teammates know where you plan on going next or what objective you want to prioritize.

Tips for Understanding Your Team's Win Conditions

  1. Analyze each champion on your team and their strengths/weaknesses.
  2. Communicate with your teammates regularly throughout the game.
  3. Prioritize objectives that align with your team's win conditions.
  4. Keep track of vision around important areas like dragon/baron.
  5. Adjust your playstyle based on your team's current situation.
  6. Don't be afraid to ask for help or advice from your teammates.
  7. Continuously reassess your team's win conditions throughout the game.

Don't Spend a Lot of Time Helping Lost Lanes, Use Pings

As a jungle player in League of Legends, it's essential to know when to help your teammates and when to focus on your own objectives. One common mistake that many jungle players make is spending too much time trying to save lost lanes. Instead of wasting time running back and forth between lanes, you can use pings as an effective way to communicate with your team.

Pings are a quick and effective way to communicate with your team.

Pings are an essential tool for any League of Legends player, but they're especially crucial for jungle players. With just a few clicks, you can alert your teammates about enemy movements or objectives that need attention. Using pings is also much faster than typing out messages in chat, which can be distracting and time-consuming during gameplay.

Keep an eye on the map to know which lanes need help.

To make the most out of pinging, it's important to keep an eye on the map throughout the game. By doing so, you'll be able to see which lanes are struggling and may need assistance. When you notice one of your teammates falling behind or getting ganked by enemies, ping the lane to let them know that you're aware of their situation.

Use pink wards to gain map awareness and prevent ganks.

Another great way to stay aware of what's happening in each lane is by placing pink wards strategically around the map. Pink wards provide vision control over specific areas for an extended period compared to regular wards. This allows you as a jungler more opportunities for counter-ganking or catching enemies off guard while they try sneaking around undetected through your wards' vision range.

Focus on your own jungle and objectives instead of trying to save every lane.

While helping teammates is crucial in League of Legends, it's also important not to neglect your own objectives as a jungler. Your primary role is to secure objectives like dragon, herald, and baron for your team while keeping control of your jungle camps. Therefore, it's essential to balance helping lanes with focusing on your objectives.

Here are some additional tips to help you stay focused on your jungle and objectives:

  • Clear your own jungle camps regularly to keep up with the enemy jungler.
  • Time important objectives like dragon and baron so that you can plan ahead.
  • Use vision control around the map to prevent enemy ganks in your jungle area.
  • Communicate with your teammates about which objectives you plan to take next.

Conclusion: Mastering the Jungle in League of Legends

Congratulations, you now have a better understanding of how to master the jungle in League of Legends. By following these seven tips and strategies, you can improve your gameplay and increase your chances of winning.

Remember to optimize your jungle route based on your team's color and put pressure where the enemy jungler isn't. Successful ganks require careful consideration, so engage when appropriate and back off when necessary. Playing around your ultimate ability and understanding both your champion's win conditions and team's win conditions early on is crucial.

Lastly, don't spend too much time helping lost lanes - use pings instead. Keep practicing and implementing these tips into your gameplay, and you'll see improvement over time.

Good luck on the Rift!


Q: What are some common mistakes jungle players make?

A: Common mistakes include not optimizing their jungle route, failing to put pressure where it's needed, engaging in unsuccessful ganks, not playing around their ultimate ability effectively, and not understanding their champion or team's win conditions.

Q: How can I improve my map awareness as a jungle player?

A: Improving map awareness involves constantly checking the minimap for information about enemy movements. You should also communicate with your team via pings or voice chat to coordinate plays.

Q: What should I do if all my lanes are losing?

A: If all lanes are losing, focus on farming and only help out when it's safe to do so. Try to control objectives like dragon or rift herald to gain an advantage for your team.

Q: Which champions are good for jungle beginners?

A: Champions like Amumu, Warwick, or Nunu are good choices for beginners due to their simple kits and forgiving playstyles.

Q: How important is communication as a jungle player?

A: Communication is essential as a jungle player since you need to coordinate with your team to make successful ganks and control objectives. Use pings or voice chat to communicate effectively.

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