7 Tips for Top Lane Players in League of Legends & Strategies
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7 Tips for Top Lane Players in League of Legends & Strategies

Master the top lane in League of Legends with our expert strategies and 7 essential tips. Dominate your opponents with our guide.

Are you a top lane player looking to improve your game in League of Legends? Look no further! In this short guide, we'll go over essential skills and strategies for top lane champions, as well as starting items, core items, and leveling up in the top lane.

As a top laner, it's important to understand the concept of playing on an island. You'll be spending a lot of time alone in the top lane, so it's crucial to have a solid understanding of the game and your champion's abilities.

To start off strong, we'll cover some tips for choosing the right champion and starting items. From there, we'll dive into leveling up and building core items that will help you dominate your opponents.

Whether you're new to the game or just looking for some extra guidance, these seven tips will help take your top lane play to the next level. So let's get started!

7 Tips for Top Lane Players in League of Legends & Strategies

Understanding Wave Management in Top Lane

Manipulating Minion Waves for Advantage

As a top lane player, understanding wave management is crucial to gaining an advantage over your opponent. One of the most effective ways to do this is by manipulating minion waves. By doing so, you can deny your opponent gold and experience while also creating opportunities for yourself.

To manipulate minion waves, you need to understand how they work. Minions spawn every 30 seconds from the Nexus and march down each lane towards the enemy base. They will target enemy minions or structures unless there are no valid targets available, in which case they will attack the nearest enemy champion.

There are several ways to manipulate minion waves:

  • Freezing: This involves keeping the wave near your tower by only last-hitting minions. It denies your opponent gold and experience while making them vulnerable to ganks.
  • Pushing: This involves killing enemy minions quickly and moving towards their tower. It puts pressure on your opponent and forces them to react.
  • Slow Pushing: This involves building up a large wave of minions that will eventually push towards your opponent's tower without intervention. It allows you to roam or take objectives while still putting pressure on your opponent.

Denying Your Opponent with Wave Management

Proper wave management can also help you deny your opponent gold and experience. By freezing the wave near your tower, you force them to overextend if they want to farm. This makes them vulnerable to ganks or all-ins.

If you're ahead in lane, pushing the wave into their tower can deny them farm as well as damage their tower. However, be careful not to overextend and get caught out by a gank.

Slow pushing can also deny your opponent farm as they'll have trouble clearing a large wave without taking significant damage from minions or using abilities.

Staying Safe with Wave Management

Wave management can also help you stay safe in lane. By freezing the wave near your tower, you make it difficult for your opponent to engage on you without taking tower shots. This is especially effective if you're playing a champion with strong all-in potential.

If you're behind in lane or afraid of ganks, slow pushing can help keep you safe. The large wave will act as a buffer between you and your opponent, making it difficult for them to engage on you without taking significant damage from minions.

Warding and Map Awareness for Top Laners

Warding is a crucial aspect of playing the top lane in League of Legends. It helps players avoid ganks, maintain map awareness, and ultimately win the game. Here are seven tips for warding and map awareness for top laners.

1. Use Vision Wards and Control Wards

Vision wards and control wards are essential tools for warding in the top lane. They allow players to see enemy champions that may be hiding in bushes or trying to gank from behind. Vision wards last indefinitely until an enemy destroys them, while control wards last for 3 minutes but can be placed down multiple times.

2. Strategic Ward Positions

Ward positions should be strategic and cover key areas such as river entrances, jungle paths, and tri-bushes. Players should also consider placing a ward near their opponent's tower to track their movements.

3. Summoner Spells

Summoner spells like Teleport can be used to quickly respond to team fights or ganks in other lanes. This spell allows players to teleport to any friendly minion or structure on the map, making it an excellent tool for top laners who want to help out their teammates.

4. Champions with Early Advantage Abilities

Champions like Pantheon, Wukong, Olaf, and Shen have abilities that can help them gain an early advantage in the laning phase. For example, Pantheon's passive ability blocks a basic attack every few seconds while dealing damage back to his attacker.

5. Spirit Visage Item

The Spirit Visage item is an excellent choice for tanky top laners like Maokai or Sion who rely on healing abilities during team fights. The item increases all sources of healing by 25%, making it easier for players to sustain themselves during extended engagements.

6. Keep Track of Enemy Jungler

Top laners should always keep track of the enemy jungler's movements. If the jungler is spotted on the opposite side of the map, players can be aggressive and push their lane. However, if the jungler is nearby, players should play defensively and avoid getting caught out.

7. Coordinate with Your Team

Finally, top laners should coordinate with their team to maintain map awareness. Players can communicate through pings or voice chat to let each other know when an enemy champion is missing or where they are headed.Warding as Red Top laner

Trading and Harassing in Top Lane

Trading and harassing are crucial skills for top lane players to master in League of Legends. It can make a significant impact on the early game, setting the tone for the rest of the match.

Tanky Champions Like Aatrox and Malphite Can Effectively Trade with Their Opponents

Tanky champions like Aatrox and Malphite have high health pools, making them ideal for trading blows with their opponents. They can absorb a lot of damage while dealing significant damage themselves. When playing as these champions, it's essential to focus on last-hitting minions while also keeping an eye out for opportunities to trade with your opponent.

Champions Like AD Teemo and Tryndamere Can Harass Their Enemies with Auto Attacks

AD Teemo is known for his ability to harass enemies from a distance using his auto attacks. He can chip away at his opponent's health without putting himself in harm's way. Similarly, Tryndamere can use his spinning slash ability to close gaps quickly and land critical hits on his enemies.

Proxy Farming with Champions Like Singed Can Help to Harass and Distract the Enemy Laner

Proxy farming involves clearing waves of enemy minions behind their tower, forcing them to deal with you instead of focusing on last-hitting minions themselves. This strategy is commonly used by champions like Singed who have strong wave-clear abilities. By proxy farming, you can harass your opponent while also denying them gold and experience.

AP Teemo Is Ideal for Harassing Enemies Using His Blinding Dart Ability

AP Teemo is another champion that excels at harassing enemies from a distance. His blinding dart ability blinds enemies, preventing them from landing auto attacks or using targeted abilities effectively. This makes him an excellent pick against champions like Anivia, who rely on auto attacks to farm minions.

Items Like Kayle's Nashor's Tooth Can Help with Harassment in the Early Lane

Kayle's Nashor's Tooth is an item that significantly increases her attack speed and ability power. This item allows her to harass enemies more effectively in the early lane while also increasing her damage output overall.

Knowing When to Trade or Harass Is Essential in the Early Game

Knowing when to trade or harass your opponent is essential in the early game. If you're playing a tanky champion like Malphite, you'll want to focus on trading blows with your opponent, absorbing their damage while dealing some of your own. On the other hand, if you're playing a champion like AD Teemo, you'll want to focus on harassing your opponent from a distance without putting yourself at risk.

Teemo Can Counter Champions Like Swain but Is Countered by Champions Like Aatrox

Teemo is an excellent pick against champions like Swain who rely heavily on auto attacks for farming minions. His blinding dart ability can shut down their ability to farm effectively while also dealing significant damage.

Importance of Last Hitting and Farming in Top Lane

The Most Important Thing: Last Hitting

Last hitting is the most important thing you need to do. This means landing the killing blow on minions to get gold and experience. If you miss a last hit, you lose out on both gold and experience, which can put you behind your opponent.

Consistent last hitting is crucial for staying competitive in the game. It allows you to gain more gold and experience than your opponent, which can give you an advantage.

Farming: Crucial for Gaining Gold and Experience

Farming refers to killing minions consistently throughout the game. By doing so, you gain gold and experience that allow you to buy items and level up faster than your opponents.

Missing out on farming opportunities can put you behind your opponent in terms of gold and experience. This can make it difficult for you to keep up with their damage output or sustain their attacks.

Missing Last Hits Can Put You Behind Your Opponent

Missing last hits not only puts you at a disadvantage but also gives your opponent an opportunity to take control of the lane. They will have more gold and experience than you, allowing them to be more aggressive with their playstyle.

If they are able to push you under your tower, it becomes harder for you to farm safely as they can harass or dive onto you easily. Consistently missing last hits can quickly lead to a snowball effect where your opponent gains a significant lead over time.

Consistent Last Hitting and Farming Can Give You an Advantage Over Your Opponent

The key takeaway is that consistent last hitting and farming are essential skills for any top laner looking for success in League of Legends. Here are some tips that will help improve these skills:

  • Practice makes perfect: Spend time in custom games or practice tool to get used to the timing of last hitting.
  • Pay attention to minion health bars: Keep an eye on how much damage your minions are doing to enemy minions and time your attacks accordingly.
  • Use abilities wisely: Some champions have abilities that can help them secure last hits, but using them too often can deplete mana quickly.
  • Prioritize farming over harassing: While it's important to harass your opponent when possible, don't sacrifice farm for it. Focus on getting as many last hits as possible while avoiding unnecessary trades.

Teamfight Positioning as a Top Laner

As a top laner in League of Legends, one of your main responsibilities is to engage or peel for your team during teamfights. Proper positioning is key to achieving this goal and can make the difference between winning or losing a fight.

Soak up damage and disrupt the enemy team's backline

Tanky top laners like Nasus and Tanky Teemo should focus on soaking up damage and disrupting the enemy team's backline. By doing so, they allow their carries to deal damage safely while also making it harder for the enemy carries to do their job. As a tanky top laner, you want to be in the middle of the fight, taking as much damage as possible while also using your abilities to disrupt the enemy team.

Adjust your positioning based on the enemy team's composition

Top laners should be aware of the enemy team's composition and adjust their positioning accordingly. If the enemy has a lot of crowd control abilities, you may want to stay back until those abilities have been used before engaging. If they have long-range poke champions like Xerath or Lux, you may need to play more defensively until you can get close enough to engage.

Stay within tower range during fights

It is important for top laners to stay within tower range during fights unless they have a moderate advantage or are playing a champion like Yasuo or Talon with high mobility. Staying within tower range allows you to fall back if things go wrong and forces the enemy team to dive in order to kill you, which can put them at risk.

Pay attention to matchups

Different matchups require different positioning strategies. For example, if you're playing against an opponent who has strong burst damage like Riven or Darius, you may want to stay back until they've used their abilities before engaging. On the other hand, if you're playing against a champion with low mobility like Illaoi or Garen, you may want to engage them early and often.

Use Thunderlord's Decree

Thunderlord's Decree is a great mastery for top laners because it provides extra burst damage during fights. By using this mastery, you can deal significant damage to the enemy team while also helping your team secure kills.

Engage at the right time

Timing is everything. You want to wait until the right moment before jumping in so that you don't get focused down by the enemy team. Look for opportunities where your team has an advantage, such as when the enemy carry is out of position or when your team has landed a crucial crowd control ability.

Communicate with your team

Finally, communication is key. Make sure that you are communicating with your teammates about where you plan on positioning yourself and what your goals are for each fight. This will help ensure that everyone is on the same page and working together towards victory.

Split Pushing Strategies for Top Laners

Split pushing is a strategy that can be incredibly effective when executed correctly. As a top laner, split pushing can help you create pressure on the enemy team and force them to retreat.

Pushing a Side Lane

Pushing a side lane is the first step in executing a successful split push. When you push a side lane, you're creating pressure on the enemy team by forcing them to defend against your minions. This can give your team an advantage in other areas of the map.

To push a side lane effectively, you need to make sure that you have enough vision in the area so that you don't get caught out by the enemy team. You should also try to time your push with objectives like dragon or baron so that the enemy team has to choose between defending their base or contesting an objective.

Taking Down Turrets Quickly and Efficiently

One of the biggest advantages of split pushing is that it allows top laners to take down turrets quickly and efficiently. When you're split pushing, you should focus on taking down turrets as quickly as possible so that you can create more pressure on the enemy team.

To take down turrets quickly, make sure that you have enough damage and attack speed. You may also want to consider building items like Trinity Force or Blade of the Ruined King which are great for taking down structures quickly.

Avoid Half-Hearted Split Pushing

Half-hearted split pushing can leave top laners with limited options and vulnerable to enemy burst damage. It's important to commit fully to split pushing if you decide to do it.

When splitting, make sure that your teammates are aware of what's happening so they can adjust their playstyle accordingly. If they know where the enemy team is focusing their attention, they can avoid getting caught out and potentially losing the game.

Freezing and Pushing Lanes

Freezing and pushing lanes are two strategies that can be used in conjunction with split pushing. Freezing a lane involves keeping the minions near your tower so that they don't push towards the enemy base. This can be useful if you're trying to deny your opponent farm or experience.

Pushing a lane involves clearing out as many minions as possible so that your own minions can reach the enemy turret. This can help create pressure on the enemy team and force them to defend against your push.

Dealing with Ganks and Jungle Pressure in Top Lane

Warding is key to avoid ganks from the enemy jungle.

One of the most important things you can do as a top laner is to ward your lane. This will help you keep track of the enemy jungler's movements and anticipate potential ganks. You should place wards in strategic locations, such as river bushes, tribushes, and near the enemy's blue or red buff. By doing this, you'll have more time to react when you see the enemy jungler coming towards your lane.

Keeping track of the enemy jungler's movements can help you anticipate ganks.

Another way to avoid getting caught off guard by an enemy gank is to keep track of where their jungler is on the map. If you notice that their jungler has been spending a lot of time on the bottom side of the map, it's likely that they will try to make a play on the top side soon. Keep an eye on your minimap and communicate with your team if you see them heading towards your lane.

Playing safe and not overextending can reduce the chances of getting ganked.

While it may be tempting to go for kills or harass your opponent under their turret, doing so can put you at risk for a gank. Instead, focus on farming safely and only going in for trades when it's advantageous for you. If you're unsure about whether it's safe to push up or not, err on the side of caution and stay near your turret until you have more information about where their team is located.

Certain champions like Garen, Jayce, Riven, Mordekaiser, Gnar, and Ryze have good escape abilities to deal with ganks.

If playing safe isn't enough to keep yourself alive against an aggressive jungle presence, picking a champion with good escape abilities can be helpful. Champions like Garen, Jayce, Riven, Mordekaiser, Gnar, and Ryze all have abilities that can help them get away from ganks. For example, Garen's Q ability allows him to quickly escape danger while also dealing damage to his opponent.

Building items like Hextech Gunblade or Doran's Ring can help with sustain and pressure in lane.

Finally, building the right items can make a big difference in how well you're able to handle jungle pressure. Items like Hextech Gunblade or Doran's Ring can provide you with extra sustain and pressure in lane. Hextech Gunblade gives you both attack damage and ability power along with spell vamp and lifesteal. Doran's Ring provides mana regeneration along with additional health on minion kills which is helpful for sustaining yourself in lane.

Conclusion: 7 Tips for Top Lane Players in League of Legends & Strategies

In conclusion, mastering the top lane in League of Legends requires more than just mechanical skills. Understanding wave management, warding, last hitting, teamfight positioning, split pushing strategies, and dealing with ganks and jungle pressure are all crucial aspects of playing top lane effectively.

By implementing these tips and strategies into your gameplay, you can gain a significant advantage over your opponents and climb the ranks in no time. Remember to always be aware of your surroundings and communicate with your team to achieve victory.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and dominate the top lane!


Q: How important is wave management in top lane?

A: Wave management is essential for controlling the flow of the game and gaining an advantage over your opponent. Properly managing waves can lead to better opportunities for trading, farming, or even taking objectives.

Q: Why is warding important for top laners?

A: Warding helps prevent ganks from enemy junglers or roams from mid laners. It also provides valuable information on enemy movements and allows for safer split pushing.

Q: How can I improve my last hitting in top lane?

A: Practicing last hitting in custom games or against bots can help improve your timing and mechanics. Also pay attention to minion health bars and try to predict when they will be low enough to kill with one hit.

Q: What should I focus on during teamfights as a top laner?

A: As a top laner, it's important to position yourself properly so that you can engage on priority targets or peel for your carries. Pay attention to enemy cooldowns and look for opportunities to make game-changing plays.

Q: When should I consider split pushing as a strategy?

A: Split pushing can be effective when you have good vision control around objectives or if the enemy team is distracted elsewhere on the map. However, be aware of potential ganks and make sure your team can handle a 4v5 situation.

Q: How can I deal with jungle pressure in top lane?

A: Warding and communication are key when dealing with jungle pressure. Try to keep track of the enemy jungler's movements and communicate with your team for assistance if needed. Also consider building defensive items or taking summoner spells like Teleport or Barrier.

Q: What champions are best for top lane?

A: There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question as it depends on personal playstyle and current meta. However, some popular picks for top lane include tanks like Maokai or Ornn, bruisers like Darius or Renekton, and split pushers like Fiora or Jax.

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