Ascend to Triumph: The Unmatched Teemo Guide Unveiled
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Ascend to Triumph: The Unmatched Teemo Guide Unveiled

Elevate your Teemo gameplay with this concise guide, showcasing pro tactics, top tips, and optimal builds to rule the Rift with ease.

The Comprehensive Teemo Guide

Introduction to Teemo

Teemo, -the Swift Scout- is a classic and beloved champion in League of Legends. Armed with a deceptively cute appearance; he is a deadly force on the battlefield. In this comprehensive guide, we'll dive deep into Teemo's abilities, playstyle, -and optimal strategies- for success.

Abilities Overview

Passive: Guerrilla Warfare

Teemo's passive, Guerrilla Warfare, allows him to become invisible when standing still for a short duration. When he breaks stealth, he gains bonus attack speed for a brief period.

Q: Blinding Dart

Teemo's Q ability, Blinding Dart, is a ranged attack that blinds the target, causing their basic attacks to miss for a short duration.

W: Move Quick

Move Quick is Teemo's W ability, which passively grants him increased movement speed. When activated, the movement speed bonus is doubled for a short period.

E: Toxic Shot

Teemo's E, Toxic Shot, is a passive ability that causes his basic attacks to deal bonus magic damage over time, poisoning the target.

R: Noxious Trap

Teemo's ultimate ability, -Noxious Trap- allows him to place invisible traps on the ground that explode upon contact, dealing area of effect damage and applying a slow and poison to enemies caught in the blast.

Teemo's Role in the Game

Top Lane Teemo

Teemo is traditionally played as a top lane champion due to his strong poke and range advantage over melee champions. His ability to zone and deny enemy farm makes him a formidable lane bully.

Mid Lane Teemo

Teemo can also be played as a mid lane champion, especially against melee or short-ranged mages. He can use his mobility -and stealth- to avoid ganks and apply pressure to the enemy mid laner.

Jungle Teemo

Jungle Teemo is an off-meta pick that relies on guerrilla tactics to apply map pressure. Utilizing his stealth and traps, Teemo can invade the enemy jungle, steal camps, and surprise enemies with unexpected ganks.

Teemo's Build and Runes

Core Items

Teemo's core items typically include Nashor's Tooth, Riftmaker, and Sorcerer's Shoes. Nashor's Tooth provides a significant boost to Teemo's attack speed and ability power, while Riftmaker enhances his sustain and magic penetration. Sorcerer's Shoes provide additional magic penetration to maximize his damage output.

Situational Items

Some situational items to consider for Teemo include:

  • Morellonomicon: Reduces enemy healing and provides additional ability power.
  • Void Staff: Increases magic penetration, especially against teams with high magic resist.
  • Zhonya's Hourglass: Grants Teemo stasis and added survivability in team fights.
  • Banshee's Veil: Provides a spell shield and magic resist to protect against enemy magic damage dealers.
  • Demonic Embrace: Adds extra health, ability power, and burn damage to Teemo's kit.


For runes, the most common primary path for Teemo is the Precision tree, with Press the Attack, Triumph, Legend: Alacrity, and Coup de Grace. Secondary runes vary, but popular choices include Taste of Blood and Ravenous Hunter from the Domination tree or Biscuit Delivery and Time Warp Tonic from the Inspiration tree.

Playing Against Teemo

  1. To play against Teemo, consider the following tips:
  2. Watch out for his blind (Q), which can nullify your auto-attacks for a short period.
  3. Be cautious of his stealth (Passive) and avoid face-checking bushes.
  4. Purchase Oracle Lens or Control Wards to reveal his traps (R) and deny his map control.
  5. Teemo is squishy; engage on him when his abilities are on cooldown or when he's caught out of position.
  6. Champions with gap-closers or crowd control can be effective against Teemo, as they can stick to him and limit his mobility.

Mastering Teemo's Playstyle

Early Game

In the early game, Teemo should focus on poking and harassing his lane opponent, denying them farm and experience. Utilize his range advantage and poison (E) to chip away at their health. Be cautious of enemy jungler ganks and use his stealth (Passive) and move quick (W) to escape when necessary.

Mid Game

As the game progresses, Teemo should start to roam and apply pressure on other lanes. Place traps (R) around objectives like Dragon or Rift Herald and use them to secure vision control. Be opportunistic and use your stealth (Passive) to catch enemies off-guard, securing kills or forcing them to retreat.

Late Game

In the late game, Teemo's role is to provide consistent damage in team fights and zone control with his traps (R). Position yourself safely, avoiding enemy crowd control and burst damage. Focus on taking down priority targets with your sustained damage and apply pressure on the map with your traps.


Teemo is a versatile and deceptive champion that can be both fun and frustrating to play against. By mastering his abilities, understanding his role in the game, -and optimizing your build and runes- you can become a true terror on the Rift. Remember, it's not just about dealing damage - it's about being the Swift Scout that strikes fear into the hearts of your enemies.


Q: Is Teemo viable in ranked play?

A: Yes, Teemo can be a viable pick in ranked play, especially when played in the top lane. His ability to bully and zone enemies can create significant advantages for your team.

Q: What champions counter Teemo?

A: Champions with gap-closers, crowd control, or burst damage can be effective against Teemo. Examples include Irelia, Pantheon, and Rumble.

Q: How can I maximize Teemo's damage output?

A: To maximize Teemo's damage output, focus on building ability power and magic penetration items like Nashor's Tooth, Riftmaker, and Sorcerer's Shoes. Additionally, prioritize maximizing your poison (E) and positioning yourself to consistently apply auto-attacks during fights.

Q: What is the best Teemo skin?

A: The best Teemo skin is subjective and depends on personal preference. Popular Teemo skins include Little Devil Teemo, Omega Squad Teemo, and Beemo.

Q: How do I avoid Teemo's traps (R) as a melee champion?

A: As a melee champion, consider purchasing Oracle Lens or Control Wards to reveal and clear Teemo's traps. Be cautious when moving through areas with limited vision and avoid face-checking bushes without vision.

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