Briar's Abilities Got Leaked!
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Briar's Abilities Got Leaked!

Briar, the rumored new Noxus champion in League of Legends. Leaked details reveals her vampiric abilities and power.

Exciting news for all League of Legends fans! There's a brand-new champion from the sinister city-state of Noxus making its way into the Summoner's Rift - and the rumor mills are already buzzing with anticipation. Meet Briar, a powerful blood mage who might just have a vampiric twist.

The information, which seemed like a detailed breakdown of her abilities, was posted on Reddit. But in the classic nature of leaks, it was removed shortly after its appearance. So, what exactly did this leak entail? Let’s dive into all we know about the rumored abilities of Briar:


Briar is unlike any other champions when it comes to health regeneration. She doesn't regenerate health naturally. Instead, her attacks inflict a bleed effect on her opponents. As the enemies bleed, Briar heals herself for a fraction of the damage dealt. What's even more intriguing is that this healing effect becomes more potent when Briar's health is low.


Briar isn’t just about staying back and making opponents bleed. She has a fierce offensive side as well. Her Q allows her to leap onto an enemy, stunning them in the process and shredding their armor. This gap closer ensures that no prey can easily escape her clutches.


Briar is said to break free from the pillory and chase the nearest enemy champion. During this "blood frenzy" phase, she gains enhanced movement and attack speed. But there's more. On recasting W, Briar can take a sizable bite out of her enemy. This bite deals additional damage based on the enemy's missing health and also serves to heal Briar.


Evidently, Briar has a defensive side as well. On activating her E, she reverts back to the pillory and lets out a spine-chilling scream. This scream inflicts damage on all nearby enemies and also slows them down. And while she's in the midst of casting this ability, Briar is tougher to take down - she absorbs reduced damage and also restores a part of her maximum health.


For her ultimate, Briar truly embodies her vampiric nature. On activation, she dashes to the first enemy she encounters. As she lands, she instills terror in the hearts of other nearby foes, causing them to flee in fear. During this phase, she enters an enhanced blood frenzy, boosting her magic resist, armor, lifesteal, and movement speed.

While this leak paints a vivid picture of Briar and her capabilities, it's essential to take it with a grain of salt. We cannot be entirely sure if these will be the abilities Briar will sport once she's officially unveiled by Riot Games. However, considering the details in the leak, it’s probable that at least some of this information might be accurate.

Until the official announcement, all we can do is speculate and wait with bated breath for this Noxian blood mage to make her grand entrance.