Brief summary of League of Legends Patch notes 13.8
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Brief summary of League of Legends Patch notes 13.8

Explore the latest LoL patch's champion buffs and nerfs, item updates, reporting features, and Mythic Shop rotation

The latest patch brings some exciting balance changes to champions that surely will change the current meta, In this blog, we will take a closer look at the key changes and what they mean for the game.

Let’s start with Buffs


Aurelion Sol: Although base damage remains, health growth decreases to 90 (from 95), and armor growth lessens to 4 (from 4.3), classifying him as a glass cannon with reduced durability during late-game encounters.

Ezreal: Base Attack Damage is increased to 62 (from 60), giving him a slight boost in early game damage and making him more competitive against hyper carries.

Garen: Base Attack Damage and Base Armor are increased to 69 (from 66) and 38 (from 36) respectively, allowing him to trade more effectively in the early game.

Janna: The damage of her W ability (Zephyr) is increased, allowing her to poke more effectively in lane, while the shield decay timer on her E ability (Eye of the Storm) is extended, providing enhanced protection and support for her teammates during skirmishes.

Kha'Zix: Q (Taste Their Fear) base damage is increased, improving his early game clearing and scrapping potential.

Kog'Maw: Buffs to his passive, Q, and E abilities make him more versatile and less reliant on his Bio-Arcane Barrage ability.

Leona: Increased armor, magic resistance, and magic damage on her W (Eclipse) ability make her a stronger engage support.

Lillia: Buffs to her passive damage and healing make her more effective in the jungle and in combat, especially when building AP items.

Nidalee: Base Armor and Armor Growth are increased, making her more durable in the jungle and during ganks.

Poppy: Damage on her Q (Hammer Shock) is increased, and bonus resistances on her W (Steadfast Presence) are increased, making her more effective in fights and skirmishes.


Aurelion Sol: Health growth and armor growth are decreased, making him more vulnerable as a trade-off for his powerful damage output.

Jarvan IV: Attack Damage growth is decreased, and Q (Dragon Strike) damage is reduced, toning down his early game gank strength and overall power.

Kayn: Shadow Assassin form's bonus move speed and cooldown on his E (Shadow Step) are decreased, making him easier to punish.

Malphite: Damage on his W (Thunderclap) ability is decreased, reducing his trading power and wave clear.

Rakan: Base Armor and Armor Growth are decreased, making him more vulnerable when engaging and disengaging in fights.

Item Update:

Cosmic Drive - Increased AP and a reworked passive make this item more accessible and less dependent on ability sequencing for its offensive payoff.

Some Other Key Updates:

Reporting is now available in Match History, allowing players to report others by right-clicking on their row in past game summaries.

Mythic Shop rotation update, with new Prestige skins and chromas becoming available, and older ones leaving the shop.

Now available

Leaving the shop

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