Brief summary of Teamfight Tactics Patch Note 13.7
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Brief summary of Teamfight Tactics Patch Note 13.7

In this brief article, we'll be providing a quick summary of the key changes and updates introduced in Teamfight Tactics Patch Note 13.7

Hey there, TFT players! We've got new updates for you, including few trait and champion adjustments, let's get dive into it

Trait Adjustments:

Hacker trait breakpoints have been adjusted, and Hacker 2 has been removed.

LaserCorps now grants a drone to all units at 4 LaserCorps, with adjusted drone damage values.

Quickdraw trait receives a significant buff to projectile damage.

Sureshot trait gets a slight buff to its bonus AD gain rate.

Unit Updates:

Tier 1: Gangplank's damage is increased, while his cleansing effect is removed. Lux gets a damage boost and faster missile speed.

Tier 3: Kai'Sa's stats have been shifted for a more AP-focused playstyle. Gnar gains more defense and earlier first cast. Vex gets a damage tweak and less backline access.

Tier 4: Samira's Flair is now uninterruptible, and Twisted Fate gets a nerf to damage. Warwick's interaction with on-attack effects is adjusted.

Tier 5: Multiple 5-cost units receive buffs to raise their power floor.

Hero Augment Changes: Over 20 changes have been made to refine Hero Augments, including:

Shen's carry Hero Augment reworked into Time Knife, boosting his damage based on armor.

Vex's Joy Siphon now heals only the 2 lowest health units but with increased healing percentage.

Augment Adjustments:

Ace Crest and Ace Crown have been changed to only appear on 4-2 and are easier to activate.

LaserCorps Crest and Soul Augments are re-enabled due to earlier trait adjustments.

Small Changes:

Item Distribution: Rejoice, low-rollers! You are now guaranteed a minimum of 6 full items by 5-1

Prankster trait healing is increased for the top tier.

Riftwalker trait now has a maximum of 9 star levels contributing to Zac.

Underground trait gold now auto-collects.

Unit-specific Changes:

Neeko's Hop Blossom Frog and Big Frog damage have been increased.

Janna now has improved item usage with Lucky Gloves and InfiniTeam emblem.

That's it for the highlights of the Glitched Out!! patch notes. Get ready to hop into the game and experience these exciting changes for yourself!

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