Brief summary of Valorant Patch Note 6.07
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Brief summary of Valorant Patch Note 6.07

In this brief article, we'll be providing a quick summary of the key changes and updates introduced in Valorant Patch Note 6.07

Hey there, Valorant enthusiasts! We've got exciting updates for you, including general tweaks, agent changes, map modifications, and player behavior adjustments. Let's dive right in!

General Updates

Visual updates to in-game UI indicators (yellow and red UI for utility and damage).

Added a small animation to the Yellow Directional Indicator.

Agent Updates

Reyna: Yellow indicator removed from Leer (C)

KAY/O: Critical danger indicator added to FRAG/ment (C)

Skye: Yellow indicator removed from Seekers (X)

Killjoy: Yellow indicator removed from Alarmbot (E)

Chamber: Yellow indicator removed from Trademark (C)


Recon Bolt (E) updated to appear correctly with Bloom off.

Recon Bolt (E) scanning VFX updated for visibility.

Recon Bolt (E) model size increased to match hitbox without affecting lineups or collision.

Map Updates


Several adjustments have been made to the BIND map:

Exit room for B Long to A Lobby teleporter moved outside A Bath.

A Lobby adjusted to accommodate new teleporter location.

Doorway from A Lobby into A Bath widened.

Doorway from A Bath to A Site widened.

Radianite crates on A Site adjusted.

Barrel added on A Site.

Back wall on A Site adjusted.