Clash: LoL's Team Tournament
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Clash: LoL's Team Tournament

Discover Clash, the thrilling, team-based weekend tournament in League of Legends, designed to mimic pro esports experiences for players of all skill levels.

What is Clash?

Clash, a competitive tournament mode in League of Legends, simulates the professional esports environment for players across the skill spectrum. This team-oriented mode prioritizes coordination, strategy, and communication, reflecting the demands of professional LoL gameplay.

How Does Clash Work?

Clash, a weekend League of Legends tournament, consists of single-elimination stages where teams face similarly skilled opponents. This structure promotes intense, evenly matched competition throughout the event.

Verification and Smurfing

To maintain the integrity of the competition and prevent smurfing, all players must verify their accounts using a valid phone number. This measure helps ensure a fair and enjoyable gaming experience for all participants.

Clash Placement and Matchmaking Tiers

Clash uses a tier system to group teams based on their skill levels, ensuring balanced and competitive matches. This placement depends on the individual ranks of team members, with higher-ranked players raising the team's overall tier. Matchmaking in Clash is based on the team's tier placement, ensuring that opponents face teams of similar skill levels. As teams advance through the stages, they'll encounter increasingly challenging opponents.

How to participate in Clash

To fully grasp the excitement of Clash, let's walk through the experience from registration to victory, covering every essential aspect of the journey.

Creating Your Team

To participate in Clash, players must form a team consisting of five members. Friends can team up or use LoL's built-in social features, such as clubs or the "Looking for Group" tool, to find like-minded players with similar skill levels. Forming a well-balanced team with good synergy is crucial for success in Clash.

Locking In and Registration

Before the tournament begins, all team members must lock in their Clash tickets to secure their spot in the competition. Tickets can be purchased using Blue Essence or Riot Points and contribute to the prize pool. Registration typically opens a few days before the event starts.

Bracket Format and Scouting

Once registration is complete, the single-elimination bracket is formed, and teams can scout their opponents. Scouting involves researching the opposing team's player profiles, champion pools, and playstyles to develop strategies and prepare for upcoming matches.

Champ Select and Gameplay

During the champion select phase, teams must carefully choose their champions, considering factors like team composition, damage types, and counter-picks. Adaptability and flexibility during champion select can greatly impact a team's success. Effective communication and coordination are essential during gameplay, with teams relying on voice chat or text chat to relay vital information and make strategic decisions.

Rewards in Clash

Tickets, Prizes, and Victory Points

Clash tickets are essential for participation and contribute to the prize pool. The more tickets a team invests, the greater their potential rewards. Teams that perform well in Clash can earn exclusive rewards, including skins, icons, and emotes. These rewards scale with the number of tickets invested by the team. Victory Points (VP) are earned based on a team's performance in the tournament, and these points can be used to unlock additional rewards and showcase achievements in Clash.

Orbs and Capsules

In addition to the exclusive rewards, Clash participants can also earn orbs and capsules containing various in-game items such as champion shards, skin shards, and essence. These rewards are distributed based on the team's performance