Dark Cosmic Erasure Jhin: A New Chapter in Mythic Variants
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Dark Cosmic Erasure Jhin: A New Chapter in Mythic Variants

Dark Cosmic Erasure Jhin leads the Mythic Variants, redefining skins with a blend of nostalgia and innovation in 'League of Legends'.

In a recent update from the Skins and Monetization teams of League of Legends, new developments have been outlined concerning exclusive in-game content. The principal innovation introduced is a novel concept called "Mythic Variants."

Understanding Mythic Variants

Historically, Prestige skins were launched to satiate the players' demand for esteemed content. However, as these Prestige skins became increasingly accessible, the original intent of offering ultra-rare and exclusive content was diminished. Recognizing the evolving demands, the developers decided against restricting the accessibility of Prestige skins. Instead, they've opted to introduce something novel: Mythic Variants.

The idea behind Mythic Variants is to reimagine existing Legendary skins, enhancing them with additional elements that resonate with a champion's unique characteristics. An illustrative example of this initiative is the introduction of "Dark Cosmic Erasure Jhin," which will be an updated version of the already existing "Dark Cosmic Jhin." This new skin variant will come equipped with a fresh splash art, icon, and border. To further clarify the distinction, videos comparing the original and the new version will be available for players.

Acquisition Methodology

Players can avail the "Dark Cosmic Erasure Jhin" via a milestone system, similar to past showcases. Specifically, after unlocking 29 Cosmic 2023 Capsules, players are guaranteed a reward in the 30th capsule. These capsules will be available during patches 13.17 and 13.18, each priced at 750 RP.

Notably, while "Dark Cosmic Erasure Jhin" will be a guaranteed reward on the 30th capsule, it also has a 1% drop rate from the earlier capsules. Furthermore, possession of the original "Dark Cosmic Jhin" isn't a prerequisite. After the event concludes, the skin will temporarily be excluded from the reroll pool, with a proposed reintroduction in 2024. However, direct purchases from the store won't be possible initially.

Summary of Acquisition

  • Obtainment from the Cosmic 2023 Capsule through sheer luck (approx. 1% chance).
  • Guaranteed acquisition upon opening 30 capsules during the active event.
  • Potential for rerolling it with skin shards in 2024.

Impact on Existing and Upcoming Content

The introduction of Mythic Variants will not immediately impact the usual store offerings or acquisition methods. The developers' intent is to introduce exclusive content judiciously, ensuring that the vast majority remains accessible to players. The endeavor into exclusive content is still in its early stages. The Skins and Monetization teams promise transparency and openness to feedback, ensuring any future changes or trials align with player expectations and the game's ethos.

In conclusion, as the realm of League of Legends expands, innovations such as the "Mythic Variants" highlight the developer's commitment to enhancing the gaming experience. The community eagerly anticipates its implementation on the Rift.