Future Ranked Changes for League of Legends
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Future Ranked Changes for League of Legends

Discover upcoming changes in League of Legends Season 13 Split 2! New Emerald rank, fewer placements, no promotion series, and the Victorious Anivia skin.

Riot Games recently pulled back the curtain on its plan for the forthcoming Season 13 Split 2 in League of Legends. The gaming giant outlined the key changes that are set to redefine the experience for players. So, what can we expect from this Split 2? Let's delve into the details.

No More Promotion Series

Gone are the days of tedious promotion series. Riot Games has decided to do away with this feature that has been both a source of exhilaration and exasperation for players. The promotion series were introduced to bring a sense of challenge and heightened stakes to key moments in a player's gaming career. They served their purpose well but also created some hurdles. Players often found themselves stuck in a loop of playing these series multiple times, an experience that often led to frustration more than anything else.

Given the likelihood of encountering these series with increased frequency in a year with two splits, Riot has opted for a more streamlined approach. Starting from the next split, players will smoothly transition through tiers once they've accumulated enough LP, without having to worry about the stress of repeated promotion series.

Less Placement Matches

The updated system will also see a reduction in the number of placement games. Riot has decided to cut down the number from 10 to just 5. This change is due to the shift towards a gentler ladder reset process. Since players would have already gone through placements once during the season, this reduction is set to expedite the process of determining starting ranks and allow players to ladder up more efficiently. This update is not just a one-time thing tied to the mid-year reset; it's here to stay for future seasons as well.

New Rank - Emerald

To spice up the competitive scene and add another layer of progression, Riot Games is introducing a new rank - Emerald. This fresh addition, positioned between Platinum and Diamond, aims to offer an exciting checkpoint for players during their climb up the ranks. It will be fascinating to see how this new tier influences the competitive dynamics and player progression in the game.

Victorious Skin of 2023 Split 1 - Anivia

As part of the new rewards track, Riot Games has unveiled the Victorious skin for Season 2023 - Split 1. This honor is being bestowed upon Anivia, one of the champions in the game. The introduction of a new Victorious skin always injects a sense of freshness into the game, and Anivia's vibrant design is sure to captivate the players.


  • No More Promotion Series: You can now progress through tiers more fluidly once you've accumulated enough LP.
  • Fewer Placement Matches: The number of placement matches will be cut down from 10 to 5.
  • New Rank: Riot Games is introducing a new rank, Emerald, which will sit between Platinum and Diamond.
  • Victorious Skin of Split 1: The victorious skin for Season 2023 - Split 1 has been announced as Victorious Anivia.