How to Appear Offline on Valorant - A Step-by-Step Guide
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How to Appear Offline on Valorant - A Step-by-Step Guide

Discover the benefits of appearing offline and how to enable this feature on your Valorant account.

How to Appear Offline on Valorant

Playing Valorant with your friends can be a riveting and challenging experience; however, sometimes you may want to just enjoy a match without being bested by someone else in your friend list.

To compete solo in a multiplayer match, you will need to appear offline. Unfortunately, Valorant has not yet added a feature that enables its users to easily change their status. Therefore, if you want to engage in an exciting game without being bombarded by your Valorant friends, the only way to do so is to appear offline. In this article, we will let you in on the secret how to deceive Valorant. 

Appear Offline on Valorant

Because Valorant does not have a status change option for its users at this time, appearing offline requires a third-party application. However, using a third-party application is generally regarded as unfair by Valorant and can result in a ban from the game. 

To evade this barrier, several third-party applications have been developed to override the Valorant server and change your status to offline. Many of these platforms have been shutdown and the users banned from Valorant. We know you don't want to get banned after putting so much effort into the game and ranking, right? 

Fortunately, there is one third-party application that tricks Valorant's server by making you appear offline while playing solo in a multiplayer match. If you really want to deceive Valorant in the safest way possible, you will need to install the "Deceive" application. So far, there are no known cases of users getting banned for using Deceive. 

Installing Deceive

Installing Deceive is a quick and straightforward process. 

  1. Deceive is available for download on GitHub.
  2. As soon as the program is downloaded, you will need to create a shortcut: Deceive.exe.
  3. Next, right-click the Deceive.exe shortcut and select “Properties.”
  4. Once the Properties options appear, a new window will pop up and display the field name: “Target.”
  5. Next, add an extra space following “.exe” and type “valorant.”
  6. Press OK and run Deceive via the shortcut you added.
  7. Launch Valorant to confirm that the application works. If everything is correct, you should see "Deceive Active" at the top of your friends list. This means that you now appear offline to your Valorant friends. 

Once Deceive is up and running and your offline status has been confirmed, you can jump right into playing your next Valorant match!


If your goal is to improve your ranking in a solo queue, appearing offline on Valorant with the Deceive application is just the way to do that. It is efficacious, known to be safe, and convenient. 

Are you ready to take the risk and go solo in your multiplayer matches? Downloading Deceive delivers a convenient solution that allows you to appear offline on Valorant and achieve your objectives. 

  • 1. Will I be banned for using Deceive on Valorant?
  • Although there has not yet been an instance in which a user has been banned for using Deceive or the Deceive application has been deemed unsafe by Riot Games, you should still download the application with the understanding that you are risking getting banned from Valorant.
  • 2. Is it free to download the Deceive application?
  • Downloading Deceive on GitHub is free and has been proven to be safe.