How to Dominate Your Enemies in League of Legends
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How to Dominate Your Enemies in League of Legends

Learn how to dominate the game by learning how to deal with team fights to succeed in League of Legends.

Understanding Teamfight Basics

A team fight occurs when multiple players from opposing teams engage in combat. Winning a team fight requires; coordination, effective use of abilities and resources.


It is important to stay behind tank champions to avoid being targeted by the enemy team, staying close to your allies also allows you to follow up on their abilities.

Target Prioritization

Target prioritization is another critical aspect of winning a team fight. It is useful to focus on the opposing champions that pose the most significant threat to your team. 

For example; if the enemy team has a fed assassin, it's essential to focus them down quickly

Strategies for Dominating Your Enemies

Now that we understand the basics of team fights let's discuss some strategies that you can use to dominate your enemies.

Engage or Disengage

Engaging in combat with the enemy team provides you to control the pace of the battle and gives you an advantage. Disengaging from a team fight in better shape allows you to reposition and re-engage in better conditions.

Crowd Control

Crowd control abilities can be a game changer. Abilities -like stuns, slows, and roots- can disrupt the enemy team's positioning, allowing your team to pick off high-value targets. Make sure to coordinate with your team to maximize the effectiveness of crowd control abilities.

Coordinated Ultimate Abilities

Ultimate abilities are some of the most potent tools in a team fight. Coordinating ultimate abilities can create a devastating impact on the enemy team. 

For example: an ultimate ability like Amumu's Curse of the Sad Mummy can stun and damage all enemy champions in a significant area, allowing your team to follow up with their abilities and deal massive damage.


Itemization can also play a significant role in dominating team fights. 

For example: Zhonya's Hourglass -which allows the user to become invulnerable for a short period- can be used to dodge enemy abilities or reset cooldowns. Make sure to adjust your item build according to the enemy team's composition.


Communication is the key to dominating your enemies in team fights. Make sure to coordinate with your team before engaging and call out priority targets during the fight. Effective communication can ensure that all members of the team are on the same page and can act accordingly.


Understanding the basics of team fights -such as positioning and target prioritization- is crucial. Using strategies such as engaging or disengaging, crowd control, coordinated ultimate abilities, itemization, and communication can give you an advantage in team fights. Remember to coordinate with your team and adjust your strategy according to the enemy team's composition.