How to Dominate Your Enemies in Teamfights in Valorant
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How to Dominate Your Enemies in Teamfights in Valorant

Learn expert strategies on dominating your enemies in teamfights in Valorant. Our comprehensive guide will help you improve your gameplay.

Are you tired of losing teamfights in Valorant? Do you want to learn how to dominate your enemies and lead your team to victory? It all starts with understanding the importance of team composition, vision, and communication. In this guide, we will explore the key elements that can help you become a better leader in teamfights.

Team composition is crucial in Valorant teamfights. Each champion has unique abilities that can complement or counter other champions. Understanding your squad's strengths and weaknesses can help you make informed decisions during a match. Vision and communication are essential for dominating teamfights. Knowing where your members are and what they're doing can give you an advantage over the enemy.

If you're playing solo queue, don't worry! You can still become an effective leader by using pings, providing information about enemy CCs, and taking charge of lanes. Remember, it's not just about getting kills but also supporting your teammates.

How to Dominate Your Enemies in Teamfights in Valorant

Positioning Strategies: Fighting from Favorable Positions

Positioning is one of the most critical factors that can help you dominate your enemies. By fighting from a favorable position, you can gain an advantage over your opponents and increase your chances of success.

The Importance of Positioning

Positioning is key to winning team fights in Valorant. It refers to where you stand on the map relative to your allies and enemies. Good positioning allows you to control the battlefield, avoid enemy fire, and deal damage safely. If you're out of position, however, you'll be vulnerable to attacks and won't be able to contribute as much.

Fighting from a Favorable Position

To fight from a favorable position in Valorant, you need to consider several factors:

Frontline Composition

The frontline should consist of tanks and allies with high survivability. These players should be positioned at the front of the team formation to absorb damage and protect their teammates. Tanks like Brimstone or Sage can use their abilities to block off chokepoints or create cover for their allies.

Vision Control

Use utility items like smokes or flashes grenades to gain vision over key areas on the map and control enemy movements. This allows you to predict where they will attack from and prepare accordingly.

Aggression Management

Aggression should be calculated and focused on high-priority targets such as healers or snipers who are dealing significant damage from afar. You want to avoid engaging enemies who are not posing an immediate threat unless necessary.

Backline Protection

Allies with low health pools or those who deal significant damage but have low mobility (such as Jett) should stay in the backline protected by tanks or other allies with high survivability.

Macro Formations

Teams can utilize macro formations to control the map and gain an advantage over their opponents. Here are some examples:

The Split

This formation involves splitting your team into two or more groups, attacking from different angles simultaneously. This can confuse the enemy team, forcing them to split up and making it easier for you to pick them off.

The Draft

The draft is a formation where one player (usually the shotcaller) leads the team while others follow behind. This allows for quick decision-making and decisive action during crucial moments.

The Flex

The flex is a versatile formation that can adapt to any situation quickly. It involves players moving around the map frequently, changing positions as needed to adjust to enemy movements.

Ability Usage Strategies: Utilizing Abilities to Win Teamfights

In Valorant, ability usage is a crucial factor in winning team fights. Players need to know when and how to use their abilities effectively. Here are some tips on how to dominate your enemies in team fights using your abilities.

Lane Priority Determines the Way You Use Your Abilities

Lane priority refers to which team has control of a particular lane or area of the map. This can determine the way you use your abilities. If you have lane priority, you can be more aggressive with your abilities, pushing into enemy territory and forcing them back. If you don't have lane priority, you may need to play more defensively and use your abilities to hold off enemy advances.

Know When and How to Use Your Abilities Effectively

It's important to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each ability in Valorant. For example, Sage's wall ability can be used to block off chokepoints or create cover for teammates, while Jett's dash ability can be used for quick escapes or flanking maneuvers. Knowing when and how to use these abilities effectively can make all the difference in a team fight.

Attention to Enemy Abilities is Important for Countering Them

Knowing what abilities the enemy team has available is just as important as knowing your own abilities. By paying attention to what the enemy team is doing, you can anticipate their moves and counter them accordingly. For example, if you see an enemy Brimstone start casting his ultimate ability, it may be time for your team to fall back or find cover.

Using a Carry's Abilities Can Turn the Tide of a Teamfight

Carry heroes like Phoenix or Reyna have powerful offensive abilities that can turn the tide of a fight if used correctly. As a support player, it's important to communicate with your carry teammate and coordinate when they should use their abilities. For example, Phoenix's ultimate ability allows him to resurrect himself if he's killed, so timing this ability correctly can give your team a massive advantage in a fight.

How to Engage as a Utility Support

As a utility support player, your role is to provide support for your teammates rather than dealing damage yourself. One effective way to engage as a utility support is to use your abilities to set up kills for your teammates. For example, Brimstone's smoke ability can be used to block off enemy vision and create opportunities for your team to push forward and take control of an area.

Map Control Strategies: Best Agents for Map Control

In Valorant, map control is essential for winning teamfights. It allows your team to dictate the pace of the game and limit the enemy's options. One way to secure map control is by using agents with hard crowd control abilities.

What is Map Control?

Map control refers to a team's ability to dominate areas of a map. By doing so, they can limit the enemy's movements and force them into unfavorable positions. This can be achieved through various means such as controlling chokepoints, holding angles, and denying access to certain areas.

Why Crowd Control Matters

Crowd control abilities are crucial for securing map control. They allow you to slow down or stop enemies in their tracks, giving your team time to rotate or reposition themselves. Hard crowd control abilities are particularly useful as they completely immobilize enemies, making them easy targets.

Best Agents for Map Control

Here are some of the best agents for securing map control:

1. Viper

Viper's toxic screen ability allows her to block off areas of the map with a wall of poison gas. This not only denies access but also damages any enemies who try to push through it. Her ultimate ability creates a large cloud of gas that obscures vision and damages anyone inside it.

2. Brimstone

Brimstone's arsenal includes smokescreens and incendiary grenades that can be used to block off areas or force enemies out of hiding spots. His ultimate ability calls in an orbital strike that deals massive damage over a wide area.

3. Sova

Sova's recon bolt reveals enemy locations and his shock dart can deal significant damage while also slowing down enemies caught in its blast radius. His ultimate ability fires three arrows that reveal all enemy positions within its range.

4. Cypher

Cypher's tripwires alert him to enemies passing through them and his spy camera can reveal enemy locations. His ultimate ability reveals the location of all living enemies on the map.

5. Omen

Omen's smokescreens and dark cover ability allow him to block off areas and obscure vision. His ultimate ability teleports him anywhere on the map, allowing for surprise attacks or quick rotations.

Economy Management Strategies: Managing Resources to Secure Wins

Use Eco Rounds to Save Resources and Buy Better Equipment Later

In Valorant, economy management is an essential aspect of the game that can determine the outcome of a match. One way to manage resources effectively is by using eco rounds to save money for better equipment later in the game. Eco rounds are usually played by buying minimal equipment or no equipment at all, allowing players to save their resources for later rounds. During eco rounds, it's crucial to focus on staying alive while gathering information about enemy positions and movements.

Here are some tips for playing eco rounds:

  • Stick together as a team and play defensively.
  • Use abilities wisely and only when necessary.
  • Try to get picks on unsuspecting enemies.
  • Take advantage of any weapons dropped by enemies.

Prioritize Buying Weapons and Armor Over Abilities to Secure Wins

When managing your economy in Valorant, it's important to prioritize buying weapons and armor over abilities. Weapons and armor are essential components that give you an edge in combat, while abilities are situational tools that should be used sparingly. Investing in weapons like rifles, shotguns, or snipers can make a significant difference in securing wins.

Here are some tips for prioritizing weapon purchases:

  • Choose weapons based on your preferred playstyle.
  • Buy armor every round if possible.
  • Avoid purchasing expensive abilities unless they're necessary.

Communicate With Your Team To Coordinate Resource Management Strategies

Communication is key when managing your economy in Valorant. Coordinating with your team can help you develop effective resource management strategies that can secure wins. It's essential to communicate with your team about what each player is buying so that everyone knows what resources are available.

Here are some ways you can communicate effectively with your team:

  • Use voice chat or pings to relay information quickly.
  • Develop a plan before each round starts.
  • Assign roles based on each player's strengths and weaknesses.

Take Advantage of Enemy Mistakes and Capitalize on Their Mismanagement of Resources

One way to dominate your enemies in team fights is by taking advantage of their mistakes and capitalizing on their mismanagement of resources. If you notice that the enemy team is not managing their economy effectively, you can use this to your advantage by playing aggressively or forcing them into eco rounds.

Here are some ways you can capitalize on enemy mistakes:

  • Punish enemies who are out of position.
  • Use abilities to catch enemies off guard.
  • Force the enemy team into eco rounds by winning consecutive rounds.

Becoming a Teamfight Master in Valorant

Teamfights are an integral part of Valorant, and they can be the deciding factor in winning or losing a match. To dominate your enemies in teamfights, you need to have excellent teamwork skills and individual gameplay.

Choose a Agents that Complements Your Team's Composition

Choosing the right agent for your team is crucial during teamfights. Each agent has its unique abilities that can complement or hinder your team's overall strategy. For example, if your team lacks crowd control abilities, choosing a agent like Sova or Cypher can help you gain an advantage over your enemies.

On the other hand, if your team needs more damage output, selecting champions like Jett or Phoenix can help you deal significant damage to enemy players. It is essential to communicate with your teammates before selecting champions and decide which ones will work best together.Agents

Stay Alive as Long as Possible to Deal Consistent Damage

Staying alive during teamfights is vital because it allows you to deal consistent damage to enemy players. If you die early on in the fight, you won't be able to contribute much to the rest of the battle.

To stay alive longer during fights, make sure you position yourself correctly and avoid taking unnecessary risks. Always try to stick with your teammates and use cover effectively.

Furthermore, learning how to peek properly can also help keep you alive longer. Peeking is when you expose yourself briefly while shooting at an enemy player before retreating back into cover quickly.

Prioritize Targets Based on Their Threat Level

During teamfights, it's essential to prioritize targets based on their threat level. If there's an enemy player who poses a significant threat to your team (like someone who deals massive amounts of damage), focus on taking them out first.

On the other hand, if there's an enemy player who isn't as much of a threat, focus on taking them out later. It's crucial to communicate with your teammates and coordinate your attacks to take down enemies effectively.

How to Teamfight as an Assassin

Assassins are champions that specialize in taking out individual targets quickly. During teamfights, assassins should focus on targeting high-priority targets like enemy healers or damage dealers.

It's essential to communicate with your teammates during fights and coordinate your attacks effectively. Assassins should also use their abilities to get in and out of fights quickly while dealing significant damage.

How to Teamfight as an ADC

ADCs (Attack Damage Carries) are champions that specialize in dealing massive amounts of damage from a distance. During teamfights, ADCs should stay behind their tanks and prioritize targets based on their threat level.

It's crucial for ADCs to keep themselves alive during fights so they can deal consistent damage over time. Using abilities like dashes or stuns can help ADCs avoid enemy attacks while still dealing significant damage.

Conclusion: Dominating Your Enemies in Teamfights in Valorant

To dominate your enemies in teamfights in Valorant, you need to master various strategies. Positioning yourself well, utilizing abilities effectively, controlling the map, and managing resources are all important factors that can help you win teamfights. By becoming a teamfight master, you can lead your team to victory.

Remember that successful positioning is key to winning teamfights. Use the terrain and cover to your advantage and stay out of sight until the perfect moment to strike arises. Utilizing abilities effectively can also give you a significant advantage over your opponents. Choose agents with strong map control abilities such as Brimstone or Viper.

Managing your economy is also crucial for securing wins in Valorant. Make sure you're buying weapons and equipment wisely while keeping an eye on your finances.

In summary, mastering these strategies will help you dominate your enemies in teamfights in Valorant. Keep practicing and refining these skills to become a top player.


Q: What are some good agents for map control?

A: Agents like Brimstone and Viper have strong map control abilities that can give you an advantage during teamfights.

Q: How important is positioning during a teamfight?

A: Positioning is crucial during a teamfight as it allows you to take advantage of terrain and cover while staying out of sight until the perfect moment to strike arises.

Q: Why is economy management important in Valorant?

A: Managing your economy is essential for securing wins in Valorant as it ensures that you're buying weapons and equipment wisely while keeping an eye on your finances.

Q: Is it necessary to use abilities during every teamfight?

A: It's not always necessary to use abilities during every teamfight, but utilizing them effectively can give you a significant advantage over your opponents.

Q: How can I become a teamfight master in Valorant?

A: Becoming a teamfight master in Valorant takes practice and refinement of various strategies, including positioning, ability usage, map control, and economy management. Keep practicing these skills to become a top player.

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