How to Reduce Your Ping in Valorant
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How to Reduce Your Ping in Valorant

To lower your ping in Valorant, try the following: 1 - Use wired connections. 2 - Pause downloads and updates. 3 - Try Using VPNs.

Every gamer knows the annoyance of unexpected lag, but with the right tools and strategies, you can outsmart this formidable foe.

Ping is your game's heartbeat. It's the response time determining how fast your game reacts to commands. Imagine a stopwatch timing a relay race, where the race is your command reaching the server and coming back. A faster time? That's low ping, which gives a competitive edge. [Picture: A stopwatch with milliseconds ticking]

Use Wired Connections

Wi-Fi might be the modern age's wonder, but for gaming, the age-old wired connection remains king. With Ethernet, you get stability, speed, and fewer disruptions. When selecting cables, remember: CAT 6 or CAT 7 are like the express lanes on a highway - faster and more efficient.

Monitor Your Internet Speed

Wondering if it's just Valorant or your entire connection that's laggy? Regular speed checks, like those on, serve as diagnostic tools to pinpoint the issue. By consistently monitoring your speed, you can determine if the problem persists solely in the game or if it's a broader connection issue. Moreover, once you've made adjustments to improve your connection, these tests help verify if the remedies have been effective, ensuring you're always game-ready.

Use VPN Softwares

If the game server is a distant star, VPNs are your warp drives. They:

  • Bring You Closer: Even if you're continents apart, VPNs can give the illusion of proximity.
  • For gamers, VPNs like ExitLag, NoPing, and WTFast are designed to reduce lag spikes and optimize performance. [Picture: A spaceship using a warp drive]

Give Valorant High Priority

Your PC juggles many tasks. By setting Valorant to "High Priority" in the Task Manager, you're essentially telling your PC, "This game? It's the main event." This ensures Valorant gets more resources, leading to smoother gameplay.

Pause Downloads and Updates

Imagine sharing a pizza with friends. The more slices others take, the less you get. Active downloads or updates hog your internet's bandwidth. Ensure you pause them, and occasionally check for Windows updates running stealthily in the background.