How You Should Report Players Properly in LoL
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How You Should Report Players Properly in LoL

Learn the correct way to report players in League of Legends, along with understanding reportable and non-reportable behaviors.

When reporting a player in League of Legends, make sure your report is accurate and focused on the specific behaviors that breached the game's code of conduct. Detail the offending behavior with a clear and concise description rather than generic complaints. Remember, a single well-detailed report is sufficient to trigger a system review.

Things You Should Do While Reporting

  • Detail the behavior: Be clear and specific about what the player did wrong. For instance, instead of just saying "Player X ruined the game," explain how—"Player X died at 5 minutes to a gank and then proceeded to run down mid for the rest of the match."
  • Don't false report: False reports or misclassification of violations can actually help guilty players escape punishment, as it may lead the system to categorize the reports as erroneous.
  • Report individually: Each player's report is reviewed based on their own behavior. Don't hesitate to report any player who is breaking the rules, even if others are doing the same.

Things You Should Avoid While Reporting

  • Don't retaliate: Avoid responding to negative players with more negativity. The system reviews every player's behavior individually, regardless of who started it.
  • No threats: Don't threaten or repeatedly tell a player you will report them. It's more likely to increase negativity and could even make you a target for reports.
  • Avoid mass reporting: Do not ask other players to report an offending player. It only takes one report to trigger a review.

What are Reportable Behaviors?

Reportable behaviors include actions that disrupt gameplay or create a negative environment. Examples include:

  • Offensive or insulting language directed at other players.
  • Any form of hate speech, such as homophobia, sexism, racism, and ableism.
  • Intentional disruption of the game, such as griefing, feeding, or purposely sabotaging the team.
  • Leaving the game or going AFK at any point during the match.
  • Using disruptive language or displaying behavior that spoils the game for others.
  • Choosing inappropriate Summoner Names.

What are Not Reportable Behaviors?

While some actions may be frustrating, they do not warrant reporting. These include:

  • Playing poorly but still trying to win.
  • Using strong language that isn't directly insulting or offensive to others.
  • Trying unconventional strategies, choosing unusual champions, or experimenting with new ideas that don’t align with the current “meta”.

What You Should Do If You Forget Reporting

If you forgot to report a player immediately after the game, don't worry. You can report a player from within the game client, provided that you've played with them in any of your last 20 games. Review your Match History from your profile and select the appropriate match to find the player's name and report them.