Incoming League of Legends Champions - Naafiri and Briar!
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Incoming League of Legends Champions - Naafiri and Briar!

Discover the upcoming League of Legends Champions: the Darkin huntress Naafiri, vampire-like Briar, and a mysterious art mage. Stay tuned for more!

It looks like Riot Games has some exciting things in store for us! According to their latest Champion Roadmap, we've got a fascinating line-up of three brand-new champions: Naafiri, Briar, and an as-yet-unnamed mid-lane mage with a distinct affinity for art, similar to Sai from Naruto Shippuden.


Naafiri is a Darkin, an ancient and powerful race in the League of Legends universe. Darkin champions are notorious for their aggressive playstyle and impressive damage potential, and Naafiri is anticipated to follow in this trend.

The most intriguing aspect of Naafiri is her unique swarm or pack mechanic, as suggested by the teaser images released by Riot. This concept adds an innovative dynamic to her character and sets her apart from other champions in the game. The exact details of how this mechanic will work are yet to be unclear, but the community is eagerly waiting.

Naafiri is characterized as a huntress who, upon awakening, has a singular goal: to track down her Darkin brethren. This narrative ties in neatly with her role as an assassin and hints at a possible objective-oriented gameplay style.

Dagger of Naafari

However, the most captivating aspect of Naafiri's character is her multiple bodies. Riot Lexical commented, "Her newfound body... or bodies... seem like a cruel twist of fate at first, but they prove useful for locating her fellow Darkin and as a source of wisdom." This statement strengthens the theory that Naafiri will feature a pack or swarm mechanic, possibly controlling multiple entities or creatures during gameplay.

The concluding statement, "It's always better to hunt in a pack," further reinforces this theory and suggests a wolf or dog-themed character. If this holds true, Naafiri will be the next creature champion to join the League of Legends roster, continuing Riot's tradition of introducing varied and unique champions to the game.

So When Will Naafiri Be Released?

Given that League of Legends usually conducts a substantial summer event around June or July, it is expected that Naafiri will be unveiled before this time frame. As it has been posted on Reddit by Riot Meddler on June 8, 2023

Naafiri is slated to appear on the LoL Public Beta Environment (PBE) server by the end of June. If Riot adheres to the timeline mentioned by Meddler, Naafiri will make his appearance on the live server with either Patch 13.14 or 13.15, indicating a possible release around mid-July or early August


Briar. Believed to be the long-anticipated vampire champion, Briar's ties to the Noxian empire are a major point of speculation.

This speculation stems mainly from Riot August, the Champion Lead for Briar. He's made it clear on multiple occasions his desire to bring a true vampire to Summoner's Rift, distinct from Vladimir's hemomancer persona. With August at the helm, players are optimistic that Briar might fulfill this desire.

The concept of Briar was born during Naafiri's development. As the team felt a hunger-themed kit was better suited for a diver or skirmisher rather than an assassin, the concept was set aside and later picked up for Briar. This resonated with August's interest in a vampire-like creature defined by an uncontrollable hunger.

The Artful Mid-Lane Mage

Another intriguing champion that Riot Games has hinted at is a new mid lane mage wielding the power of art. The concept is reminiscent of Sai from Naruto Shippuden, and the idea has been circulating within Riot's development team for a while.

However, the idea of an art-based champion hasn't always been a straightforward. Previously, the team had contemplated creating a mage that could literally sketch their abilities into existence. While this idea paints a fascinating picture, its implementation presented challenges, which led the team to table it initially.

Whether Riot decides to revisit this innovative concept remains to be seen, details about this art mage are scarce at this point. We will have to wait for more information to understand exactly how this art-powered champion will manifest in the game

Visual Update for Jax

In addition to the introduction of new champions, Riot Games has formally declared a visual update on the Road Map for the character Jax.

These are all the details available so far about the forthcoming League of Legends champions and updates. For additional information, including detailed abilities and introductory videos, fans can check the Champion Roadmap on the official League of Legends website. The arrival of these new champions, along with the updates, heralds an exciting time for players, offering fresh gameplay mechanics and strategies that players will be eager to explore and master.