Is League of Legends Dying? The Truth Revealed
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Is League of Legends Dying? The Truth Revealed

Is League of Legends losing players and relevance? We explore the game's current state and the factors contributing to its perceived decline.

Is League of Legends Dying?

Is League of Legends dying? Recently, this question has been on a lot of players' minds. However, lovers of LoL don't need to fear. League is here to stay!

The origin of League of Legends

In 2009, Riot Games developed and published League of Legends – also referred to as League or LoL – as an online, multiplayer battle arena video game.

Since its release, the game has gotten extremely popular. Even ten years later – a timeframe during which many games become outdated or forgotten – League is still going strong. New players, new maps and tournaments ensure that players keep coming back.

League gained popularity very quickly and continues to connect players around the globe. Nowadays, it is one of the biggest esports platforms.

Why people think League is dying

Recently, there has been a lot of negativity surrounding League. While there has always been a certain level of toxicity between players, it seems to have increased in the last few years.

Competitive games often encourage toxic communities. League is no different, and many older players have voiced displeasure at the increasing number of insults, threats and personal attacks that have become the norm while playing.

Another reason people think that LoL is dead or might soon die, is the number of similar new games that have been released in the last decade. This has naturally created some competition; however, it looks like gamers still keep coming back to League.

Boosters as a game saver

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League's popularity

Statistics show that the number of regular LoL players is increasing. Riot Games constantly releases small (and big) updates - be it a new map, a new tournament or a famous champion getting a buff - to keep the game alive and interesting. They make an active effort to keep their customers engaged.

There are over 150 million League players; the game attracts an average of 12 million high-ranking gamers per day. A considerable amount of money is spent on marketing and esports as well; thus, inviting ever more players to try their luck.

League and esports

The size and popularity of LoL’s esports scene only add to the growing fan base. Competing in the League of Legends World Championship is every gamer’s dream. But the general tournaments and different leagues to qualify attract just as many fans.

Of course, the primary goal is to win the prize money, but many high-ranking players also simply enjoy the thrill of fans showing up in large groups to watch them play. It is a social event where gamers get a chance to connect, network and bond over their love of the game.

League’s big presence on twitch and the esports scene in general are constant reminders that the game is here to stay.

LoL is not dying!

There are many reasons why League is not dead yet and won't die anytime soon. 

  • Free of charge: There is a huge demand for free entertainment – in particular, free games that are of decent quality.
  • Continuous updates: LoL constantly releases updates to keep things fresh and interesting for the players. Even a decade after its original release, it still feels like the game is constantly evolving. This is likely due to all the extra game modes, events, competitions and esports.
  • Multiplayer competitive game: Gamers like a good challenge. Playing a competitive game against other skilled gamers adds a thrill-level that is often missing in short-lived games.
  • Unpredictability: Due to the sheer number of different players and characters, you will never play the same game twice. The multiplayer aspect of League ensures that games remain interesting and unpredictable.
  • Low-end system requirements: Other games often require special hardware or complex tech work. League is the exception. It has surprisingly low system requirements for the quality it offers.
  • Accessibility: Due to its low-end system requirements, as well as the fact that the game is free, League is accessible to almost any player around the world.
  • Challenging gameplay: League involves strategy and isn't easy to master, which makes it such a popular competitive game.

Why is League so addictive?

  • Active online community: Chances are that your friends play League as well. Or maybe other gamers you regularly play with have become part of your real-life social circle. Either way, League allows you to do something fun with your peers while also challenging your brain as you come up with great strategies together.
  • Competition: You win some; you lose some. Since LoL is so competitive, gamers keep coming back for more. More wins, more prestige, more rewards. It is a never-ending cycle.
  • Regular updates: Whether it is just a new skin, your favorite character getting a rework, or a new map, mini updates lure players back over and over again. They keep things interesting.
  • Quick to download: You might decide that you want to stop playing, but the moment you have a little too much time on your hands, you download the game again – it is so quick and free after all.
  • How much money do the qualifying teams receive for competing in the League of Legends World Championships?
  • The last four years, the total prize money has consistently been exactly $2,225,000. In 2022, a total of 24 teams competed, with the winning team receiving $486,500 (22%) of the prize money.
  • Why are ‘LoL dead’ and ‘LoL dying’ such big parts of the discourse surrounding League?
  • The main reason is paranoia. Regular gamers have invested so much time and energy into the game, while sponsors have spent enormous amounts of money on tournaments. It is only natural that the large fan base wants to make sure their investments weren't in vain.
  • Will Riot Games’ newer games, like VALORANT, cause League to die?
  • No. While newer games have attracted some of League’s community, the number of gamers who play League continues to grow. The loss of players is not nearly significant enough to negatively impact League’s popularity.