Jhin Build Guides - LoL Strategy Builds, Runes and Items
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Jhin Build Guides - LoL Strategy Builds, Runes and Items

Dominate the game with our expertly crafted Jhin build guide featuring the highest win rates, runes, items, and counters. Get ahead of the competition now!

Jhin is a popular marksman champion in League of Legends that can deal massive damage to enemies with his critical strikes and attack damage. Building Jhin requires careful consideration of items that can enhance his abilities and maximize his damage output. In this post, we will explore the most common Jhin build and provide insights on how to master it.

Core Items for Jhin Build

Infinity Edge and Rapid Firecannon are two of the core items for Jhin build. These items provide Jhin with increased critical strike chance, which is essential for his playstyle. Infinity Edge amplifies Jhin's fourth shot damage while Rapid Firecannon extends his range and provides additional burst.

Jhin's ammo mechanic synergizes well with these items as he benefits greatly from high damage and burst potential. With Infinity Edge, Jhin's critical strikes deal 225% damage instead of the usual 200%. This amplification significantly increases his damage output, especially when combined with his fourth shot.

Rapid Firecannon also plays a crucial role in Jhin's kit by extending his range to 700 units, allowing him to poke enemies from afar. Additionally, it provides him with additional burst damage by charging up a shot that deals bonus magic damage on hit.

While these two items are essential for Jhin's build, other situational items can also be considered based on the situation. Bloodthirster is an excellent item for sustain as it provides lifesteal and a shield upon overhealing. Guardian Angel offers a second chance at life by reviving the user upon death while Lord Dominik's Regards is great against tanky opponents as it increases armor penetration.

It is important to note that building too many attack speed or crit chance items may not be optimal for Jhin as he relies heavily on his ammo mechanic to deal significant amounts of damage. Therefore, it is recommended to balance out your build with some AD or lethality items such as Duskblade of Draktharr or Youmuu's Ghostblade.

Situational Items to Enhance Jhin's Performance

Jhin is a powerful marksman in League of Legends, known for his ability to deal massive physical damage from a safe distance. However, like any champion, Jhin's performance can be enhanced by the right items. In this section, we'll discuss situational items that can help boost Jhin's damage output and survivability.

Dancing Grenade: Critical Strike Chance and Attack Speed

One of Jhin's most potent abilities is Dancing Grenade, which bounces between enemies and deals increasing damage with each hit. To maximize the effectiveness of this ability, it's essential to build items that increase critical strike chance and attack speed.

Items such as Infinity Edge and Essence Reaver are excellent choices for boosting critical strike chance. They also provide bonus attack damage, which synergizes well with Dancing Grenade's scaling damage.

For attack speed, Rapid Firecannon and Phantom Dancer are great options. Rapid Firecannon increases Jhin's range and provides bonus critical strike chance on the first shot after moving or attacking an enemy champion. Phantom Dancer grants bonus movement speed when near enemies and reduces incoming damage from the last enemy champion hit.

Team Composition: Guardian Angel and Mercurial Scimitar

When choosing situational items for Jhin, it's crucial to consider your team composition. If your team lacks crowd control or frontline tanks, you may need to build items that provide additional survivability.

Guardian Angel is an excellent choice for Jhin in these situations. It provides both armor and magic resistance while also reviving him upon death with a percentage of his health restored. This can give your team time to regroup or allow you to escape dangerous situations.

Mercurial Scimitar is another item that can provide valuable crowd control protection. It grants bonus attack damage, lifesteal, and critical strike chance while also providing a cleanse effect that removes all crowd control debuffs. This can be a lifesaver in team fights where Jhin is vulnerable to being locked down and killed.

Enemy Team Composition: Mortal Reminder

In addition to considering your own team composition, it's also important to take into account the enemy team's composition and itemization.

if the enemy team has champions with high healing capabilities such as Soraka or Dr. Mundo, building items that apply Grievous Wounds can help reduce their effectiveness.

Mortal Reminder is a great item for Jhin in these situations. It provides bonus attack damage and critical strike chance while also applying Grievous Wounds on enemies hit by basic attacks or abilities. This can significantly reduce the healing received by enemy champions and make them easier to take down.

Factors to Consider in Choosing Jhin's Runes

Precision Tree: The Most Popular Choice for Jhin's Primary Runes

There are several factors to consider. One of the most important decisions is which primary tree to select. While there are a few viable options, the Precision tree is by far the most popular choice due to its synergy with Jhin's kit.

The keystone rune that most players opt for in this tree is Fleet Footwork. This rune provides both sustain and mobility in team fights, making it an excellent choice for Jhin who needs to stay alive while dealing damage from afar. The bonus movement speed granted by Fleet Footwork also helps Jhin kite enemy champions and avoid getting caught out of position.

In addition to Fleet Footwork, there are several other strong options within the Precision tree that can complement Jhin's playstyle. Presence of Mind is a good choice for Jhin to use along with Fleet Footwork and other options in the Precision tree.

Secondary Runes: Inspiration and Sorcery Trees Offer Strong Options

While the Precision tree is typically chosen for primary runes, there are several secondary trees that can work well with Jhin depending on your playstyle and the enemy team composition. Two popular choices are Inspiration and Sorcery.

Within the Inspiration tree, There are some runes that can help Jhin with his movement speed and survivability, such as Magical Footwear and Biscuit Delivery. These runes can make Jhin move faster for free, which helps him get stronger longer in the game.

Sorcery offers some unique options as well such as Absolute Focus which grants bonus attack damage when at high health or Gathering Storm which grants increasing amounts of adaptive force over time.

Consider Enemy Team Composition When Choosing Runes

It's important to keep in mind that not every game will require the same rune setup for Jhin. One key factor to consider is the enemy team composition. If they have a lot of burst damage or AP champions, Nullifying Orb can be a lifesaver by providing a shield when taking magic damage.

Similarly, if the enemy team has a lot of all-in potential, Bone Plating can help mitigate some of that damage and keep Jhin alive longer in fights.

Experiment with Different Rune Combinations

Ultimately, the best way to find success with Jhin's runes is to experiment with different combinations and adapt to the game situation. While there are some tried-and-true setups that work well for most situations, it's important to remain flexible and adjust your runes based on the specific challenges presented by each game.

Jhin's counters on bot lane

Jhin is a popular pick in the bot lane due to his unique kit and playstyle. However, like any champion, Jhin has his weaknesses and can be countered by certain champions. In this section, we will discuss Jhin's counters on the bot lane and how to effectively deal with them.

Struggles Against High Mobility Champions

Jhin needs to get up close to his enemies to deal damage, but champions like Caitlyn can hit him from far away, making it difficult for Jhin to fight them.

To counter this weakness, Jhin players should focus on positioning themselves well during laning phase. They should try to stay behind their minions while farming and avoid getting too close to enemy champions unless they have support from their own team.

Vulnerable to All-In Attacks

Another weakness of Jhin is that he is vulnerable to all-in attacks from enemy supports such as Leona or Thresh who can lock him down and deal a lot of damage. These champions have abilities that allow them to quickly engage onto Jhin and prevent him from escaping.

To counter this weakness, Jhin players should communicate well with their own support and make sure they are always aware of potential threats in the lane. They should also consider building defensive items such as Guardian Angel or Zhonya's Hourglass if they are struggling against all-in compositions.

Long Reload Time for 4th Shot

The 4th shot in Jhin's kit deals a lot of damage but has a long reload time, making it important for enemies to keep track of when he has it available. This means that enemies can take advantage of this long reload time by engaging onto Jhin when he does not have his 4th shot available.

To counter this weakness, Jhin players should try to keep track of their own reload times and communicate with their team when they have their 4th shot available. They should also be aware of enemy champions who may try to engage onto them during this time and position themselves accordingly.

Struggles Against Longer Ranged Champions

Jhin's range is one of his biggest strengths, but he can struggle against champions with longer ranges such as Caitlyn or Ashe. These champions can poke Jhin from a safe distance and make it difficult for him to farm or engage effectively.

To counter this weakness, Jhin players should focus on positioning themselves well during laning phase and take advantage of opportunities to engage onto these champions when they are out of position. They should also consider building items such as Rapid Firecannon or Stormrazor to increase their own range and mobility.

Tricks and Tips for Mastering Jhin's Gameplay

Utilize Jhin's Traps to Control the Battlefield and Catch Enemies off Guard

Jhin is a unique champion in League of Legends, with his traps being one of his most powerful abilities. These traps can be used to control the battlefield and catch enemies off guard. To maximize their effectiveness, it's essential to understand how they work.

Firstly, Jhin's traps are activated when an enemy steps on them, revealing them for a brief moment before rooting them in place. This root effect lasts for 1.5 seconds, which is enough time for Jhin or his teammates to follow up with additional damage.

One way to use these traps effectively is by placing them in high-traffic areas where enemies are likely to walk through. For example, you can place them near objectives such as Dragon or Baron Nashor to catch enemies who are trying to take them down.

Another strategy is to use your traps defensively by placing them around your team's position during a siege. This will make it difficult for the enemy team to engage on you without first triggering the trap and becoming rooted in place.

Mastering Jhin's Gameplay Requires a Deep Understanding of the Game's Mechanics and Strategy

To become proficient at playing Jhin, it's crucial to have a deep understanding of the game mechanics and strategy. Knowing how each ability works and interacts with other champions is essential for maximizing your potential as a player.

For example, Jhin's passive ability grants him bonus attack damage based on his critical strike chance. This means that building items like Infinity Edge or Essence Reaver will provide significant benefits compared to other items that don't offer critical strike chance.

Additionally, understanding how different champions interact with each other is vital when playing as Jhin. For instance, champions with gap-closing abilities like Yasuo or Zed can quickly close the distance between themselves and Jhin if he isn't positioned correctly.

Knowing When to Engage and Disengage with Jhin is Crucial to Maximizing His Potential as a Champion

Jhin's unique playstyle requires careful consideration of when to engage and disengage from fights. As a high-risk, high-reward champion, he can deal massive amounts of damage but is also vulnerable if caught out of position.

One way to maximize Jhin's potential is by using his fourth shot ability to poke at enemies from a distance before engaging in a fight. This ability deals extra damage based on the enemy's missing health, making it an excellent tool for finishing off low-health targets.

However, it's essential to be aware of your positioning when playing as Jhin. If you're too far forward, you risk being caught out by enemy champions with gap-closing abilities. Conversely, if you're too far back, you may not be able to deal enough damage during team fights.

Jhin's Ultimate Ability Can Be Used to Secure Kills from Afar or to Zone Enemies Away from Objectives

Jhin's ultimate ability is one of the most potent tools in his kit. It allows him to fire four shots at long range that deal significant damage and slow enemies hit by them.

One way to use this ability effectively is by using it to secure kills on low-health enemies who are attempting to escape. The slow effect makes it difficult for them to get away while allowing Jhin or his teammates to finish them off.

Another strategy is using Jhin's ultimate ability defensively by zoning enemies away from objectives like towers or inhibitors. By firing shots around these objectives, you can make it difficult for the enemy team to engage without taking significant damage.

Practice Makes Perfect When It Comes To Mastering Jhin's Unique Playstyle and Abilities

As with any champion in League of Legends, practice makes perfect when it comes to mastering Jhin's unique playstyle and abilities. Spending time learning how each ability works and experimenting with different builds will help you become a more effective Jhin player.

One way to practice playing as Jhin is by using him in bot games or normal games to get a feel for his abilities and playstyle. Additionally, watching high-level players stream or play Jhin in professional matches can provide valuable insights into how to play him effectively.

Final Thoughts and Key Takeaways on Jhin Build

In conclusion, mastering Jhin build requires a deep understanding of the champion's strengths and weaknesses. Building the right items can make all the difference in your performance on the Rift.

Infinity Edge is a must-have for maximizing Jhin's damage output. Rapid Firecannon and Essence Reaver are also strong choices for their added utility and mana regeneration, respectively.

However, situational items can be just as important in enhancing Jhin's performance. Consider building Guardian Angel or Mercurial Scimitar if you're facing heavy crowd control or burst damage from enemy champions.

Choosing the right runes is another crucial factor in optimizing Jhin's potential. Fleet Footwork is a popular choice for its sustain and mobility, but Dark Harvest can also be effective in certain matchups.

It's important to keep in mind Jhin's counters on bot lane as well. Champions like Caitlyn and Ezreal can pose significant threats to Jhin with their long-range poke and mobility.

Finally, mastering Jhin's gameplay requires practice and patience. Utilize his passive abilities effectively to maximize his damage output, and always be aware of your positioning in team fights.

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