League of Legends Arena Ranked System
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League of Legends Arena Ranked System

LoL's The Arena Ranked System categorizes players with GR points: Wood (0-1399), Bronze (1400-2599), Silver (2600-3199), Gold (3200-3799), and Gladiator (3800+).

The Arena’s competitive framework, based on a 2v2v2v2 model, provides an unmatched strategic gaming environment. Eight players plunge into a fast-paced contest, demanding nimble thinking and adaptability. Here, alliances are fleeting, and the power dynamics are ever-changing. It’s in this thrilling environment that players need to strategize, compete, and survive as the agile Soul Fighters.

The Arena Ranked System: GR Points and Tiers

The crux of The Arena mode lies in its Glory Rank (GR) system. GR points determine players' ranks, with each match providing opportunities to ascend or descend in the ranking. The system encourages players to not only secure victories but also strive for survival.

Upon entering The Arena, players battle for the first or second position, which earns them GR points and pushes them further up the ranks. However, the journey is not always upwards; finishing third or fourth costs players their hard-earned GR points. This dynamic setup fosters a high-stakes competitive atmosphere where every battle matters and the margin for error is slim.

The tiers in the Glory Rank system are clear-cut:

  • Wood: 0–1399 GR
  • Bronze: 1400–2599 GR
  • Silver: 2600–3199 GR
  • Gold: 3200–3799 GR
  • Gladiator: 3800+ GR

Every player begins their journey in the Wood tier. The quest to ascend the ranks and achieve the esteemed Gladiator status is a grueling but exhilarating test of skill, teamwork, and strategy. and surviving longer than their opponents. The journey to the Gladiator tier is an exciting challenge, pushing the limits of individual skills and teamwork.