League of Legends Bounty System
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League of Legends Bounty System

In LoL, the bounty system rewards extra gold for halting an opponent's kill streak. As kills rise without death, bounties grow. As kills rise without death, bounties grow.

The bounty system connects how well you play to in-game money. This makes playing the game risky but fun. If you stop a top player, you get big rewards. But if you're the top player, others will try to stop you for their reward. It makes the game more exciting and makes you think about your moves.

Bounties for Kill Streaks:

  • 8+ Kills: When a player achieves 8 or more consecutive kills, the visible bounty on them is capped at 1000 gold. However, internally, the game tracks additional gold for each kill beyond the 7th, accruing an extra 100 gold for each such kill. For instance, if a player has 10 kills, their visible bounty to enemies remains 1000 gold, but they have a hidden surplus of 300 gold. Upon their death, they would grant the enemy 1000 gold, but their reset bounty would start at 600 gold due to the accumulated surplus.
  • 7 Kills: 1000 gold.
  • 6 Kills: 900 gold.
  • 5 Kills: 800 gold.
  • 4 Kills: 700 gold.
  • 3 Kills: 600 gold.
  • 2 Kills: 450 gold.
  • 1 Kill: 300 gold.
  • 0 Kills: Players with no kills maintain a bounty of 300 gold, as this represents the base value.

Bounties for Death Streaks:

  • 0 Deaths: An opponent who defeats a player with no deaths earns a bounty of 300 gold.
  • 1 Death: After one death, the player's bounty might decrease slightly, to 274 gold.
  • 2 Deaths: The bounty decreases further to 220 gold.
  • 3 Deaths: 176 gold.
  • 4 Deaths: 140 gold.
  • 5 Deaths: 112 gold.
  • 6+ Deaths: With six or more consistent deaths, the bounty reduces to its minimum, around 100 gold.

In all these cases, assisting in killing the player, irrespective of their kill or death streak, grants a standard bonus of 150 gold. However, this assist bounty diminishes proportionally when the main bounty is reduced due to consistent deaths.

More About Bounties:

  • Minion Gold's Impact: Your bounty can rise based on the gold you earn from killing minions. Earn much more than the opponent, and your bounty increases.
  • Resetting Bounties: Achieving a kill after a series of defeats, or defeating a top player, resets the bounty to a base of 300 gold.
  • Bounty Limit: The max gold for a single kill is capped at 1000.
  • Death Consequences: Consistent defeats result in a slower bounty increase.
  • Team's Overall Performance: If your team trails, your team's bounties are reduced, possibly between 20% and 80%.
  • Bounty Stability: During major battles, bounties don't change.
  • Visibility: Bounties can be seen on the scoreboard, but only if they're 450 gold or more.

Objective-based Bounties:

When there's a significant gap between team performances, the game introduces special bounties. These are highlighted with gold outlines on the mini-map and a money bag icon.

Their values are:

  • Major creatures (Baron, Dragons & Rift Herald): 500 Gold
  • Outer defense towers: 250 Gold
  • Inner and central towers: 400 Gold

For teams having a tough game, these values can increase by up to 60%. Players can check these values in-game using the 'tab' button.