League of Legends Unranked Accounts
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League of Legends Unranked Accounts

Learn everything about you should know about LoL Unranked accounts in this blog article!

League unranked smurf accounts

Nowadays, it is becoming quite common for League players to have more than one account.

Are you interested in getting an unranked account, but not sure how it all works?

Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about LoL smurf accounts!

What is smurfing or a smurf account?

Smurfing is when you create more than one account to game with. Your second account, a.k.a. your LoL smurf account, can either be a ranked or an unranked account.

What is the difference?

In League, ranked accounts have elo whereas unranked ones do not. In other words, if you play with a ranked account you are matched with other players whose elo is similar to yours – if you win a game you get elo; if you lose a game you lose elo.

If your LoL smurf account is at a lower level than your main League account, it is likely unranked.

Why do people create unranked accounts?

League can get very competitive and for many regular players the pressure to perform well on their main account can be draining. As a result, playing League is no longer relaxing for them.

The solution? Create a second, unranked account to play stress-free and without the worry that a bad game might mess up your ranking!

Of course, there are also players who abuse LoL smurf accounts. Typically, these gamers enjoy playing lower-ranked players in League simply because they can easily beat them. They also tend to play very aggressively and frustrate lower-ranked players who are trying to up their ranking.

What are the benefits of unranked accounts?

Playing with an unranked account has a lot of benefits:

No pressure: Occasionally, you might just want to play League for fun. Playing with an unranked account removes the constant pressure to perform well and allows you to enjoy a few relaxing games.

Practice: Playing double the number of games will help you figure out your own strengths and weaknesses without ruining your ranking.

Improved skills: Playing against other gamers, a new champion or new builds give you the opportunity to take more risks and learn new skills without worrying that you might ruin your perfect ranking. Branch out and pick a different role!

No restrictions: Online gaming is often used as a way to spend time with your friends. In League, getting to play a game with your buddies can be difficult due to ranking restrictions. Having an unranked account means that friends of all skill-levels can play together without any negative consequences.

Coaching: Having a smurf account is great for coaching other players – or for being coached – as it allows both players to ease into the game.

Boosters: Having more than one account allows you to keep playing League while a booster raises the elo on your main account.

Are LoL smurf accounts legal?

Riot Games, the developers of League of Legends, gave the following statements about smurf accounts:

They do not endorse it because “it can ruin the game for other players.”

In most cases, they “won’t proactively remove smurfs from the game”, since smurfing is difficult to monitor.

However, if you are caught smurfing, they will “take direct action” and ban the account, and in some cases, also your main account.

In other words, as long as you play respectfully and not too competitively against lower-ranking players, having an unranked account is perfectly fine.

However, buying a League smurf account can be risky. While Riot Games might not actively be looking to ban smurfs, sharing accounts and using third-party software to create accounts is still illegal. If an unranked account you buy is botted and created en masse with scripting programs, it will likely be flagged by Riot Games’ bot detection system. This can result in the account getting banned and you losing money.


1. Where does the term ‘smurfing’ come from?

The term dates back to the 1990s. Two high-ranking players in Warcraft 2 struggled to find opponents. They created new accounts called ‘Papa Smurf’ and ‘Smurfette’ to get other players to play them, thus coining the term.

2. What does the gaming community think of smurfs?

Opinions on the matter differ. Some gamers do not mind smurfs, and even enjoy the challenge of playing against them, while other players find them extremely annoying.

3. How do I get a smurf account?

You can either create one and start from the beginning, or you can buy an existing account. There are accounts available for purchase at all levels.