Mastering the Economy System in TFT: Tips and Strategies
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Mastering the Economy System in TFT: Tips and Strategies

Learn how to effectively manage your gold and income to gain a strategic advantage in Teamfight Tactics. Maximize your economy and climb the ranks.

How to Master the Economy System in Teamfight Tactics

Teamfight Tactics (TFT) is a prevalent online multiplayer game that requires critical thinking and decision-making abilities. One of the primary factors in this game is the economy system, which enables players to purchase and trade units, enhance their team's level, and accumulate more gold. Gaining mastery over this system is highly advantageous, and this composition will provide you with some tips to achieve that feat.

Grasping the Fundamentals of the Economy System

Before delving into the specifics of mastering this game's economy system, it is imperative to have a basic understanding of its mechanics. The system primarily centers around gold, which plays a significant role in purchasing units and leveling up your team. Some methods of obtaining gold include:

Interest: An additional gold piece is earned for every ten pieces of gold you have at the end of each round, capped at five gold.

Winning Streaks: Winning consecutive rounds will earn bonus gold.

Losing Streaks: Losing consecutive rounds will earn bonus gold.

Unit Selling: Selling any unwanted units will earn extra gold.

Advanced TFT Economy Strategies

Now that the fundamentals of the TFT economy system are understood, let us explore some advanced strategies that can aid in mastering it and increase the chances of winning.

  • Streaking: involves winning consecutive rounds without losing. Every round won earns a gold bonus, and the bonus increases the longer the winning streak lasts. Streaking can be an efficacious way to swiftly accumulate gold and surge ahead of your opponents.
  • Leveling: Up expands the number of units that can be placed on the board, and it also enhances the chances of discovering higher-ranked units. Nevertheless, leveling up is expensive and can rapidly deplete your gold reserves. Therefore, strategic leveling up should be the goal.
  • Hyper-Rolling: is a high-risk, high-reward strategy that involves continually re-rolling in the early game to find high-ranked units. This strategy can be fruitful if the required units are obtained.

Unit Synergy

Unit synergy refers to the interaction between units on the board in TFT, units with the same origin and class share a synergy that can provide bonuses. These bonuses can be critical in helping you win rounds. Here are some essential unit synergy strategies:

Planning Your Team Composition

When planning your team composition, choose units that complement each other's abilities and skills to achieve a well-balanced team. Select frontline units that can absorb damage and backline units that can provide it to increase your chances of success. Moreover, consider the enemy's team composition and select units that can counter it. A detailed plan is the key to dominating the battlefield!


Being flexible with your team composition involves a willingness to adapt and switch units based on the situation. If facing magic damage, consider switching to units with magic resist to counter your opponent's attacks effectively. Remember, a flexible team is a winning team!

  • What is interest in TFT?
  • Interest is a gold bonus that players earn for saving up to 50 gold. Players earn five gold per round for every ten gold they have saved.
  • What is streaking in TFT?
  • Streaking refers to winning consecutive rounds without losing. Players earn a gold bonus for each round they win, and the bonus increases the longer their winning streak.
  • How can I plan my team composition in TFT?
  • Planning your team composition involves selecting units that share a synergy that complements each other. You should aim to have a balance between frontline and backline units and select units that can counter your opponent's team composition.