Meet DeadLock, The Latest Sentinel Agent
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Meet DeadLock, The Latest Sentinel Agent

The new sentinel agent Deadlock will be on the battlefield at June 27th.

DeadLock, the new Sentinel agent from Norway that Riot Games has carefully crafted for their avid fans. Every one of her unique abilities has been intricately designed to slow down or trap opponents on the battlefield. This approach to her skill set makes DeadLock a formidable agent against lineups aiming to employ speedy offence, promising a fascinating shift in the game dynamics.

Deadlock's Abilities

DeadLock's GravNet (C) sets the tone for her strategic gameplay. The grenade explodes upon impact, forcing adversaries caught within its blast radius into a crouch position, thereby restricting their movement. This unique ability, showcased here, is a game-changer, making foes easy targets.

Sonic Sensor (Q), another of DeadLock's strategic tools, is capable of monitoring an area for significant sounds. Footsteps, weapon discharge, or any noticeable noise triggers a concussive effect, further limiting opponents' mobility. The Sonic Sensor is shown in action here, displaying its potential in revealing enemies and controlling territories.

DeadLock's Barrier Mesh (E) is an innovative defensive ability that effectively blocks both agent movement and abilities. Launched from a disc, it generates barriers from its starting point, hindering opponents and their skills, such as Gekko’s Wingman. The Barrier Mesh, fortifies DeadLock's defensive role in the game.

Her ultimate ability, Annihilation (X), offers an exciting blend of offence and defence. It propels a pulse of nanowires that entrap the first enemy agent they encounter. The trapped agent is then pulled along a predetermined path, facing elimination if they reach the end without rescue. However, the nanowire cocoon isn't invincible; concentrated firepower can destroy it.

Contrary to earlier speculations from sneak peek trailers, DeadLock will not feature the much-anticipated 'bear ability'. Nonetheless, her range of dynamic abilities more than makes up for this absence.