Naafiri, Upcoming LoL Champion, Gets Pre-13.14 Patch Ability Revamp
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Naafiri, Upcoming LoL Champion, Gets Pre-13.14 Patch Ability Revamp

Riot Games introduces balance changes for Naafiri, the soon-to-be League of Legends Champion, adjusting her abilities ahead of the 13.14 Patch release.

The team of developers at Riot Games has made some alterations to the upcoming League of Legends champion Naafiri's abilities on PBE servers for the forthcoming 13.14 patch. A comprehensive summary of the adjustments was shared on RiotRaptorr's Twitter profile.

Based on the initial evaluation, the balancing team tweaked some of the animations, increased Naafiri's mana pool, and revised her passive, E and Q abilities, thereby diminishing her waveclear capacity. Her waveclear is quite a bit above where we would like it to be. She's currently one-shotting casters almost by level 5. We want her farm and waveclear to be effective, and think it will be even with these nerfs. This also gives us a new tuning lever to adjust waveclear without hurting her PvP poke, which we think is in a good spot. -Raptorr

Naafiri skill changes for PBE servers (Patch 13.14)

Base changes

  • Homeguard/Sprint animation adjusted
  • Base mana: 350 >> 400
  • Attack windup: 0.198s >> 0.25s

(P) We Are More

  • Cooldown: 30s-15s based on level >> 25s-10s based on level
  • Cooldown refund for minion kills from 0.5s >> 1s
  • Bugfix: Packmates now properly attack Viego's auto-attack targets when he transforms back into Viego.

(Q) Darkin Daggers

  • NEW: Deals 70% damage to minions.
  • Flashing during cast time will now cause the Q to spawn from the new location

(E) Eviscerate

  • No longer will teleport packmates that are mid W.
  • Bugfix: No longer stacks Tear when not hitting an enemy.

Riot Games has officially scheduled her debut for Patch 13.14. Players can test Naafiri on June 28th when she arrives on the PBE, with her official launch set for July 19th.