Neeko Build Guide - Highest Winrate Runes, Items, Strategies
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Neeko Build Guide - Highest Winrate Runes, Items, Strategies

Looking to dominate with Neeko Build? Our guide covers the highest winrate runes, items, and strategies to help you succeed in LoL.

Are you tired of playing the same old champions in League of Legends? Do you want to dominate the mid-lane with a unique and versatile champion? Look no further than Neeko, the shape-shifting chameleon. But what is Neeko Middle Build, and why should you master it for mid-lane domination?

Neeko Middle Build is a specific itemization and skill path for Neeko that maximizes her potential as a mid-lane mage. With its focus on burst damage and mobility, this build allows Neeko players to outplay their opponents with ease. And with her recent rise in popularity among professional players, mastering this build has become more important than ever.

But before we dive into the specifics of Neeko Middle Build, let's take a brief look at the history and popularity of this champion in League of Legends. From her release in 2018 to her current status as a top-tier pick, Neeko has captured the hearts (and LP) of countless players worldwide.

So buckle up and get ready to unleash your inner chameleon on the Rift!

Neeko Build Guide

Understanding Neeko's Strengths and Weaknesses

Neeko's Abilities and Playstyle

Neeko is a versatile mid-lane champion with unique abilities that allow her to deceive enemies, escape danger, and deal significant damage. Her passive ability, "Inherent Glamour," allows her to take on the appearance of an allied champion, making it difficult for enemies to identify her. Her Q ability, "Blooming Burst," deals area-of-effect damage while also marking the first enemy hit. If Neeko hits a marked enemy with another ability or basic attack, they will take additional damage.

Her W ability, "Shapesplitter," provides her with both movement speed and a shield that scales with AP (ability power). This makes it easier for her to escape ganks or engage in fights without taking too much damage. Her E ability, "Tangle-Barbs," roots the first enemy hit and deals magic damage. Finally, her ultimate ability, "Pop Blossom," causes Neeko to become invisible before dealing significant area-of-effect magic damage.

Neeko's playstyle revolves around deception and misdirection. She can use her passive to trick enemies into thinking she is someone else on the team or even an ally minion. This makes it difficult for opponents to predict where she will be or what she will do next.Neeko's Abilities

Leveraging Neeko's Strengths

One of Neeko's biggest strengths is her versatility in both team fights and solo engagements. She can easily dish out significant damage while also providing utility through crowd control effects like rooting enemies with Tangle-Barbs or stunning them with Pop Blossom.

To leverage these strengths effectively as a player using Neeko build:

  • Use Blooming Burst to poke at enemies from range before engaging.
  • Use Shapesplitter when engaging or escaping fights.
  • Use Tangle-Barbs to root enemies and set up kills for yourself or your team.
  • Use Pop Blossom to deal significant area-of-effect damage in team fights.

Another strength of Neeko is her ability to deceive enemies with her passive. This can be especially useful when roaming or attempting to gank other lanes. By disguising herself as an ally champion, she can move around the map undetected and catch opponents off guard.

Mitigating Neeko's Weaknesses

Neeko's weaknesses primarily stem from her relatively low mobility and squishiness. She has no built-in dashes or blinks, which makes it difficult for her to escape ganks or engage in fights without taking too much damage. She is very reliant on landing skill shots like Blooming Burst and Tangle-Barbs to deal damage effectively.

To mitigate these weaknesses:

  • Position yourself carefully during fights to avoid enemy crowd control effects.
  • Use Shapesplitter defensively when necessary.
  • Practice landing skill shots consistently in order to maximize your damage output.

Neeko Build and Runes

Best Runes for Neeko Middle Build

Neeko is a versatile champion in League of Legends, capable of playing multiple roles. One popular role for her is the middle lane, where she can deal significant damage while also providing utility to her team.

Overview of the Rune System in League of Legends

Runes are an essential part of gameplay in League of Legends, providing players with additional stats and abilities that complement their champion's playstyle. There are five rune trees: Precision, Domination, Sorcery, Resolve, and Inspiration. Each tree has a primary and secondary set of runes that players can choose from.

Explanation of Primary and Secondary Runes for Neeko

For Neeko's middle build, the primary rune tree should be Sorcery, while the secondary tree should be Domination.

Primary Runes: Sorcery

  • Summon Aery: This rune enhances Neeko's poke damage by sending out an orb that deals extra damage to enemies.
  • Manaflow Band: This rune provides increased mana regeneration during laning phase.
  • Transcendence: This rune increases CDR (cooldown reduction) cap and grants bonus AP (ability power).
  • Scorch: This rune adds extra magic damage to enemies hit by ability power spells.runes

Secondary Runes: Domination

  • Cheap Shot: This rune allows Neeko to deal bonus true damage when hitting an enemy with immobilizing effects.
  • Eyeball Collection: This rune provides bonus adaptive force per takedown.
  • Ultimate Hunter: This rune reduces ultimate ability cooldowns after each takedown.runes

Detailed Analysis on Why These Runes Are Optimal for Her Playstyle

The primary runes enhance Neeko's poke potential during laning phase while also granting additional AP through Transcendence. Summon Aery and Scorch synergize well with Neeko's abilities, allowing her to deal significant damage from a distance.

The secondary runes provide additional damage through Cheap Shot and Eyeball Collection, while Ultimate Hunter reduces the cooldown of Neeko's ultimate ability, which can be a game-changer in team fights.

Alternative Rune Options Depending on Personal Preference

While the above runes are optimal for Neeko's middle build, players can choose alternative options based on their playstyle or preferences. Here are some alternatives:

Primary Runes

  • Arcane Comet: This rune provides additional poke damage but has a longer cooldown than Summon Aery.
  • Phase Rush: This rune grants bonus movement speed after hitting enemies with three separate attacks or abilities.
  • Gathering Storm: This rune provides bonus adaptive force every 10 minutes.

Secondary Runes

  • Taste of Blood: This rune heals Neeko when she deals damage to an enemy champion.
  • Ravenous Hunter: This rune heals Neeko for a portion of the damage dealt by her abilities.
  • Zombie Ward: This rune replaces destroyed wards with zombie wards that grant vision and last longer.

Best Items for Neeko Middle Build

How Items Work in League of Legends

Items are essential in League of Legends because they provide additional stats and unique passive abilities that enhance the champion's performance. Each item has its own set of benefits that cater to different playstyles and situations.

The items are divided into four categories: Attack Damage (AD), Ability Power (AP), Health, and Defense. AD items increase physical damage output while AP items increase magical damage output. Health items increase survivability by boosting maximum health points, and defense items provide armor or magic resistance to reduce damage taken.

Recommended Starting Items and Core Build Path for Neeko

Neeko is a versatile champion that can be played as an AP carry or support. In mid-lane, she excels at dealing burst magical damage while also being able to CC enemies with her ultimate ability.

For starting items, Doran's Ring is recommended as it provides bonus mana regen, ability power, and health - all important stats for Neeko early game. The core build path should consist of Luden's Tempest, Sorcerer's Shoes, Rabadon's Deathcap, Zhonya's Hourglass, Void Staff, and Morellonomicon.

Luden's Tempest provides bonus movement speed and burst damage on spell hits which synergizes well with Neeko's kit. Sorcerer's Shoes increase magic penetration allowing her spells to deal more damage against enemies with magic resistances.

Rabadon's Deathcap increases AP significantly making her spells more potent overall while Zhonya's Hourglass provides a crucial active ability that allows Neeko to become invulnerable for a few seconds, giving her time to reposition or wait for her team to follow up.

Void Staff is important against enemies with high magic resistances as it provides magic penetration, and Morellonomicon is useful against enemy teams with healers as it applies grievous wounds on hit.starting items

Analysis on Situational Items Based on Enemy Team Composition

Situational items are essential in League of Legends as they allow players to adapt their builds according to the enemy team composition. Neeko's situational items depend on whether she needs more burst damage or survivability.

If the enemy team has a lot of AP champions, Banshee's Veil can be a great item as it provides magic resistance and blocks one spell every 30 seconds. If the enemy team has many AD champions, Randuin's Omen or Dead Man's Plate can be useful in providing armor and health while also slowing down enemies' movement speed.

Liandry's Anguish is another situational item that works well against tanky teams because it deals bonus damage based on the target's maximum health.Situational Items

Tips and Strategies for Playing Neeko Middle Build

In-depth guide on how to play as a successful mid-laner using this build

Neeko is a versatile champion that can be played in different roles, but she excels in the mid lane due to her ability to poke, burst, and roam. To play Neeko effectively in the middle lane, you need to understand her strengths, weaknesses, and itemization.

Firstly, Neeko's primary damage source is her Q - Blooming Burst. It deals AoE magic damage that increases with each bounce on minions or champions. Therefore, you should aim to hit multiple targets with it by positioning yourself correctly and timing your casts well. Her W - Shapesplitter allows her to mimic an ally champion's appearance and gain movement speed towards them while also creating a clone of herself that deals damage when destroyed. This ability can be used for escaping ganks or fooling enemies into thinking you are someone else.

Secondly, Neeko's passive - Inherent Glamour - allows her to periodically disguise herself as an allied champion which can be useful for baiting enemies or setting up ganks. Moreover, her E - Tangle-Barbs - roots the first enemy hit and deals magic damage while also increasing the root duration if it hits two or more targets.

Lastly, Neeko's ultimate - Pop Blossom - is a game-changer ability that creates a massive AoE stun around her after channeling for a short time. The stun duration increases based on the number of visible enemy champions nearby at the start of the channel.

To maximize Neeko's potential in mid lane:

  • Start with Doran's Ring and two Health Potions.
  • Max Q first followed by E then W.
  • Rush Hextech Rocketbelt for mobility and burst potential.
  • Take Electrocute as your keystone rune along with Taste of Blood, Eyeball Collection, and Ultimate Hunter.
  • Use your Q to poke enemies from a safe distance and hit minions for waveclear.
  • Use your W to dodge skillshots or create distractions while poking.
  • Use your E to root enemies for follow-up damage or to escape ganks.
  • Use your ultimate when multiple enemy champions are nearby, preferably after using W to get closer without being noticed.

Tips on farming, positioning, trading, roaming, etc.

Farming is crucial in mid lane as it provides gold and experience that can give you an advantage over your opponent. To farm effectively with Neeko:

  • Use your Q to last-hit minions or poke enemies at the same time.
  • Position yourself near low-health minions that are about to die for easy last hits.
  • Avoid pushing the wave too much unless you plan on roaming or backing.

Positioning is also important in mid lane as it can determine whether you win or lose trades or get ganked. To position correctly with Neeko:

  • Stay behind minions if possible to avoid getting hit by skillshots or targeted abilities.
  • Ward bushes and river entrances to prevent surprise attacks from the enemy jungler.

Countering Neeko Middle Build

Neeko is a versatile champion that can be played in various roles, including the middle lane. However, her middle build can be challenging to counter if not approached correctly. In this guide, we'll provide you with some tips and tricks on how to counter Neeko Middle Build.

Overview of Counter-Picking Strategies Against a Player Using This Build

Counter-picking is an essential strategy when playing against Neeko Middle Build. Some champions are better suited to handle her abilities than others. For instance, assassins like Zed or Yasuo have high mobility and burst damage that can quickly take down Neeko before she has a chance to react.

On the other hand, mages with long-range abilities like Xerath or Vel'Koz can poke her from afar and prevent her from engaging in close combat. Moreover, champions with crowd control abilities like Ahri or Syndra can interrupt Neeko's ultimate ability and stop her from dealing massive damage to your team.toughest matchups

Identifying Weak Points That Can Be Exploited During Laning Phase

During the laning phase, it's crucial to identify Neeko's weak points and exploit them as much as possible. One of her weaknesses is her lack of sustain; she heavily relies on potions for health regeneration. Therefore, harassing her early on with basic attacks or abilities will force her to use up all of her potions quickly.

Another weakness is her mana pool; most of Neeko's abilities consume a significant amount of mana. If you notice that she's running low on mana, take advantage of this opportunity by engaging in a trade or an all-in fight.

Counter-Building Tips Based on Enemy Champion Picks

Building items that counter your enemy champion picks is vital when facing Neeko Middle Build. For instance, purchasing Mercury Treads will reduce the duration of her crowd control abilities, making it easier for you to escape or retaliate. Building items that provide magic resistance like Banshee's Veil or Abyssal Mask will reduce the amount of damage Neeko can deal to you.

Teamfight Strategies When Facing a Team with a Strong Middle Lane Presence

In team fights, Neeko can be a significant threat if not dealt with correctly. One way to counter her is by focusing on her first before engaging in a full-blown fight. Her ultimate ability deals massive area-of-effect damage and can quickly turn the tide of battle in favor of her team.

Another strategy is to spread out during team fights; this will make it harder for Neeko to land multiple targets with her ultimate ability. Moreover, having champions with crowd control abilities like stuns or silences can interrupt Neeko's ultimate and prevent her from dealing significant damage.

Neeko's Ability to Disrupt Enemy Teams in Group Matches

Neeko's Game-Changing Abilities

Neeko is a versatile mid-lane champion in League of Legends, known for her ability to disrupt enemy teams during group matches. Her kit includes a range of crowd control abilities and high burst damage that can turn the tide of any team fight.

One of Neeko's most game-changing abilities is her ultimate, "Pop Blossom." This ability allows her to charge up and then explode in a burst of magical energy, dealing massive damage to enemies in the area while stunning them. The impact radius is large enough to hit multiple champions at once, making it an excellent tool for initiating team fights or turning them around.

Positioning, Timing, and Execution Strategies

To make the most out of Neeko's abilities during group matches, players need to master their positioning, timing, and execution strategies. One effective strategy is to wait for the right moment before using Pop Blossom; this could be when enemies are grouped together or when they're distracted by other team members.

Another strategy is to use Neeko's clone ability as a decoy. By sending out a clone that mimics her movements and actions, players can confuse enemies into thinking that they've caught Neeko off-guard. This can create an opening for players to use Pop Blossom or another ability effectively.

Players should also focus on staying alive during team fights since Neeko's abilities have long cooldowns. By using defensive items like Zhonya's Hourglass or Banshee's Veil and keeping their distance from enemy champions with high mobility or crowd control abilities like Yasuo or Ahri, players can ensure they stay alive long enough to deal significant damage with their abilities.

Comparison with Other Mid-Lane Champions' Abilities

While many mid-lane champions have crowd control abilities that can disrupt enemy teams during group matches, few can match the impact of Neeko's ultimate. For example, champions like Lux and Syndra have abilities that can stun or slow enemies, but they don't deal as much damage or affect as many champions at once.

On the other hand, champions like Orianna and Zoe have abilities that can deal significant damage to enemy teams during group matches, but they require more precise positioning and timing than Neeko's abilities.

Dominating the Mid Lane with Neeko's Best Build, Runes, and Items

Comprehensive guide on how to dominate the middle lane using this build

Neeko is a versatile champion in League of Legends that can be played in multiple positions. However, she shines the most when played in the mid lane. In this guide, we will discuss Neeko's best build, runes, and items that will help you dominate your opponents in the mid lane.

Firstly, let's talk about Neeko's abilities. Her passive ability allows her to disguise herself as an allied champion which can be used to deceive enemies or initiate ganks. Her Q ability deals damage to enemies in a small area while her W ability grants her movement speed and invisibility for a short duration. Her E ability is a skill shot that roots enemies in place while her ultimate ability deals massive AoE damage and stuns all nearby enemies.

To maximize Neeko's potential in the mid lane, we recommend taking Electrocute as your keystone rune. This rune provides additional burst damage when you hit an enemy with three separate attacks or abilities within three seconds. For secondary runes, take Cheap Shot for additional true damage whenever you hit an enemy with crowd control effects such as your E ability. Take Eyeball Collection for additional adaptive force per takedown or ward destroyed and Ultimate Hunter for reduced ultimate cooldown.

In-depth discussion about runes, items, and strategies that work best for Neeko

For Neeko's item build, start with Doran's Ring and two health potions for early game sustain. Follow it up with Sorcerer's Shoes for magic penetration and Zhonya's Hourglass for survivability during team fights.

For situational items against specific enemy compositions, consider Morellonomicon if they have champions with high healing such as Soraka or Sylas. Banshee's Veil can be used against champions with high crowd control such as Morgana or Lux. Rabadon's Deathcap is a great item to boost your AP damage if you are ahead and need additional burst.

In terms of gameplay strategies, focus on poking your opponents with your Q ability while using your W ability to dodge incoming skill shots. Use your E ability to root enemies in place for follow-up damage or to escape ganks. When you reach level six, use your ultimate ability in combination with Flash to catch enemies off guard and secure kills.items

Tips on how to outplay your opponent in different scenarios

Against melee champions such as Yasuo or Zed, use your range advantage to poke them down with your Q ability while avoiding their all-in potential. Against long-range mages such as Xerath or Vel'Koz, use your W ability to dodge incoming skill shots and try to land a surprise E ability followed by a full combo.

During team fights, position yourself behind tanks and wait for the right moment to use your ultimate ability when the enemy team is grouped up.

Conclusion: Mastering the Art of Neeko Build

Congratulations! You are now equipped with all the necessary knowledge to dominate the mid lane with Neeko's best build, runes, and items. With a clear understanding of her strengths and weaknesses you can easily counter your opponents' moves while disrupting their teams in group matches.

By utilizing the best runes for Neeko middle build, you can maximize her potential and deal massive damage to your enemies. Combined with the right items, you will become an unstoppable force that no one can withstand.

Remember to always keep in mind the tips and strategies for playing Neeko middle build to stay ahead of your opponents. But also be aware of how they might try to counter you so that you can adjust accordingly.

Overall, mastering the art of Neeko build requires practice, patience, and a willingness to learn from your mistakes. Keep honing your skills and experimenting with different builds until you find what works best for you.


Q: What is the best item build for Neeko?

A: The best item build for Neeko includes Luden's Tempest as a core item followed by Rabadon's Deathcap, Zhonya's Hourglass, Void Staff or Morellonomicon depending on enemy team composition.

Q: Which summoner spells should I use when playing as Neeko?

A: Flash is a must-have spell for any champion including Neeko. For secondary spell options either Teleport or Ignite could be used based on personal preference or team strategy.summoner spells

Q: How do I play against assassins when using Neeko?

A: When playing against assassins such as Zed or Yasuo it’s important to focus on farming early game while avoiding taking unnecessary damage from their abilities. Building Seeker's Armguard early on will help mitigate their damage and provide additional armor.

Q: Should I always pick Neeko for mid lane?

A: While Neeko is primarily played in the mid lane, she can also be played as a support or top laner depending on team composition and strategy.

Q: Can Neeko be played in professional play?

A: Yes, Neeko has been played in professional play with great success by various players and teams. However, it’s important to note that her effectiveness may vary based on the current meta and team strategies.

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