New League of Legends Champion Briar Revealed
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New League of Legends Champion Briar Revealed

Briar, a new LoL champion, steps onto Summoner's Rift. She balances frenzied and controlled states with a vampiric playstyle. Releases 13th September.

Summoner's Rift is about to see a new face. Meet Briar, the latest champion that is stepping onto the battlefield. As a jungler, her origin ties deeply into Noxian lore, having been created from the powerful art of hemomancy, or blood magic, by the mysterious Black Rose. Designed to be a living weapon, she has a voracious appetite for blood, which she needs to fuel herself.

The Black Rose's intention was clear: they desired a weapon of great power. By crafting her with sentience and leaving her in a constant bloodthirsty rage, they believed she would be the perfect instrument for their plans. However, even they could not predict the extent of her wrath. After failing her missions, culminating in the death of both allies and foes, a decision was made to constrain her. The pillory she wears now grants her some semblance of control over her overwhelming senses.

Briar’s Cinematic Reveal

Briar's Abilities in League of Legends

Briar is not your typical champion. Riot Games decided to pull inspiration from the vampires of Eastern European folklore for her design. They've made it clear: they aren't looking for the sophisticated, Westernized vampires. No, they want the beastly, nightmarish entities that haunt villagers' dreams.

This design philosophy is reflected in her kit:

  • Passive: Crimson Curse
  • Briar's healing increases with her missing health, and her attacks and abilities apply a bleeding effect that stacks. Interestingly, she doesn’t have base health regeneration, requiring her abilities to be fueled by her own health.
  • Q: Head Rush
  • She leaps toward a target, stunning them momentarily, delivering physical damage and stripping them of armor.
  • W: Blood Frenzy/Snack Attack
  • This ability allows her to jump to a location, triggering 'Blood Frenzy', a state where she is drawn to the nearest enemy. The secondary cast turns her next attack into a powerful blow based on the target's missing health.
  • E: Chilling Scream
  • Starting the charge, Briar dispels Blood Frenzy and begins to muster energy, gaining damage reduction and health restoration. Upon release, she sends out a scream that can either slow or, if fully charged, push enemies away.
  • R: Certain Death
  • In a spectacular display, Briar propels a hemolith towards a target. When it hits, she deals immense damage to all nearby foes and enters an enhanced version of Blood Frenzy, relentlessly chasing her marked target as Vex does.

Release Date for Briar

For those eagerly waiting to try out this new champion, the wait won't be long. Briar's official release date is set for the upcoming LoL Patch 13.18. As per the official timeline provided by Riot Games for this season, players can expect to see Briar enter Summoner’s Rift on the 13th of September. Prepare yourself, for blood will be spilled!