Pantheon Build Guide - Builds, Runes, Counters & Stats
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Pantheon Build Guide - Builds, Runes, Counters & Stats

Master the art of Pantheon build with our comprehensive guide. Learn the best builds, runes, counters, and strategies for dominating the game.

Pantheon is a versatile champion that can be played in various roles, including top lane, mid lane, jungle, and support. However, it’s mostly popular on support and mid lane due to its unique playstyle. Pantheon's playstyle revolves around using his abilities to engage on enemies and deal burst damage, making him a strong pick for players who enjoy aggressive playstyles.

Pantheon build is an essential aspect of playing this champion effectively. It involves selecting the right items that complement his strengths while mitigating his weaknesses. As an expert in Google SEO with over 3,000 words of long-form content creation experience and profound understanding of pantheon build, I will share my insights into this topic.

When building Pantheon's items, you need to consider his role in the game carefully. For instance, if you're playing him as a support champion, you'll want to focus on buying items that enhance your team's survivability rather than dealing damage. On the other hand, when playing him in the mid lane or top lane role, you should prioritize purchasing items that increase your damage output.

One of the most critical aspects of Pantheon's build is selecting the right starting item. You have two options: Doran's Shield or Corrupting Potion. Doran's Shield is ideal for players who prefer a more defensive approach since it provides additional health regeneration and blocks some incoming basic attacks' damage. Meanwhile, Corrupting Potion works well for aggressive players since it grants bonus mana regeneration and deals extra damage over time when attacking enemy champions.

Another crucial item for Pantheon is Black Cleaver. This item provides excellent stats such as cooldown reduction (CDR), attack damage (AD), health points (HP), and armor penetration (AP). These stats are essential for Pantheon since they allow him to deal significant amounts of physical damage while also reducing enemy armor.

In addition to Black Cleaver, another must-have item for Pantheon is Edge of Night. This item provides a shield that blocks the next incoming ability, making it an excellent tool for engaging on enemies without fear of being interrupted or stunned.

When playing Pantheon in the jungle role, you should focus on purchasing items that increase your clear speed and sustain. For instance, Tiamat is an excellent item for jungling since it allows you to clear camps faster while also providing additional AD.

Pantheon's Abilities and Skill Order

Comet Spear: The Ranged Poke Ability

Pantheon's Comet Spear is a versatile ability that can be used for poking, waveclearing, and trading in lane. It has a long range and deals physical damage to the first enemy hit. One of the best things about Comet Spear is that it refunds 60% of it’s cooldown if it hits an enemy champion, making it an efficient way to harass your opponent.

In terms of laning phase, maxing out Comet Spear first is crucial for Pantheon players who want to dominate their opponents early on. By maxing out this ability first, you increase its damage output and lower its cooldown, allowing you to use it more frequently. This can help you win trades with your opponent and secure kills if they're low enough.

It's also worth noting that Comet Spear applies on-hit effects like Sheen or Trinity Force. This means that if you have one of these items in your build, you can deal even more damage with each poke. If you're playing Pantheon in the jungle, Comet Spear can be used to clear camps quickly and efficiently.

Shield Vault: The Gap-Closer with Stun

Pantheon's Shield Vault is a gap-closing ability that deals physical damage and stuns the target. It's a great tool for engaging on enemies or escaping from danger. One of the unique features of Shield Vault is that it can be used to jump over walls or dodge enemy abilities.

When using Shield Vault in lane, it's important to note that it has a relatively short range compared to other gap-closing abilities. This means that you'll need to position yourself carefully before using it so that you don't miss your target or get caught out by the enemy jungler.

Maxing out Shield Vault second after Comet Spear is recommended because doing so increases its stun duration and lowers its cooldown. This makes it easier for Pantheon players to land their stuns and secure kills in team fights.

Aegis Assault: The Channeling Ability

Pantheon's Aegis Assault is a channeling ability that deals physical damage in a cone around him while blocking all incoming damages. It can be cancelled early to activate its secondary effect, which causes Pantheon to leap forward and deal additional damage.

This ability is useful for clearing waves quickly and dealing damage to multiple enemies at once. However, it's important to note that Aegis Assault leaves Pantheon vulnerable to crowd control effects like stuns or roots while he channels the ability.

Maxing out Aegis Assault last after Comet Spear and Shield Vault is recommended because it doesn't offer as much utility or damage as the other two abilities. However, it's still an important part of Pantheon's kit and should not be overlooked.

Grand Skyfall: A Powerful Tool

Pantheon's ultimate, Grand Skyfall, is a powerful tool for engaging or disengaging teamfights. It allows him to jump into the battlefield from a long distance and deal significant damage to enemies.

Best Pantheon Builds for Mid Lane and as Support

Pantheon is a versatile champion that can be played in multiple roles, including mid lane and support. However, building him correctly is crucial to maximize his potential in each role. In this post, we will discuss the best Pantheon builds for mid lane and as support.

Best Pantheon Build for Mid Lane

As a mid laner, Pantheon's main goal is to deal high burst damage to squishy targets. Therefore, lethality and armor penetration are essential stats for him. The core items for Pantheon's mid lane build are Eclipse, Black Cleaver, and Spear of Shojin.

Eclipse provides lethality and a shield that can absorb damage while dealing additional damage based on the target's missing health. Black Cleaver offers armor penetration and cooldown reduction while also shredding the enemy's armor with every hit. Finally, Spear of Shojin provides more cooldown reduction along with additional AD and mana regeneration.

In addition to these core items, you can also consider purchasing Umbral Glaive if you need vision control or Edge of Night if you want extra survivability against crowd control abilities.

Best Pantheon Build for Support

As a support, Pantheon should focus on providing vision control while still dealing significant damage to enemies. The ideal build for this role includes Umbral Glaive as the first item followed by Mobility Boots, Duskblade of Draktharr, and Edge of Night.

Umbral Glaive provides excellent vision control by revealing nearby wards and traps while also granting lethality. Mobility Boots help you roam around the map faster to provide assistance where needed. Duskblade of Draktharr offers additional lethality along with a passive that deals bonus true damage when attacking an enemy from stealth or after being unseen for at least one second. Finally, Edge of Night provides spell shield that blocks the next enemy ability used against you within 10 seconds.

In addition to these core items, you can also consider purchasing Black Cleaver or Spear of Shojin if you want more damage output.

Rune Choices for Pantheon

Precision, Conqueror, and Electrocute are three popular rune choices for Pantheon. While Precision is the most common primary rune choice due to its synergy with his kit, Conqueror and Electrocute offer unique benefits that may suit different playstyles.

Conqueror is a viable option for players who prefer extended fights over quick bursts of damage. By following Triumph, Legend: Tenacity, Coup de Grace, Biscuit Delivery, and Cosmic Insight in the Precision tree, Pantheon can deal more damage in prolonged fights. With Conqueror's stacks increasing over time spent in combat, it allows Pantheon to sustain his damage output while also healing himself. This makes him a formidable opponent in team fights or against tanky champions.

Electrocute is an excellent choice for players who prefer burst damage over sustained damage. By following Sudden Impact, Zombie Ward, Relentless Hunter, Triumph and Legend: Tenacity in the Domination tree, Pantheon can quickly dish out high amounts of damage before retreating back to safety. Electrocute's short cooldown makes it ideal for early game trades and securing kills during ganks or skirmishes.

It's important to note that each rune choice has its strengths and weaknesses depending on the situation. For example:

  • Against a team with multiple tanks or bruisers: Conqueror may be the better choice as it allows Pantheon to deal sustained damage while also healing himself.
  • Against a team with squishy champions: Electrocute may be more beneficial as it allows Pantheon to quickly burst down enemies before they have a chance to retaliate.
  • In a lane where sustain is crucial: Taking Biscuit Delivery in the Precision tree can help keep Pantheon healthy during laning phase.

Ultimately, choosing the right runes for Pantheon depends on personal playstyle and the specific matchup. It's essential to experiment with different rune combinations and adjust accordingly based on the situation.

Pantheon's Counters

Champions with Strong Sustain

Pantheon is known for his burst damage, but champions with strong sustain can outlast him in extended trades. Darius and Garen are two examples of champions who can survive Pantheon's initial burst and eventually overpower him. Darius has his Decimate ability, which provides him with a heal based on the number of enemies hit. Garen has his passive ability, Perseverance, which grants him health regeneration when he is out of combat. Both of these abilities allow them to withstand Pantheon's early game pressure.

Crowd Control Abilities

Another way to counter Pantheon is through crowd control abilities such as stuns and silences. These abilities can shut down Pantheon's ability to combo and deal damage effectively. For example, Leona's Shield of Daybreak stun can interrupt Pantheon's Aegis Assault ability mid-channel, preventing him from dealing any damage while also leaving him vulnerable to enemy attacks.

Tanks with High Amounts of Armor

Lastly, tanks with high amounts of armor can mitigate much of Pantheon's physical damage and survive his all-in attempts. Malphite and Rammus are two examples of tanks that can do this effectively. Malphite has his Granite Shield passive ability that grants him a shield based on a percentage of his maximum mana whenever he takes damage. This allows Malphite to absorb some of Pantheon's initial burst damage while also providing him with additional survivability in team fights.

Pantheon's Stats

Pantheon is a powerful champion in League of Legends with impressive base stats. Understanding these stats is crucial to mastering Pantheon and using him effectively in the game.

Health and Health Regen

Pantheon has a base health of 650, which increases by 109 per level. This means that as you level up, your health pool will increase significantly. Pantheon has a base health regeneration rate of 6, which increases by 0.65 per level. This allows him to sustain himself in lane and stay alive during team fights.

Mana and Mana Regen

In terms of mana, Pantheon has a base pool of 317, which increases by 31 per level. His base mana regeneration rate is also decent at 7.35, increasing by 0.45 per level. However, it's important to note that Pantheon's abilities have significant mana costs, so managing his mana effectively is crucial to playing him well.

Damage and Attack Speed

Pantheon has a high base damage of 64, which increases by 3.3 per level. He also has a relatively slow attack speed with a base attack speed of only 0.66, increasing by 2.95% per level. This means that building attack speed items on Pantheon may be beneficial for maximizing his damage output.

Armor and Magic Resist

In terms of defense, Pantheon has an impressive amount of armor with a base value of 40, increasing by 4.95 per level. He also has a decent amount of magic resist with a base value of 28, increasing by 2.05 per level. These defensive stats make him durable in fights and able to withstand enemy attacks.

Movement Speed

Finally, Pantheon's movement speed is average with a base value of 345. While he isn't the fastest champion in the game, he can still move around quickly and chase down enemies when necessary.

The Power of Pantheon

In conclusion, Pantheon is a champion that can be built in various ways to suit different playstyles. Whether you prefer to play him as a mid laner or support, there are builds and runes that can maximize his potential. With his impressive abilities and skill order, he can deal significant damage to enemies while also providing utility for his team.

The key is to focus on items that will enhance his strengths while mitigating his weaknesses. For example, if you want to play him as a mid laner, you may want to consider building items like Youmuu's Ghostblade and Duskblade of Draktharr for increased damage output. On the other hand, if you're playing him as a support, items like Knight's Vow and Zeke's Convergence can provide valuable utility for your team.

It's also important to choose the right runes when playing Pantheon. Depending on your playstyle and preferred role, there are several viable options such as Electrocute or Conqueror for increased damage output or Aftershock for added survivability.

While Pantheon is a strong champion in his own right, he does have some counters that players should be aware of. Champions like Malphite and Jax can give him trouble in lane due to their ability to mitigate physical damage.

Overall, with the right build and strategy, Pantheon can be an incredibly powerful champion in both solo queue and competitive play. As someone who has experience with Google SEO and long-form content creation with over 3,000 words, I highly recommend giving him a try if you're looking for a versatile champion who can excel in multiple roles.

So whether you're a platinum player looking for new champions to add to your roster or simply someone interested in exploring different playstyles within League of Legends, don't underestimate the power of Pantheon!

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