Senna Build Guides - LoL Strategy Builds, Runes and Items
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Senna Build Guides - LoL Strategy Builds, Runes and Items

Looking to dominate with Senna? Our build guides provide the latest tips and tricks to help you win in LoL. Get started today!

Understanding Senna's Abilities: Last Embrace, Curse of the Black Mist, and Piercing Darkness

Piercing Darkness (Q). This ability allows her to shoot a beam of light that deals damage to enemies and heals allies on her way. It has a relatively low mana cost and cooldown, making it an excellent tool for poking enemies or healing allies during fights.

Last Embrace (W) is another one of Senna's abilities, it roots her enemies in place after a short delay. This ability can be used to set up kills for your team or escape from dangerous situations. It has a higher mana cost than Piercing Darkness but can be worth it if you land the root.

Curse of the Black Mist (E) is perhaps one of Senna's most unique abilities. It allows her to turn into mist, gain movement speed, and hide from enemies while also damaging them with Mist Wraiths. This ability can be used both offensively and defensively, making it an essential part of Senna's kit.

Senna's ultimate ability is Dawning Shadow (R), which deals damage to enemies in a cone while also shielding allies. This ability has a long cooldown but can be incredibly useful during team fights or when trying to take down objectives like towers or dragons.

In addition to these abilities, Senna's passive ability allows her to collect Mist from enemy champions she attacks or kills. This Mist can then be used to increase the power of her basic attacks and heal herself and allies. It is important to prioritize collecting Mist whenever possible as it is a crucial aspect of playing Senna effectively.

Senna’s Skill Order

Tips and Tricks for Playing Senna: How to Play and Who to Learn From

Positioning is Key: Stay Behind Your Teammates and Use Range to Your Advantage

As a marksman-support hybrid champion with low mobility, positioning is crucial for playing Senna effectively. Players should aim to stay behind their teammates during team fights and use their range to poke enemies from a safe distance. Senna's Q ability allows her to deal damage and heal allies from range, making it an excellent tool for poking enemies while staying out of harm's way.

It is also important to be aware of the enemy team's positioning and engage potential. Senna players should avoid getting caught out alone or too far forward as this can lead to them being quickly eliminated by enemy champions.

Learn from High-Level Senna Players Through Watching Replays or Streams

One of the best ways to improve at playing Senna is by watching high-level players who have mastered the champion. By observing their gameplay, players can learn new strategies, tips, and tricks that they can apply to their own gameplay.

Watching replays or streams of professional League of Legends players who frequently play Senna is a great way to learn. Pay attention to how they position themselves during team fights, how they use their abilities in different situations, and how they collect Mist throughout the game.

The Perfect Senna Build

Umbral Glaive: The Must-Have Item for Support Senna

Umbral Glaive is an essential item for support Senna. It provides her with the necessary vision control and allows her to clear wards without wasting time or risking getting caught. With Umbral Glaive, Senna can easily deny enemy vision and set up ambushes in the fog of war.

In addition to its utility, Umbral Glaive also provides decent stats for Senna. It gives her 12 lethality, which increases her damage output against squishy targets. Moreover, it grants her 10% cooldown reduction (CDR), allowing her to use her abilities more frequently in team fights.

Eclipse: The Core Mythic Item for Support Senna

Eclipse is another crucial item for support Senna. It provides her with sustain, mobility, and burst damage all in one package.

Moreover, Eclipse's active ability grants Senna a shield and bonus movement speed when she damages an enemy champion with either an attack or an ability. This shield and speed boost not only help Senna survive longer in team fights but also enable her to reposition herself quickly to land more attacks or abilities.

Rapid Firecannon: The Best Choice for Support Senna's Third Item

Rapid Firecannon is an excellent choice for support Senna's third item because it enhances her range and poke potential. Rapid Firecannon provides 35% bonus attack speed and 20% critical strike chance along with its unique passive ability called Energetic.

Energetic extends the range of your next basic attack by up to 150 units (based on your current attack range) and grants you 30% bonus attack speed for that attack. This extended range allows Senna to poke enemies from a safe distance while still dealing significant damage.

Infinity Edge: The Ideal Fourth Item for Support Senna

Infinity Edge is the ideal fourth item for support Senna because it amplifies her critical strike damage and makes her auto-attacks hit harder. Infinity Edge provides 70 attack damage, 20% critical strike chance.

Also it’s unique passive ability increases your critical strike damage by 35%, making each of your critical strikes deal more damage than usual. This passive synergizes well with Rapid Firecannon's critical strike chance and enhances Senna's overall damage output.

The Best Senna Runes

Fleet Footwork: The Best Primary Rune Choice for Senna

Fleet Footwork is currently the best primary rune choice for Senna at the moment. This rune provides her with a great deal of mobility and sustain, which are both incredibly important for her playstyle. Fleet Footwork increases Senna's movement speed when she attacks an enemy champion, and it also heals her for a portion of her missing health. This makes it easier for Senna to kite enemies and stay alive in team fights.

Experiment with Different Rune Combinations to Find the Best Fit

Experimenting with different rune combinations is key to finding the best fit for your playstyle and team composition. Presence of Mind is another popular choice as it gives Senna additional mana regeneration on takedowns and increases her maximum mana pool by 500 upon takedown. Legend: Alacrity can also be useful as it grants bonus attack speed based on how many stacks you have acquired through basic attacks or abilities.

Cut Down can be used if you're facing off against tankier champions as it deals more damage to targets with higher max health than you do. However, if you're up against squishier opponents then Coup de Grace may be a better option as it deals increased damage to targets below 40% health.

Which champions are Senna's counters

Enemy Champions with High Mobility

Senna's kit is designed to deal damage from a distance, but champions with high mobility can easily dodge her abilities. Champions like Brand and Twitch have the ability to move quickly around the map, making it difficult for Senna to land her shots. Enemy champions like Shaco can deceive Senna by creating illusions of themselves, causing confusion and making it hard for Senna to know who to target.

To counter these champions, it's important for Senna players to be aware of their movements and predict their actions. They should use their abilities wisely and keep a safe distance from these high-mobility enemies. It's also helpful to have a support champion that can provide crowd control or peel for Senna.

Champions with Stun and Rooting Skills

Another weakness of Senna is her lack of mobility. This makes her vulnerable to champions with stun or rooting skills such as Morgana and Maokai. These champions can quickly take down Senna before she has a chance to heal or escape.

To counter these champions, Senna players should stay behind their team's front line and use their range advantage. They should also communicate with their team so they can be protected from any incoming stuns or roots. It's also helpful for them to build items that provide additional health or resistances.

Champions with Stealth Abilities

Stealth abilities are another challenge for Senna players as they make it difficult for her to use her abilities effectively. Champions like Twitch can surprise Senna and catch her off guard, leaving her vulnerable.

To counter these champions, it's important for Senna players to stay alert at all times and keep an eye out for any signs of stealth. They should position themselves in areas where they have vision control and avoid wandering into unwarded areas alone. Building items that provide vision or reveal stealthed units can help give them an advantage.

Mastering Senna: Tips and Tricks from the Best Players

To truly master Senna, it takes more than just knowing her abilities and build. It requires a deep understanding of her strengths, weaknesses, and how to best utilize them in-game. Here are some tips and tricks from the best players to help you become a true champion with Senna.

Firstly, it's important to know that Senna is not just an AD carry but also a support champion. This means that while she deals damage with her auto-attacks and abilities, she can also heal allies with her W ability. To maximize this dual role, try building items like Athene's Unholy Grail or Redemption to increase your healing power.

Another key aspect of playing Senna is utilizing her global ultimate effectively. This ability deals damage to enemies in a straight line across the entire map, making it perfect for securing kills or helping allies in other lanes. However, it also has a long charge time before firing so make sure to use it strategically.

Senna's passive ability allows her to collect souls from minions and enemy champions she helps take down. These souls grant bonus attack range and damage as well as increasing the duration of her camouflage when standing still. Make sure to prioritize collecting souls whenever possible.

In team fights, Senna can be incredibly powerful when paired with champions who have crowd control abilities such as stuns or slows. Her E ability grants movement speed and camouflages allied champions within its radius, allowing them to engage or disengage from fights more easily.

When engaging in combat with enemies directly, try using Senna's Q ability followed by an auto-attack for a quick combo that deals significant damage. Using her W ability on an enemy target will root them in place for a few seconds which can be crucial for securing kills or escaping dangerous situations.

Lastly, don't forget about the importance of wave management on the map. Senna's passive ability allows her to collect souls from minions, so make sure to prioritize last-hitting them whenever possible. This will not only increase your soul count but also deny the enemy team gold and experience.

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