TFT 13.8 Patch Notes Summary
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TFT 13.8 Patch Notes Summary

In this brief article, we'll explore 13.8 Patch TFT: Ox Force rework, unit & Hero Augment tweaks, enhancing game balance. Dive in for key changes.

As we dive into the 13.8 Patch for Teamfight Tactics, let's take a look at the most significant changes and updates that will impact your games. From the rework of the Ox Force trait to the various unit and Hero Augment adjustments, this patch brings a fresh wave of balance to the game.


Hacker: The Omnivamp for Hacker champions has been reduced, making the backline access less powerful. This change also affects the Omnivamp for Hacker riders, with a slight nerf at further trait breakpoints.

Ox Force: This trait has been reworked to provide a more balanced experience. Instead of becoming invulnerable, Ox Force units now gain a shield when they drop below one HP. The Armor and MR have been reduced to compensate for the added shield.

Underground Tome of Traits: This item will no longer drop from Heist 4 or higher to reduce the complexity of decision making during TFT's most complex transitions.


Tier 1 Units:

Blitzcrank and Lucian: The Static Defenses Damage Reduction and Chrono-Barrage Damage have been decreased to slow down the overperforming Lucian reroll comp.

Lux: Base damage has been increased to help the Star Guardian verticals.

Nasus: HP, Armor, MR, and Bonk! AD ratio have been increased.

Tier 2 Units:

Jinx: AD and max Mana buff have been increased.

Tier 3 Units:

Gnar: AD has been reduced.

Kai'Sa: Starcharged Damage has been decreased.

Rammus: Sand Slam Stun Duration has been increased.

Shen: Stand United duration and Damage Reduction have been changed.

Tier 4 Units:

Bel'Veth: Endless Banquet bonus Attack Speed per cast has been increased.


Several Hero Augments have been balanced, with some receiving buffs, and others getting nerfed.

Notable changes

Lucian - Enchanted Ammunition AP per auto has been reduced.

Pantheon - The Best Offense AP has been decreased, and Chronic Hallucinations Damage Reduction has also been reduced.

Ekko - Destructive Resonance Range has been increased, but the Damage Amp has been reduced.

Ace Trait: It now requires dealing damage to execute.

Kayle (Tier 1): Starfire Spellblade cast no longer locks her out of attacking for a brief period.


Scoped Weapons Attack Speed has been increased by 2%.

Few composition ideas for the new patch

3 Star Kai'sa/Star Guardian

3 Star Gnar

3 Star Leblanc/Pyke

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