TFT champion pool size and rolling chances for Set 9
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TFT champion pool size and rolling chances for Set 9

On TFT Set 9, the champion pool sizes are 29 1-cost, 22 2-cost, 16 3-cost, 12 4-cost, and 10 5-cost champions

Champion Odds

In Teamfight Tactics (TFT) Set 9, the probability of finding specific champions, often referred to as rolling chances, are determined by your player level. As you level up, the odds of discovering high-cost champions increase, while the chances for lower-cost units decrease. The following table illustrates these odds:

Champion Pool Size

The champion pool size—the total number of each champion in the game—also plays a vital role in TFT Set 9. This shared pool from which all players draw their champions can affect the availability of each unit. Here are the champion quantities based on cost:

Given these shared resources, understanding the game's popular trends can significantly influence your strategy. Adjust your tactics if a particular champion is highly sought-after, or you may face difficulties in obtaining that unit.

Startegies to Manipulate the Odds

Regular Scouting: Monitor your opponents' champion selections. If you aim to 3-star a high-cost champion, and someone else has already 2-starred it, you'll likely need a champion duplicator (Neeko's Help).

Odds Manipulation: Increase your chances of finding your desired champion by buying other champions of the same cost. Sell these once you roll your targeted champion.