The List of League of Legends Level Borders
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The List of League of Legends Level Borders

Start your League of Legends journey with the Level 1 - Piltover border and progress through unique aesthetic themes up to the Level 500 - Eternus border.

In the game of League of Legends (LoL), level borders frame a player's Summoner icon, serving as a symbol of the player's advancement within the game. Each distinct border signifies a unique level achievement, affording players an exclusive visual design that mirrors their in-game experience.

Full List of Level Border Themes

Below is an extensive enumeration of the level borders that players can earn at varying stages of gameplay:

Level 1: Piltover

Level 30: Zaun

Level 50: Hextech

Level 75: Fire

Level 100: Archlight

Level 125: Infused

Level 150: Shadow Isles

Level 175: Shurima

Level 200: Lunari

Level 225: Warring Kingdoms

Level 250: Freljord

Level 275: Battlecast

Level 300: Ionia

Level 325: Bilgewater

Level 350: Runic

Level 375: Noxus

Level 400: Celestial

Level 425: Elderwood

Level 450: The Void

Level 475: Blood Moon

Level 500: Eternus

Can Players Modify the Display of Level Borders?

Indeed, players have the option to alter their exhibited level border. Even though new borders become available as you progress, you're not obligated to utilize the most recent one. Should you favor the design of a prior border, it's possible to revert to it whenever you choose. This option provides players the chance to customize their profiles to align with their aesthetic taste or to highlight a particular accomplishment in the game's storyline.

Will There be New Level Borders?

Riot Games, the creator of LoL, consistently refines the game to elevate player satisfaction, which could encompass the introduction of novel level borders down the line. As of September 2021, no new level borders beyond Level 500 had been declared. Still, Riot's enduring dedication to its player community implies that future level borders may be unveiled in response to player input and evolving market dynamics.

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