The New Game Mode Soul Fighters Champion Tier List
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The New Game Mode Soul Fighters Champion Tier List

This article details the Soul Fighters Champion Tier List, highlighting strategies for utilizing knockback, trap, companion, off-tank, and defensive champions.

As we welcome the first week of the thrilling Soul Fighters game mode, we're excited to introduce our inaugural Champion Tier List. Keep in mind, we are in the early stages of this dynamic new game mode, and our OdinBoost team has yet to experience the full depth of the gameplay first-hand. Therefore, these rankings are based on our educated predictions regarding the performance of each champion. We highly value your feedback, so feel free to share your thoughts in the comments. Your insights will undoubtedly contribute to refining this list in the upcoming weeks.

So, which champions are good in Soul Fighters?

Champions with Knockback Abilities

In Soul Fighters, positioning is key, and certain champions excel at manipulating enemy positioning. Champions with push-back abilities can use them strategically to knock enemies out of the chamber, temporarily eliminating them from the fight.

Alistar - Known for his crowd control abilities, Alistar can use his Headbutt to push enemies away, disrupting their positioning and potentially knocking them out of the chamber.

Lee Sin - With his Dragon's Rage, Lee Sin can kick an enemy champion, sending them flying backward and pushing away any other enemies in their path.

Singed - Singed's Fling can be used to throw enemies behind him, which can be especially useful to push enemies out of the chamber or into unfavorable positions.

Champions with Trap Abilities and Companions

Another interesting gameplay mechanic in Soul Fighters is the use of traps and companion units. Certain champions can summon minions or set traps, creating more chaos on the battlefield and making it harder for enemies to focus on the fight.

Heimerdinger - With his H-28G Evolution Turret, Heimerdinger can lay down persistent automated turrets that add an extra layer of attack and defense to the fight.

Shaco - Shaco's Jack in the Box acts as a trap, fearing and damaging enemies who trigger it.

Ivern - Ivern can summon Daisy, a large golem-like creature that fights alongside him, knocking up enemies and causing havoc.

Malzahar - His Void Swarm ability allows him to summon Voidlings that attack his enemies, and his Nether Grasp can trap an enemy champion, rendering them immobile.

Annie - With her Summon: Tibbers, Annie can summon a massive fiery bear that attacks her enemies and can cause significant damage.

Champions that excel as Off Tanks

In Soul Fighters, having a champion who can absorb damage while still dealing decent amounts of their own is invaluable. These champions, often referred to as "off tanks," can be a major asset in the fight.

Dr. Mundo - Known for his exceptional health regeneration and high damage output, Dr. Mundo is a formidable champion in the off tank role.

Kayn - Kayn’s versatility allows him to be effective in multiple roles. In his Rhaast form, he can serve as a potent off tank, dealing significant damage while healing for a portion of the damage dealt.

Shyvana - With her ability to transform into a dragon, Shyvana can soak up damage while dishing out area-of-effect damage.

Jax - Known for his high damage output and resilience, Jax can function as a reliable off tank, capable of withstanding enemy assaults while dealing a hefty amount of damage.

Champions with Shielding, Healing, and Invulnerability

Some champions can generate shields, heal, or become unkillable for a period, making them hard to defeat and great choices in Soul Fighters.

Karma - With her Mantra + Inspire, Karma can provide a significant shield to herself and her allies, along with a speed boost.

Kayle - Kayle’s Divine Judgment makes her or an ally invulnerable for a few seconds, turning the tide of a battle.

Taric - With his Cosmic Radiance, Taric can make all nearby allied champions invulnerable for a brief period, which can be a game-changer in team fights.