Understanding Dodging Penalties in League of Legends
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Understanding Dodging Penalties in League of Legends

In LoL, the first dodge gives a 6-minute queue penalty, -3 LP. A second dodge elevates this to 30 minutes, -10 LP. Further dodges result in a 12-hour penalty.

In the world of League of Legends, dodging queues might occasionally seem like the only way out of an unfavorable match-up. However, Riot Games, the creators of this dynamic and team-centric strategy game, has consistently worked to discourage habitual queue dodgers by implementing a series of penalties. Dodging in LoL not only delays the game for other players who are eager to compete but can also negatively impact your gaming progress over time.

While the idea of dodging a game might seem attractive under certain circumstances, it's important to note that some players exploit this as a strategy to advance in solo queue, deteriorating the overall queuing environment for the rest of the player base. So, what consequences do habitual dodgers face in LoL? Here, we break down the penalties involved.

The Impact of Dodging on Game Modes

Solo/Flex Ranked Queue: The penalties in this category escalate with the number of dodges.

  • The single dodge results in a 6-minute queue penalty and a deduction of 3 League Points (LP).
  • The second dodge within a 12-hour window will increase the queue penalty to 30 minutes and subtract 10 LP.
  • Any subsequent dodges will result in a whopping 720-minute (12-hour) queue penalty and an additional -10 LP.

Classic (Normal) Queue:

  • The first dodge results in a 6-minute queue penalty.
  • A second dodge increases this to 15 minutes.
  • Any further dodges will bring about a significant 720-minute (12-hour) queue penalty.

ARAM (All Random All Mid) Queue: The penalties for dodging in this fun and fast-paced mode are slightly different.

  • A first dodge in ARAM will result in a 15-minute queue penalty and the loss of all rerolls (chance to change the assigned random champion).
  • A second dodge doubles the queue penalty to 30 minutes.
  • further dodges incur a 720-minute (12-hour) queue penalty.

These queue punishments resets every 24 hours.

What Happens If You Dodge in Promos?

Moreover, when a player dodges during a promotional series (the games that promote a player to the next Rank), the game is automatically counted as a loss. If it is the final game of a series, the series will end. Some players intentionally dodge promotional series to stay in a lower tier and increase the disparity between their Matchmaking Rating (MMR) and LP, thus earning more LP in subsequent games.

What Happens If You Dodge at 0 LP?

At 0 LP, if a player chooses to dodge a game, they can go into negative LP. This doesn't cause an immediate demotion but means that the player will have to earn back the lost LP to get back to 0 before they can start gaining LP again. So, it's crucial to think twice before dodging when you're at 0 LP to avoid making your climb back up the ranks more difficult.