Unexpected Glitch: Yuumi Players Wrongly Tagged as AFK in Latest Update
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Unexpected Glitch: Yuumi Players Wrongly Tagged as AFK in Latest Update

League's new AFK system mistakenly penalizes Yuumi players, confusing her unique playstyle as inactivity. Riot yet to provide a fix for the unintended error.

Yuumi Players Beware: League's Latest AFK System Update Has A Glitch!

League of Legends, the world-renowned MOBA, recently tweaked its AFK detection system. Designed to identify and penalize players leaving matches or idling, the system has inadvertently trapped an innocent: Yuumi, the magical cat support champion.

What's The Issue?

Renowned for her unique playstyle, Yuumi usually attaches herself to allied champions for a considerable part of the game. This distinct mechanic now appears to be the root of the problem. Vandiril, a popular League of Legends YouTuber known for spotlighting bugs, highlighted that the new system, instead of identifying inactivity, misconstrues Yuumi's attachment mechanism as the player being AFK.

Here's what happens: As soon as Yuumi latches onto a teammate, a 90-second countdown initiates. When the countdown expires, the game tags Yuumi as an inactive player. Consequently, teammates get the chance to initiate a match remake. If the remake is actioned, Yuumi players are penalized by losing LP (League Points) because the system wrongly assumes they've been inactive.

So, What Can Yuumi Players Do?

For now, the simple workaround is for Yuumi players to detach and reattach to allies more frequently. This activity should interrupt the system's countdown and protect against the erroneous AFK tag.

While the League community awaits Riot's acknowledgment and rectification of the issue, Yuumi players are advised to remain vigilant. The tale of Yuumi highlights the complexities of game mechanics and how even well-intentioned updates can unintentionally penalize players.