Unlocking the Fist Bump Gun Buddy: Sportsmanship Meets Strategy
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Unlocking the Fist Bump Gun Buddy: Sportsmanship Meets Strategy

Discover the secret to earning the Fist Bump Gun Buddy in-game. Sportsmanship and strategy converge, as your in-match behavior holds the key.

How to Unlock the Coveted Fist Bump Gun Buddy

If you've been eyeing the Fist Bump Gun Buddy, there's a golden rule to follow: be the best version of a player and a team member. It's not just about skilled gameplay but about exemplifying true sportsmanship.

Here's How It Works:

  1. Be a Sportsman: Your character in the game should shine through with positivity and motivation. Encourage your teammates, don't get drawn into negativity, and respect all players.
  2. Cross Paths with a Rioter: The key ingredient is playing in a match where a Riot employee can witness your commendable behavior. They're the gatekeepers of this exclusive Gun Buddy. But remember, spotting a Rioter doesn't mean you're guaranteed the Fist Bump. It's all about your actions.
  3. Don’t Ask, Just Impress: It might be tempting to nudge a Rioter for that Gun Buddy, but refrain! With a limited number of Fist Bumps to distribute, Rioters are selective. Your request might decrease your odds rather than help.

Red Flags & Scams:

  • Purchases & Contests: A genuine Rioter will never, under any circumstances, offer to sell you the Fist Bump. And if someone mentions a contest or giveaway for the Gun Buddy? It's likely a scam.
  • Report Suspicious Behavior: If you're approached with such offers, be sure to report the individual. You can do this in-game or through the provided link.