Valorant Premier: The E-Sports Breakdown
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Valorant Premier: The E-Sports Breakdown

Learn the basics of Valorant Premier with this breif article

Riot Games has confirmed and released an open beta of their new competitive mode in Valorant called Premier, which aims to provide players with a new and challenging experience beyond Radiant. Consider it as a more competitive version of Ranked mode, similar to Clash for League of Legends and Faceit for CS:GO.

What is Valorant Premier?

Valorant Premier is a new competitive mode in Valorant that offers players a higher level of competition compared to Ranked mode. Riot Games aims to provide players with an even higher goal beyond Radiant, offering a rewarding challenge for the most competitive players. According to Valorant's Head of Esports, Leo Faria, Valorant Premier will eventually replace the current open qualifying system and become the path to the VCT Challengers leagues.

Who can play Valorant Premier?

Valorant Premier is open to anyone who has a team of five to seven players. The mode's core gameplay remains unchanged post-beta, but will include additional features and a longer duration. Once a team is established, they will participate in weekly matches and tournaments within their division, potentially qualifying for the end-of-season tournament as Division Champions.

How Does Valorant Premier Work?

Introducing Valorant Premier, a thrilling competitive game mode that offers an opportunity for players of all backgrounds to engage in a series of highly intense prescheduled matches. The beauty of this mode lies in its inclusivity, as virtually anyone can participate, even encountering familiar faces from their own hometown. However, it's important to note that not all teams will advance to the grand end-of-season tournament.

The Premier season is divided into three distinct phases: enrollment, weekly matches, and the highly anticipated playoff tournament. During the enrollment phase, players gather their respective teams, ensuring they are ready to embark on this exhilarating journey. Once teams are formed, the real action begins with the weekly matches, where squads compete against other teams of similar caliber in thrilling prescheduled encounters. These matches provide an opportunity to accumulate points and strive for victory.

To qualify for the playoff tournament, teams must amass a minimum of 375 points. This ensures that only the most deserving and skilled teams progress to the pinnacle of Valorant Premier. Those who meet the criteria will enter a single-elimination main tournament bracket, where they will compete against other qualified teams from the same division. Brace yourself for fierce battles, as each main bracket will consist of a formidable lineup of five to eight teams, all vying for the coveted title of division champion.

But fear not, for teams eliminated early in the main bracket still have a chance at redemption. They will be granted entry into a single-elimination consolation bracket, where they can fiercely battle for the opportunity to secure third place in the entire tournament. So, even if the road to the top may seem challenging, the journey is far from over for those determined to leave their mark on the Valorant Premier stage.

During the playoff tournament, matches adhere to the best-of-one (Bo1) format, ensuring every decision and move carries immense weight. To add an extra layer of strategy, teams engage in a map pick/ban system. Each squad has the opportunity to ban specific maps from the active map rotation pool, narrowing down the battlefield. One team then selects a map, while the opposing team gets the privilege of choosing their preferred side. It's a battle of wits and adaptability, as teams strategically navigate through the map pool to gain an edge over their opponents.

In the event of a tie at 12-12, the match enters Overtime, a thrilling phase where teams battle it out to determine the ultimate winner. The team that secures their twelfth round victory first is granted Overtime Priority, giving them the power to choose which side they start on during each set of Overtime. Two sets of Overtime are played, adhering to the standard Competitive Overtime rules. In the rare event that a clear victor is still not determined, a final round of Sudden Death takes place. The team that emerges triumphant in this intense faceoff will be crowned the victor of the match.

To reward teams for their valiant efforts, Premier Score (PS) points are awarded based on match results. Victories grant a generous 100 PS, while losses still offer a respectable 25 points. These PS points determine the eligibility for the playoff tournament, motivating teams to give their all and strive for success throughout the weekly matches.

Valorant Premier is not just a game mode; it's an opportunity for players to showcase their skills, forge lasting connections, and experience the thrill of competitive gaming. So gather your team, hone your strategies, and prepare for an unforgettable journey through the realms of Valorant Premier. The stage is set, and the battle awaits.

The open beta period will be divided into three sections: the enrollment period, weekly matches, and the playoff tournament. Here are the dates of each period;

Enrollment period: Apr 25–28

Weekly Matches: Apr 29–May 20

Playoff Tournament: May 21

What happens if the team owner leaves?

If the team owner decides to leave, the ownership of the team is transferred to the next player who has been a member of the team for the longest duration. In other words, the ownership is passed on to the team member with the most seniority.

Valorant Premier Gameplay

Weekly Matches

For each week, teams will play up to two Bo1 (Best of 1) matches. All matches within a single week are played on one predetermined map. If a match reaches 12-12, the game will go into Overtime, but with some modifications to fit the Premier system so that Overtime does not continue endlessly and games fit within schedule, as Premier does not allow for games ending in a draw.

Overtime and Scoring System

Once Overtime is reached, the team that got their twelfth round win first will gain Overtime Priority, allowing them to choose which side they start on for each set of Overtime by having each team member cast a vote. Once a side is selected, two sets of Overtime will then be played, with standard rules for Competitive Overtime applying. If a winning team has still not been decided after these two sets have been played, a final round of Sudden Death will occur. Side selection for Sudden Death will follow whatever choice the team with Overtime Priority made at the start of Overtime. The team that wins this Sudden Death round will then win the match.

Premier Score (PS) Points

Upon completing a match, the team will receive Premier Score (PS) points based on their result. Wins award 100 PS while losses award 25 points.

Playoff Tournament

Once the Weekly Matches phase for a season is complete, all teams with a score of 375 PS and above will qualify for a Playoff Tournament. Teams that qualify will then be placed in a single-elimination Main tournament bracket with other qualified teams from the same division. A Main tournament bracket will have 5-8 teams in it. Teams that are eliminated in the first two rounds of the Main bracket will be moved to a single-elimination Consolation bracket, where they will be able to play for third place in the tournament.

Tournament Format and Bracket

Tournament matches are also Bo1s, but start with a map pick/ban system. Both teams will get to ban some of the maps from the active map rotation pool, before one team gets to pick a map, with the other team getting side selection. The same Overtime Priority system applies for tournament matches.

Benefits of playing Valorant Premier

Playing Valorant Premier offers players the chance to earn unique rewards, including a premier cardback and title. Additionally, Valorant Premier offers players a new path to pro, providing them with the opportunity to compete against some of the best teams in their region.

Here are the rewards of Valorant Premier

Reward for playing a match on Premier global open beta


Reward for winning the Premier global open beta Playoff Tournement