What is Tenacity in League of Legends?
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What is Tenacity in League of Legends?

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Ever been stuck in place, unable to do anything when it mattered most in a League of Legends match? Those crowd control effects like stuns and slows can be a real pain. But guess what? You can totally reduce their impact with this thing called Tenacity.

Tenacity, a stat that shortens crowd control effects, allowing you to move and act more freely during fights without of the fear of crowd controls for enemies.

However, it's important to note that not all types of crowd control are affected by tenacity. Effects like airborne and suppression will always apply for their full duration, regardless of how much tenacity you have.

In addition to champion abilities that provide tenacity, there are also summoner spells like Cleanse that can remove crowd control effects entirely. So if you want to stay nimble and avoid getting caught out by enemy CC, consider investing in some tenacity-boosting items or spells for your next game.

How to Calculate Tenacity?

Tenacity, a stat expressed as a percentage, can be boosted through items, runes, and champion abilities, providing bonuses to champions. The higher the tenacity, the less time a champion will spend stunned, rooted, or slowed.

The formula for calculating tenacity is 1 - ((1 - CC Reduction from items/runes) + (- CC Reduction from champion abilities)). This calculation takes into account all sources of tenacity and provides players with their total tenacity percentage.

As an example let's say you're playing Garen, who has an ability called "Courage" which provides him 60% Tenacity when active.

Additionally, you're using the rune "Legend: Tenacity" which, when fully stacked, gives you a 30% Tenacity.

Finally, you've equipped the item "Mercury's Treads" which provides an additional 20% Tenacity.

Plugging these values into the formula:

1 - ((1 - 0.30 from Mercury's Treads) * (1 - 0.20 from Legend: Tenacity) * (1 - 0.60 from Garen's Courage))

= 1 - ((0.70) * (0.80) * (0.40))

= 1 - 0.224

= 0.776 or 77.6% Tenacity

It's important to note that you can stack your tenacity up to 100%, However, it's not always necessary to aim for this cap as it may come at the expense of other valuable stats, such as crowd control abilities.

Sources of Tenacity in LoL

Abilities That Grant Tenacity

  • Garen's Courage (W): Grants up to 60% tenacity for 6 seconds.
  • Olaf's Ragnarok (R): Grants full immunity to all crowd control effects except suppression
  • Milio's Breath of Life (R): Upon using this ability, Milio detonates in soothing flames, healing and cleansing himself and nearby allies of non-airborne crowd control effects, and granting them a whopping 65% Tenacity for 3 seconds.
  • Gangplank's Remove Scurvy (W): This ability doesn't provide Tenacity, but it does instantly cleanse Gangplank of all crowd control effects when activated, making it a powerful tool in his kit.

Items That Grant Tenacity

  1. Elixir of Iron: This consumable item gives a temporary bonus of 25% Tenacity for its duration.
  2. Mercury's Treads: A boot option that provides a permanent 30% Tenacity as long as the item is equipped.
  3. Sterak's Gage: This item provides 30% Tenacity for 8 seconds when its Lifeline passive is triggered.
  4. Silvermere Dawn: This item gives 35% Tenacity and slow resistance for 3 seconds after its Quicksilver active is used.
  5. Iceborn Gaunlet: This mythic item offers a unique Tenacity bonus - it provides an extra 5% Tenacity for each other legendary item you possess, thanks to its mythic passive.
  6. Quicksilver Sash: Removes all crowd control effects and grants bonus magic resistance.
  7. Mikael's Crucible: Removes all crowd control effects from an ally and heals them.

Runes That Grants Tenacity

  1. Legend: Tenacity: This is a stacking rune from the Precision path. Each stack gives 5% Tenacity, up to a maximum of 30% Tenacity at 6 stacks.
  2. Unflinching: This is a rune from the Resolve path that provides 10% Tenacity and slow resistance, with an additional 20% Tenacity and slow resistance for 2 seconds after casting a summoner spell.