What is the Difference Between Camouflage & Invisibility?
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What is the Difference Between Camouflage & Invisibility?

Uncover the differences between camouflage and invisibility in LoL. Discover the champions with stealth mechanic.

Stealth is a common factor, but the difference between camouflage and invisibility lies within the mechanics of detection. Camouflage's effectiveness decreases with proximity, whereas invisibility remains effective regardless of distance. These distinct stealth mechanics shape gameplay and champion strategies. For instance, camouflage champions are masters of ambush, while invisible champions specialize in evasion and surprise attacks.

A Close Look at Camouflage in League of Legends

Camouflage, as a type of stealth in LoL, obscures a champion from enemy sight unless the adversary is nearby or under pink wards or towers. Champions such as Twitch, Evelynn, and Rengar leverage camouflage to traverse the map unnoticed, plotting strategic maneuvers.

Deciphering Invisibility in League of Legends

Contrasting camouflage, invisibility offers a more potent stealth option. Champions like Akali, Shaco, Teemo and Kha'Zix vanish from sight entirely, regardless of enemy proximity unless specific abilities or items counteract the effect. Invisibility confers a tactical edge during surprise onslaughts and quick getaways, favoring an offensive stealth approach.

Full List of Champions with Camouflage and Invisibility

Camouflage Champions

Evelynn: Camouflage is granted by her passive ability, Demon Shade, after reaching level 6.

Rengar: His ultimate ability, Thrill of the Hunt, provides camouflage and bonus movement speed.

Twitch: His Q ability, Ambush, gives him camouflage and a speed boost.

Pyke: His W ability, Ghostwater Dive, grants him camouflage and increased movement speed.

Senna: Her E ability, Curse of the Black Mist, provides camouflage for her and allies moving within the mist.

Viego: His E ability, Harrowed Path, grants him camouflage when moving within the mist.

Akshan: His W ability, Going Rogue, provides camouflage when near walls or in the brush.

Invisibility Champions

Akali: Her W ability, Twilight Shroud, renders her invisible and gives bonus movement speed.

Kha'Zix: His ultimate ability, Void Assault, grants short bouts of invisibility.

Teemo: Teemo's passive ability, Guerrilla Warfare, allows him to become invisible if he stands still and takes no actions for 1.5 seconds, whether he is in a bush or out in the open. This grants him the ability to set up ambushes or avoid enemy champions.

LeBlanc: Her passive ability, Mirror Image, activates invisibility and creates a clone when her health falls below a threshold.

Shaco: His Q ability, Deceive, gives him brief invisibility and teleports him to a target location.

Talon: His ultimate ability, Shadow Assault, provides invisibility and increased movement speed.

Vayne: Her ultimate ability, Final Hour, grants invisibility during Tumble.

Wukong: His W ability, Warrior Trickster, grants invisibility and creates a decoy clone.

Kai'Sa: Her E ability, Supercharge, grants brief invisibility when upgraded with an evolution.

Neeko: Her W ability, Shapesplitter, gives her brief invisibility and creates a clone.

Qiyana: Her W ability, Terrashape, in combination with her ultimate, Supreme Display of Talent, can grant brief invisibility.