What Is Valorant Duo Boost?
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What Is Valorant Duo Boost?

Learn about duo boosting, its benefits, and OdinBoost's best offers to help you excel in Valorant

Are you looking to hire a booster to help your team win? Then you've come to the right place. Keep reading to learn all about the basics of boosting, its benefits and OdinBoost's best offers.

Duo Boosting 101

What is duo boosting?

Among gamers, the term ‘boosting’ means that you get some help to advance in a game and achieve a higher ranking. There are several types of boosting, duo boosting being one among a few options. Duo boosting allows you to team up with and play alongside a high-ranking player, called “booster”, rather than having the booster play in your place.

How does duo boosting work?

The professional player you team up with will basically "carry" you through the game, which makes duo boosting is one of the most efficient and least questionable ways to raise your ranked division. You will win more games and achieve a higher rank much faster.

Is it legal?

Duo boosting is considered one of the safest boosting options. It is impossible to get banned as a player for this type of boosting.

VALORANT Duo Boosting Benefits

Teaming up with a booster might help you

  • raise your ranked division;
  • learn new tricks from the booster;
  • play competitively without pressure;
  • save time on matches;
  • collect rank-associated awards;
  • and qualify for tournaments.

Duo boosting at OdinBoost

OdinBoost is offers great boosting solutions in record time for the best price! VALORANT is one of the games we have a safe and affordable duo boost for.

OdinBoost's Best Offers

  • Boosting packages: Take a look at our elo, duo, and win boosting as well as placement matches for VALORANT. Additionally, OdinBoost offers boosting packages for Wild Rift, League of Legends, and Teamfight Tactics (TFT) as well.
  • High-ranking, skilled boosters: Find your perfect duo boosting partner on our list of VALORANT boosters. There are regular boosters, VIP boosters, and boosters who are willing to coach players. Do you want to learn new tricks and better your game play, or simply improve your ranking very quickly?
  • Reviews: Do you want booster recommendations? Take a look at our Trustpilot reviews at the bottom of the page.

How to choose the perfect duo boosting partner

Our website is easy to navigate and designed to help you connect with the professional booster of your choice quickly and easily. 

Each booster's profile includes their nationality, skill set, rank, and gaming name. Browse through our list of boosters to find the perfect VALORANT duo booster for you!


1. What is VALORANT?

VALORANT is a first-person shooter that was developed for Windows. The game has been free of charge ever since its release in 2020.

2. Is hiring a booster worth it?

There are many benefits to playing alongside a more experienced player. In a team-based technical shooter like VALORANT, a professional player on your team can help "carry" you through a difficult spot and teach you along the way. Your team wins will automatically raise your rank.

3. What is better: duo boosting or elo boosting?

Both boosting types have their benefits, depending on what you need. If you enjoy playing the game yourself, but would like for someone to guide you a little, and you like to learn new tricks from others, duo boosting might be the better option for you.