Who is Rat IRL?
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Who is Rat IRL?

We'll cover the rise to fame, controversy, gameplay style, and Twitch builds of the high ELO player RatIRL

Rat IRL, hails from Sweden and has been playing League of Legends since its early days. He rose to fame in the high ELO community for his aggressive playstyle and exceptional skills on Twitch, a unique marksman champion. His climb to the top of the ladder was impressive, and he quickly gained a reputation as one of the best Twitch players in Europe.

RatIRL's popularity skyrocketed due to his impressive win rates and his captivating streams on platforms like Twitch. His skills and gameplay inspired aspiring players to try and emulate his success. However, as his popularity grew, a concerning trend emerged.

Unfortunately, some fans began to mimic not only RatIRL's gameplay but also his toxic behavior. This led to the formation of a group known as L9, comprised of toxic streamers who took pride in their negative attitudes. Interestingly, the creation of L9 was not planned but rather a result of RatIRL and another player named Obsess using the name casually. Fans saw this and quickly adopted the toxic behavior, especially mimicking RatIRL's attitude in their own solo queue games.

This unfortunate turn of events has led to a scenario where some individuals, particularly younger players seeking a sense of rebellion, engage in toxic behavior and spam L9 in games. It is important to note that RatIRL's popularity primarily stems from his exceptional skills and achievements as a player, but it is disheartening to see his negative influence overshadowing the positive aspects of his gameplay and personality.

The Controversy Surrounding Rat IRL

Despite his undeniable skills, Rat IRL has a history of controversial behavior, including toxicity and intentional feeding. This has led to multiple bans on his accounts, even earning him a notorious "Riot Blacklist." A significant part of this controversy is his association with the infamous group L9 (Low 9), known for their toxic behavior and high-ranked gameplay. While some fans argue that his in-game behavior is just part of his persona, others criticize him for promoting a negative environment within the game.


Rat IRL's gameplay revolves around three key aspects: aggressive early game, objective control, and split pushing. Let's take a closer look at each of these components.

Aggressive Early Game

Rat IRL is known for his high-risk, high-reward early game strategies. He often invades the enemy jungle, looking for opportunities to steal camps and eliminate opponents. This helps him snowball his advantage, creating pressure across the map.

Objective Control

Rat IRL also excels at securing objectives, such as Dragon and Baron Nashor. He uses Twitch's stealth and high damage output to quickly secure these important map objectives, providing his team with valuable buffs and gold.

Split Pushing

Finally, Rat IRL is a master of split pushing. He uses Twitch's stealth and mobility to quickly take down turrets and inhibitors, forcing the enemy team to constantly be on the lookout for his sneaky plays.

Rat IRL's Twitch Builds

Rat IRL's Twitch builds focus on maximizing damage output while also providing some survivability. Here are his item and rune choices for both AD and AP Twitch:

AD Twitch

Core Items:

Kraken Slayer: Provides attack speed, critical strike, and bonus true damage.

Runaan's Hurricane: Offers AoE damage, allowing Twitch to hit multiple enemies at once.

Infinity Edge: Increases critical strike damage and overall DPS.

AD Twitch Runes:

Primary: Precision (Press the Attack, Triumph, Legend: Alacrity, Coup de Grace)

Secondary: Inspiration (Magical Footwear, Biscuit Delivery)

AP Twitch

Core Items:

Nashor's Tooth: Grants ability power, attack speed, and on-hit magic damage.

Riftmaker: Provides ability power, health, and magic penetration, along with bonus true damage.

Demonic Embrace: Adds ability power, health, and bonus damage based on enemy's max health.

AP Twitch Runes:

Primary: Precision (Press the Attack, Triumph, Legend: Alacrity, Coup de Grace)

Secondary: Domination (Taste of Blood, Ravenous Hunter)

When to Play AD and AP Twitch?

Choosing between AD and AP Twitch largely depends on the specific game situation, team compositions, and personal preferences. Here are some factors to consider when deciding whether to play AD or AP Twitch:

Team Compositions

If your team has a heavy AD composition, meaning most of your teammates deal physical damage, it might be beneficial to play AP Twitch to diversify your team's damage output. This makes it harder for the enemy team to itemize against your team since they will need to build both armor and magic resist. Conversely, if your team has a strong AP presence, opting for an AD Twitch build can balance your team's damage profile.

Enemy Team Composition

Consider the enemy team's composition when choosing between AD and AP Twitch. If the enemy team has multiple tanks or champions that tend to stack armor, an AP Twitch build can be more effective as it deals magic damage, bypassing their armor. On the other hand, if the enemy team has champions that are more vulnerable to physical damage, an AD Twitch build might be a better choice.

Personal Playstyle and Preference

Your personal playstyle and preferences can also influence your decision between AD and AP Twitch. If you enjoy playing a more traditional marksman role, focusing on auto-attacks and critical strike damage, AD Twitch is likely the better choice for you. However, if you prefer a more ability-focused playstyle that revolves around on-hit magic damage and burst potential, AP Twitch might suit you better.

Early Game vs. Late Game Power Spikes

AD Twitch generally has a stronger late-game presence due to his high critical strike damage and scaling. If you anticipate a game where you'll need to carry your team during the late game, AD Twitch could be the better choice. In contrast, AP Twitch has a more significant mid-game power spike with his core items, such as Nashor's Tooth and Riftmaker, offering considerable burst damage. If you want to have more impact during the mid-game, AP Twitch might be the better option.

Ultimately, the choice between AD and AP Twitch will depend on various factors, including team compositions, enemy champions, and personal preferences. Experiment with both builds to see which one suits your playstyle and offers the most success in different game scenarios.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who does RatIRL usually duo with in League of Legends?

RatIRL typically forms a duo partnership with players who specialize in playing enchanter supports like Lulu, Janna, and others. One of his most well-known duos is with a player named Yamato, with whom he climbed the ranked ladder from unranked all the way up to challenger. Throughout their journey together, they achieved an impressive win rate of slightly over 70%.

What is Rat IRL's real name?

Rat IRL's real name is anton

What is L9?

L9, or Low 9, is an infamous group of high-ranked League of Legends players known for their toxic behavior and exceptional gameplay. Rat IRL, a prominent member of the League of Legends community, has been associated with this group, which has contributed to the controversy surrounding him. The origins of L9 can be traced back to its creation by RatIRL and Obsess, a former pro player for Misfits. They chose the name L9 simply because they thought it sounded cool, without any intention of forming an official group. However, their toxic behavior and gameplay quickly gained attention, and fans started to emulate their actions, particularly in Solo Q games. RatIRL's attitude, in particular, became a source of inspiration for many, leading to the widespread use of L9 among young players, who often view it as a symbol of edginess and rebellion. It is worth noting that L9 players, like RatIRL, often favor champions such as Draven or Twitch, adding to their notoriety within the League of Legends community.

Why was Rat IRL banned from League of Legends?

Rat IRL received multiple bans due to his toxic behavior, intentional feeding, and association with L9. This led to his accounts being placed on the "Riot Blacklist."

What champions does Rat IRL play besides Twitch?

Although Rat IRL is best known for his Twitch gameplay, he also plays other champions like Vayne, Kog'Maw, and Kai'Sa to diversify his strategies.