Wild Rift News July 2023: Latest Game Updates
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Wild Rift News July 2023: Latest Game Updates

Get the latest Wild Rift news July 2023! Stay updated on game updates and champion rotations.

Get ready for an adrenaline-fueled ride through the latest updates in the world of Wild Rift! Brace yourself for mind-blowing gameplay changes and thrilling features that will leave you on the edge of your seat. This July, Wild Rift is unleashing a storm of excitement that you won't want to miss.

Are you ready? Let's go!



The excitement is mounting as Patch 4.3 is rapidly approaching, bringing with it boundless joy and a touch of edge. Nilah stands ready to join the fray, primed to bring her opponents to heel in the Dragon Lane. If joy isn't your preferred brew, fret not! There's ample edge to be found with Hecarim and Vladimir! While Hecarim and Vladimir are certainly capable of instilling fear in their adversaries, a new character is set to arrive later this year, promising an even greater chill.


Reworks to some classic champions, new runes, vision updates (the poros are incoming), and some additional attention for the invaluable supports who are always there to save the day! This patch is bringing a variety of changes, and as usual, the detailed specifics will be reserved for the Patch Notes. However, a preview of a few of the impending updates is provided.


The excitement for the reworks to Annie and Janna, as mentioned in the Patch Preview, is shared by many. However, these won't be going live from the first day of Patch 4.3. They'll be introduced during separate balance patches. Updates on their release will be provided in future articles and Patch Notes.


One of the significant gameplay updates in this patch is the rework of the current rune system. The primary aim of these changes is to offer players more flexibility in their loadouts from game to game. Whether facing a team full of high-damage burst or wanting to play the laning phase more aggressively, this revamp of the rune system is designed to provide more rune combinations for each game and champion! While all the details can't be revealed before the Patch Notes, there will be new additions like Last Stand and Legend: Alacrity, as well as tweaks to some old favorites like Triumph and Font of Life.


In celebration of Soul Fighter, a twist is being added to the classic 1v1 mode! The new mode will be called Duel Tag, and it allows players to select three champions to play against their opponent. It's the perfect opportunity to try out an experimental build or a flashy new champ, since there's always the option to save a secret pocket pick for last! Later in the patch, some old favorites like URF and OFA will be making a return, and a new mode that combines Ultimate Spellbook with ARAM will be launched.


In addition to the new game mode made just for Soul Fighter also have these new skins:

  • Soul Fighter Nilah
  • Soul Fighter Xin Zhao
  • Soul Fighter Irelia
  • Soul Fighter Yasuo
  • Soul Fighter Draven
  • Soul Fighter Draven (Special Edition)


The Soul Fighter Bounty is a promotion where participants have a chance to acquire Soul Fighter Draven (Special Edition). To partake, individuals must purchase boxes that cost 400 Wild Cores each. Each box that's opened offers a chance to receive the following items. After opening boxes and obtaining vouchers, they can be redeemed for the specified items.After opening boxes and receiving vouchers you can redeem them for these items:


The launch of Patch 4.3 will also mark the beginning of a new ranked season—Ranked S10. There will be an addition of a new rank above Challenger, known as Sovereign, as well as numerous updates to ranked and Legendary Queue.


Traditionally, Wild Passes have a lifespan of about two months, beginning on the first day of a patch and ending on the last. However, with the last update, it was announced that the duration of patches would be slightly longer, as the schedule shifts from six to five patches per year.

This change aims to eliminate any lull period where players have completed the Wild Pass, but the next one hasn't started yet. As a result, starting with this patch, a second Wild Pass is being introduced.

The first Wild Pass will feature Dream Raider Thresh, causing an urgent need for a private eye to keep dreams safe! And once the Dream Raider Thresh battle pass concludes, Food Spirits Yuumi will make her appearance.


Favorites from the Star Guardian lineup will be joining this patch alongside some futuristic skins, just in case there's a need for a dimensional trip. While all release dates will be shared in the upcoming Patch Notes, one can anticipate what's on the horizon.

  • Star Guardian Kai’Sa
  • Star Guardian Sona
  • Star Guardian Soraka
  • Star Guardian Ahri Mythic Chroma
  • Mecha Sion
  • Mecha Aatrox
  • Mech Urgot
  • Mecha Galio
  • Stargazer Jax
  • Stargazer Vex
  • Stargazer Twisted Fate Mythic Chroma
  • Pulsefire Caitlyn
  • Pulsefire Fiora