Wild Rift Season 10 Ranked Updates: Start Date, Rewards & News
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Wild Rift Season 10 Ranked Updates: Start Date, Rewards & News

Get the latest updates on our comprehensive Wild Rift News July 2023: Latest Game Updates.

Are you ready to climb the ranks and dominate the competition in Wild Rift? Well, get ready because Season 10 is here with a bang! Packed with exciting new features, adjustments, and thrilling gameplay, this ranked season promises an unforgettable experience.

Now let's dive into all the exciting changes awaiting you on this wild ride!

Ranked S10 New Tier

The first significant enhancement in the ranked system involves the introduction of a new tier above Challenger: Sovereign. The developers hope that those who relish a challenge will aim to ascend to this novel rank throughout Season 10. The incorporation of Sovereign into the ranked ecosystem aims to render the players' climbing journey more enjoyable. A promotion from Challenger to Sovereign becomes achievable upon securing 100 marks, and interestingly, there is no upper limit to the number of marks one can earn once this new rank is reached.


Alongside this new rank's introduction, the developers are recalibrating the other tiers to smoothen and intensify the overall ranked experience, leading to a more competitive and smoother climb for everyone. For this purpose, changes will be made to the amount of Ranked Fortitude needed to obtain a Ranked Loss Shield.UPDATES

Furthermore, the developers are also decreasing the amount of Ranked Fortitude that can be acquired across all levels.UPDATESUPDATESUPDATESUPDATESUPDATESOne last alteration is being implemented: the Proactive Participation Ranked Fortitude received in all tiers is undergoing a reduction from 10 to 5!


The developers previously hinted in the Patch Preview about the upcoming changes to the Legendary Queue, which is intended for the cream of the crop to climb to the pinnacle and flaunt their skills. They believe there are certain quality of life tweaks that could make this feature even more prestigious.

The first alteration involves the modification of Legendary Points to display cumulative Legendary Points, instead of just the tier names. Recognizing the challenge of keeping track of all the tier names for Ranked and Legendary Queue, the developers hope this change will make it easier for players to know their exact position within the ranks. For instance, if a player unlocks Legendary Queue for the first time, they'll start in the Commander IV tier. If the player earns 50 points during their games, the display will now show 850/1000. Upon reaching the Legend tier, the display will show 4000 points. It's important to note that this adjustment doesn't affect the requirements for each ranked tier—those will remain the same.

Additionally, a new display is being added to profile pages and profile cards for Legend players, which will show the number of Legendary Points earned. This will enable a player's friends to see their accomplishments and how far they've climbed when they visit the player's profile. The developers are also introducing unique icons for players that reach the top 1000, top 100, and top 10 of the Legend tier. These icons will match icon borders and loading screen borders, with the rank being updated once daily. Therefore, players are encouraged to keep climbing to maintain their spot and earn new icons!

Legendary Queue is designed for players who want to exhibit their skills, so there are certain rules and prerequisites before one can queue up. However, these can sometimes be difficult to locate, so a new tournament rules button is being added at the top-left corner of the Legendary Queue entry interface. This button will be visible to players at the Guardian level and below. Players will thus be able to view all the key rules and guidelines of Legendary Queue at their convenience.


Q: With the new rank being added, will there be adjustments to any of the other ranks?

  • Yes! With Sovereign being added, we’ll be lowering the promotion requirement for Master to Grandmaster from 40 marks to 30 marks. We’ll also be removing the rank requirement for promotion between Grandmaster and Challenger. So you’ll now be instantly promoted from Grandmaster to Challenger when you have 60 marks!

Q: What about the leaderboard? Will Grandmaster still be displayed or will that change since there is a new rank?

  • The top players from your region in Challenger and Sovereign will enter the Challenger leaderboard and their ranks will be displayed within the game. We will no longer display Grandmaster because of the addition of the new tier. As always, the ranks will be updated once per day.

Q: In previous seasons there has been a reset, will there be a ranked reset before S10 begins?

  • Yes! Because of the adjustments we’re implementing, we want to make sure everyone has a fresh start and the opportunity to progress through the ranks and reach their goals. So, we'll be doing a soft reset that's a little different from last season, which will be announced soon, so please stay tuned for that upcoming rank reset announcement!

Q: What about Legendary Queue? Will there be a reset for it this season? Will it be the same as always?

  • Yes, there will be a reset for Legendary Queue before the next season begins. However, it will be different from previous seasons. In the past, players above 850 Legendary Points would be reset back to 850 Legendary Points and be given a Legendary Point bonus, depending on how many victories they obtained. But we noticed that this reset would make players have to play more games than needed to get to their deserved ranks. So this season you’ll be reset to different divisions and Legendary Point bonuses will no longer be awarded. The reset will look like this:UPDATES