New AI Bots are Coming to PBE for 2 Weeks
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New AI Bots are Coming to PBE for 2 Weeks

After 14 years, Riot's launching new AI bots in LoL, set for a PBE release soon. These bots can jungle, gank, team up, and learn on-the-go. Test on PBE!

Riot recently announced an update that people were waiting for 14 years - the introduction of new AI bots for League of Legends. Historically, the game's bots haven't done much to educate newcomers, often providing a somewhat skewed perspective on gameplay. But with this new update, all of that is about to change.

How Different New AI Bots are?

Set to be released on the PBE for a two-week period in either September or October, the new generation of AI bots promise a revamped gameplay experience. According to Riot, the enhanced bots will now be proficient in:

  • Jungling
  • Ganking
  • Team coordination and supporting each other
  • Selecting appropriate roles with the right runes, spells, and lane positioning
  • Pursuing critical objectives such as dragons and Baron Nashor.

Additionally, these bots are designed to learn from their opponents, adapting their strategies and gameplay in real-time.

How to Test the New Bots?

For those eager to experience this new era of AI in League of Legends firsthand, getting involved is straightforward. All players need to do is register on the PBE (Public Beta Environment). Here's how you can do it.