Useful League of Legends Tools & Sites - Must-Have Apps
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useful league of legends tools
useful league of legends websites

Useful League of Legends Tools & Sites - Must-Have Apps

Looking for the best and most useful League of Legends tools and websites? OdinBoost has got you covered with must-have apps and sites to improve your gameplay.

Understanding and utilizing the appropriate tools and websites related to League of Legends games can notably improve your gameplay and strategic capabilities, That's why we have compiled a list of websites and applications that summoners may need.


What is U.GG and Its Key Features?

U.GG is a comprehensive tool that provides invaluable data for every League of Legends player. The key features of this tool include champion statistics, tier lists, and pro builds. Additionally, U.GG also supports Valorant, another popular game from Riot Games.

What is and Its Key Features? is a powerful tool that offers a one-stop solution for every player's needs. The key features include in-game overlays, build recommendations, performance analysis, and automatic rune imports. Just like U.GG, also supports Valorant.


What is Lolalytics and Its Key Features?

Lolalytics is a data-driven tool that provides a plethora of information including champion statistics, rune setups, build orders, and more. A unique feature of Lolalytics is its ability to provide data across various tiers, allowing players to understand their rank better.


What is ProGuides and Its Key Features?

ProGuides is the ideal platform for players looking to learn and improve. It provides high-quality video guides from professional players and recognized community figures. ProGuides also offers personalized coaching to its users, making it a complete learning platform for gamers.


What is Porofessor and Its Key Features?

Porofessor is an in-game assistant that offers real-time statistics and game analysis. By providing insights into your performance and that of your teammates and opponents, Porofessor can significantly improve your decision-making process during games.


What is LeagueofGraphs and Its Key Features?

LeagueOfGraphs is a visual platform offering detailed analytics for League of Legends. It delivers comprehensive champion statistics, player rankings, in-game information, and reports your League Points (LP) gain per match.


What is Deceive and Its Key Features?

Deceive is a singularly purposed instrument for users of League of Legends. It allows players to appear offline while still being able to play the game. This feature is beneficial when players want to focus on their game without any disturbances from their friends list.

In addition to these fantastic resources, you might also want to check our guide on how to appear offline in League of Legends and Valorant.